Daryl Hall & John Oates / Been Here Always / 2 CDR

Daryl Hall & John Oates / Been Here Always / 2 CDR  / Non Label

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Live At International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 28th February 2011.


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In the Japan tour last day concert 2011 Hall & Oates, even put to the present time, fully recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording of the highest level, the last live in Japan, the Tokyo International Forum concert of February 28 . Different again with Budokan, it seems to output sound in the hole size, and well it is missing, there are no Komori, a great sound full of clarity in the clear, you can enjoy a great deal of awards high quality. The remastered from the master of the Omoto original recordings board release at the time, was popular to “BEEN HERE ALWAYS”. Adjustment as easy to listen to around the high frequency. Low frequency because it picks up sound in the hall, was well separated to reduce the reverberation portion of each instrument as much as possible. Compared with remastered before, in more clear, it is finished in the impression that was refreshing.

Daryl greeting “Welcome to the show of the tour last day.. It was glad to come themselves also enjoyed very much! This time” the beginning. From the count and the words, “Here we go, all right!” Of, start playing in mood Suponteniasu. Opening here Maneater poke a surprise. Drifting mood was relaxed in a good way, in the performance of natural posture, Daryl also bands, delight greatly capacity crowd. Without heavy use of falsetto, the main midrange, Daryl show off their singing voice charming unchanging. In the first half, showing off one after another many of representative music as reminiscent whether concert peak already. It seems whether because of the PA, but the concert progresses, it will become to feel that the tone is more tight. After a continuous showing off at the beginning the song in the early 80’s, which celebrated its commercial peak, grabbed the glue of the audience, playing a rare It’s A Laugh (the “Along The Red Ledge” songs). I will delight fans. Show off live arrange wonderful as usual representative music to early 80’s since the mid 70’s and later. Less than 15 minutes for one hour, it encore of 2 times by about 10 minutes, with the band that minutes total of 95, with a long history, this volume is the concert slightly shorter, but the depth of the content is great in proportion to the it will be there is a thing, it was live very happy for the fans. Sound quality upgrade version of the fan must-have to be able to enjoy a great sound quality, all 15 songs played on the day.


ホール&オーツ2011年日本ツアー最終日公演にして、現時点にもおいても、日本でのラストライヴとなる、2月28日の東京国際フォーラム公演を、最高レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。武道館とはまた違った、ホールサイズでの出力音らしい、抜けが良く、篭りの一切無い、クリアーで透明感に溢れた素晴らしいサウンドで、ハイクオリティなショウを大いに楽しむことができます。リリース当時、好評だったオリジナル音源盤「BEEN HERE ALWAYS」を大元のマスターよりリマスター。高域を中心に聴きやすいように調節。中低域はホール鳴りを拾っているので、なるべく各楽器の反響音部分を軽減して分離を良くしました。リマスター前と比較し、よりクリアーで、すっきりした印象に仕上がっています。

ダリルは冒頭「ツアー最終日のショウへようこそ。今回は自分たちも非常に楽しかった!来れて嬉しかった。」と挨拶。「Here we go, all right!」の言葉、そしてカウントから、スポンテニアスなムードで演奏はスタート。ここでのオープニングは意表を突くManeater。ダリルもバンドも、良い意味でリラックスしたムード漂う、自然体のパフォーマンスで、満員の観客を大いに楽しませてくれます。ダリルはファルセットを多用せず、中域をメインに、その変わらぬ魅力的な歌声を披露。前半にして、既にコンサートピークかと思わせるほど代表曲の数々を次々と披露。PAのせいかと思われますが、コンサートが進行するにつれて、楽音がより締まった感じになっていきます。商業的ピークを迎えた80年代前半の曲を冒頭で連続披露し、観客のノリをつかんだ後は、珍しいIt’s A Laugh(「Along The Red Ledge」収録曲)を演奏。ファンを喜ばせます。以降は70年代中期から80年代初頭にかけての代表曲をいつものように素晴らしいライブアレンジで披露。本編が1時間15分弱、それに2回のアンコールが約10分ずつ、合計95分と、長い歴史をもつバンドにしては、若干短めのコンサートですが、それに比例して内容の濃さは素晴らしいものがあり、ファンにとっては大満足のライブだったことでしょう。当日演奏された全15曲を、素晴らしい音質で楽しめるファン必携の音質アップグレード版。

Disc 1 (44:47)
1. Intro. 2. Maneater 3. Family Man 4. Out Of Touch 5. Method Of Modern Love 6. Say It Isn’t So 
7. It’s A Laugh 8. Las Vegas Turnaround 9. She’s Gone 

Disc 2 (49:34)
1. Sara Smile 2. Do What You Want, Be What You Are 3. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) 
4. Rich Girl 5. You Make My Dreams 6. Kiss On My List 7. Private Eyes

Daryl Hall – Vocal, Guitars, Keyboards John Oates – Vocal, Chorus, Guitars
Charles “Charlie” DeChant – Saxophones, Keyboards, Vocal Paul Pesco – Guitars, Vocal
Zev Katz – Bass Brian Dunne – Drums Eliot Lewis – Keyboards, Vocal
Everett Bradley – Percussion, Vocal

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