Daryl Hall & John Oates / Sydney 1980 / 2CDR

Daryl Hall & John Oates / Sydney 1980 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia 16th October 1980. SBD

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The hall and oats of the VOICES era, which was a big hit with “Kiss on My List”. The super best stereo sound board album is appearance.
What is included in such a work is “October 16, 1980 Sydney performance”. Speaking of 1980, the popular climax that the revisiting Japan was realized in about six months. First of all, let’s confirm the show’s position on the schedule at that time, including such Japanese performances.

・ January 25-27: UK # 1 (6 performances)
・ February 1-6: Japan # 1 (5 performances)
・ May 3: Albuquerque performances
・ June 22-July 28: North America # 1 (15 performances)
“July 29” VOICES “release”
July 31-August 23: North America # 2 (19 performances)
・ September 11th-24th: UK # 2 (12 performances)
・ September 29th-October 9th: Japan # 2 (seven performances)
・ October 14-20: Oceania (4 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ November 7-Dec 14: North America # 3 (4 performances)

This is Hall & Oates 1980. There were performances in Japan in February and September, but soon after that they realized their first Oceania tour. This show’s Sydney show was the second concert of the show.
This work that recorded such a show is just the best stereo sound board of the official class. Even if it says “Sound board” in a bit, if it is a quality and also if individuality is variously different if it is Pinkiri, in the case of this work, it may be said as “official excavation type”. Direct feeling of de class, neat mix, beauty of sound … All of them are official masterpiece class, but only the freshness is strange. There is no echo processing for the purpose, and the unrolled core as recorded directly from the instrument is terrific. Although it is a place called “table directly connected type” if it is only that, the balance of the mix balance is beautiful in it, and the cheers between songs are also large. Although it is a moe story to the last, it is a feeling like “it recorded for official work and it tentatively mixed in order to select it.”
Of course, such an individuality is a favorite straight ball of sound board mania. Soundboard fans are also dozens of colors, for example, if it is a regular official live board, the production and decoration conscious of the simulated experience of the concert will be given. Although this work seems to be too fresh for those who seek such an “official board alternative”, it is a true manifestation of the ideal for those who are not aware of the “table direct connection system”. The feeling that a live performance of zero is jumped over the tympanic membrane and reproduced in the brain, the feeling that your head has become the concert hall itself. You can taste such an extraordinary dimension of sound nuance at a superb level.
The show drawn with such transcendental sound is also very wonderful. The set is a selection from “ABANDONED LUNCHEONETTE” to the latest work “VOICES” at the time, but its balance is never even. Featuring two pieces of “BIGGER THAN BOTH OF US” and “VOICES”, there are “She’s Gone”, “Sara Smile” and “Wait For Me” and “Intravino” of “X-STATIC”, and Darryl’s She is wearing “Sacred Songs”. The sense of balance is not a mere Greatest Hits, but a sense of service that runs through the Golden Age. Also, speaking of Hall & Oates around 1980, there is also the official album “GREATEST HITS LIVE” and “ECSTASY ON THE EDGE”, but this work has plenty of masterpieces that you can not even hear on them. “Back Together Again” and “Room To Breathe” are also delicious, but also “Gotta Lotta Nerve” and “Intravino” unique to that time. Of course, “Sacred Songs” is also extremely rare.
And it’s great to play. Performed by backmen such as Chuck Bargi who participated in RAINBOW as former BRAND X, led by familiar Charles Deshant, and also Kenny Passarelli who was also back of Elton John and talented man Jeff Southworth Also great. While introducing them, “Sweet Soul Music” where each person’s solo bursts is also a good item.

Anyway, it’s a soundboard album with the best music in the best quality. A two-disc set that lets you taste the show that is comparable to “GREATEST HITS LIVE” and “ECSTASY ON THE EDGE” with a great sense of synchronization with the band. It’s also great for recalling performances coming to Japan at that time, but a masterpiece of a live album that promises a moment of excellence even if you don’t know those days. Please enjoy as much as you think.

「Kiss on My List」の大ヒットで沸いた『VOICES』時代のホール&オーツ。その超極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。


そんな超絶サウンドで描かれるショウがまた、実に素晴らしい。セットは出世作となった『ABANDONED LUNCHEONETTE』から当時の最新作『VOICES』までのセレクトですが、そのバランスは決して均等ではない。『BIGGER THAN BOTH OF US』と『VOICES』の2枚をフィーチュアし、そこに必殺の「She’s Gone」「Sara Smile」や『X-STATIC』の「Wait For Me」「Intravino」、それにダリルの「Sacred Songs」をまぶしている。そのバランス感覚は単なるグレイテスト・ヒッツではなく、黄金時代をひた走る現役感が迸っている。また、1980年前後のホール&オーツと言えば、公式盤『GREATEST HITS LIVE』や『ECSTASY ON THE EDGE』もありますが、本作はそれらでも聴けない名曲がたっぷり。「Back Together Again」「Room To Breathe」も美味しいですが、さらに当時ならではの「Gotta Lotta Nerve」「Intravino」も披露。もちろん、「Sacred Songs」も激レアです。
そして、演奏ぶりも素晴らしい。お馴染みのチャールズ・デシャントを筆頭に、元BRAND XにしてRAINBOWにも参加するチャック・バーギ、さらにはエルトン・ジョンのバックも務めたケニー・パッサレリーや実力派ジェフ・サウスワースなど、バックメンの演奏も素晴らしい。彼らを紹介しつつ、各人のソロが炸裂する「Sweet Soul Music」も絶品です。

とにかく、極上クオリティで名曲群がひしめくサウンドボード・アルバムです。バンドとのシンクロ感も絶大なサウンドで『GREATEST HITS LIVE』『ECSTASY ON THE EDGE』にも匹敵するショウをたっぷりと味わえる2枚組。当時の来日公演を思い起こすにも最適ですが、当時を知らない方にも極上のひとときを約束するライヴアルバムの大傑作。どうぞ、思う存分お楽しみください。

Disc 1(44:14)
1. How Does It Feel To Be Back 2. Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear the Voices) 3. Rich Girl
4. She’s Gone 5. Sacred Songs 6. Gotta Lotta Nerve (Perfect Perfect)
7. Sweet Soul Music incl. Member Introduction 8. Sara Smile

Disc 2(40:01)
1. Wait For Me 2. Back Together Again 3. Kiss On My List 4. Do What You Want, Be What You Are
5. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ 6. United State 7. Room To Breathe 8. Intravino


Charlie DeChant – Saxophone & Keyboards
Jeff Southworth – Lead Guitar
Kenny Passarelli – Bass
★Chuck Burgi – Drums


Uxbridge 982

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