Daryl Hall & John Oates / Camden 2016 / 1DVDR

Daryl Hall & John Oates / Camden 2016 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live At BB& T Pavilion, Cameden, NJ, USA 10th July 2016.



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Latest best professional shot is the gift-release decision. This work is intended that contains the live broadcast of the “July 10, Camden concert 2016”. Currently, on the net has been around even (and degraded) video for about one hour, but this work is, this one was fully enjoyed 97 minutes of the full set in the full official class quality.
Honestly, the most difficult introduction of such title. After all, because it is the full version of the latest broadcast, all are aligned. Voice to the perfect stereo sound board, also It is the perfect multi-camera shooting, to image quality is perfect super clear up one by one in the hair, to It is a fresh without any strange editing because the live broadcast, Hall & set list of hit songs packed since Oates also gorgeous. There is only repeating the “official class,” “perfect” in every point. Image of the screen capture is also me, but, hey now, please try to image the “most amazing video” while watching it. Quality that pops your imagination to head to full advantage, it’s the contents of this work.
Greatest Hits Shaw to be drawn in such a quality. This will not Husband intends nasty. Once you say clearly “the familiar masterpieces” full. To 12 songs out of the total 15 songs are singles, most of the best 20 hit that. I spectacular the first time also lined Zurari six songs just US number one hit as including “Maneater,” “Out Of Touch” at the beginning. Last year, it was the official video “LIVE IN DUBLIN” also released, there will not be seen, “You’ve Lost That Lovin ‘Feelin’,” “Wait For Me,” “The Twist,” “Did not I (Blow Your Mind This Time) “you can also enjoy plenty.
Here, you might think “there? What song?”. In fact, the last of the two songs is not the hit songs of Hall & Oates. “The Twist” is a cover of HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS, “The Twist” is, songs that Chubby Checker was hit in 1960 in 1960. In this work, the Chubby appeared on stage, do you play with Hall & Oates. Singing voice, which was plenty of Chubby is still alive and well. Figure to twist and crowdedly stage I do not think is a very old 74-year-old. Followed by Sada “Did not I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” is cover songs of THE DELFONICS. Here is a performance without a guest, rhea performance not in the 2, 3 once or recording you can watch in a perfect grade professional shot until now.

Luxurious hit parade and rhea cover and co-star. The full set up to every nook and corner is a large masterpiece of the latest video taste in perfect quality. All of the songs, is delicious all the scene. Promise between rich 97 minutes, “fully one Naru”. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

そんなクオリティで描かれるグレイテストヒッツ・ショウ。これが悪かろうハズがない。ハッキリ言ってしまえば“お馴染みの名曲”だらけ。全15曲のうち12曲がシングル曲ですし、そのほとんどがベスト20ヒット。冒頭の「Maneater」「Out Of Touch」を始めとして全米ナンバー1ヒットだけでもズラリ6曲も並ぶ壮観ぶりなのです。昨年、オフィシャル映像『LIVE IN DUBLIN』もリリースされましたが、そこでは観られない「You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’」「Wait For Me」「The Twist」「Didn’t I(Blow Your Mind This Time)」もたっぷりと楽しめます。
ここで「あれ?何の曲?」と思われるかも知れません。実は、最後の2曲はホール&オーツのヒット曲ではありません。「The Twist」はHANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERSのカバーで、「The Twist」は、1960年にチャビー・チェッカーが1960年にヒットさせた曲。本作では、そのチャビーがステージに現れ、ホール&オーツと共演するのです。チャビーのたっぷりとした歌声は今なお健在。ステージ狭しとツイストする姿はとても齢74歳とは思えません。さたに続く「Didn’t I(Blow Your Mind This Time)」はTHE DELFONICSのカバー曲。こちらはゲストなしのパフォーマンスで、今まで2・3回しか記録にない激レアなパフォーマンスがパーフェクトな特級プロショットで観られるのです。


1. Maneater(with ‘Beanie G. and the Rose Tattoo’ intro) 2. Out Of Touch 3. Say It Isn’t So
4. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ 5. Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
6. She’s Gone 7. Sara Smile 8. Wait For Me 9. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
10. Rich Girl 11. You Make My Dreams

Encore 1:
12. Kiss On My List 13. Private Eyes

Encore 2:
14. The Twist(with Chubby Checker) 15. Didn’t I(Blow Your Mind This Time)


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