Danger Danger / 25th Anniversary Reunion Live In Osaka / 2CD

Danger Danger / 25th Anniversary Reunion Live In Osaka / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan 6th September 2014


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The finest level live in Umeda Quattro September 6 that it became tour last day than Japan tour of miracles that have been made the original members is rally melodic hard rock band DANGER DANGER in the United States to commemorate the 25th anniversary of debut complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recording.

I think who you think “Live DANGER DANGER release? Press CD” and there are many, but there is a (divided) reason to put out in the press this live CD. Pulled back to that wonderful era of metal in the early 1990s boasted a prime from the 1980s the audience saw live, the sound quality is wonderful anyway in addition to the splendor of the contents of the live was to inspire all audiences!
Recording’s what your familiar that gives you us live numerous in the Kansai by “West strongest taper” Mr.. The sound quality of this live this time shall be at the top among that was recorded of Mr. in the sound source a number of Mr. provided us with. I was crossing the release of the CD in the press because of the Do not be left behind, not in the form of a permanent save it.

DANGER DANGER debut album “DANGER DANGER” in 1989. Not only the goodness of the contents of the album, the fire now has a stretch in popularity in Japan from the good looks of the same level as an idol. Band post BON JOVI basis also been recognized that it was Lance Quinn producer of the album was the producer of the initial BON JOVI, it becomes a hot topic at the time like masterpieces of BON JOVI, such as “Runaway” and “Under The Gun” directly below. It also announced a high-quality “SCREW IT!” In 1991 also, the music scene at the time and obsolete metal hard rock band melodious pop such as DANGER DANGER grunge alternative begins to rise band it is, dark heavy music such as PANTERA or METALLICA is cool and even in metal scene, metal band who was not allowed to be left behind in the wave went to heavy reduction unanimously. We continue to stall unfortunately withdrawal of key members, by the heavy of music DANGER DANGER also swallowed in the waves.

The band had been working without having to disband, but this year the 25th anniversary of his debut, it became a reunion limited time the original members of the debut will gather there is also a request of the promoter of overseas. Members Ted Pauly plays a return to the band Bruno Ravel had continued to defend the band (B) and Steve West (Dr), in 2004 (Vo), Andy Timmons who was withdraw further (G) Original members of the time in 1989 and Casey Smith (Key) and. Plays a reunion in perfect form the fan is desired, became Japan.

In manly set list that only songs from the second album and the songs with the exception of the “Saturday Nite” and “SCREW IT!”, A song that has been showcased live in this time and set list to satisfy perfectly the fan debut album from “DANGER DANGER” has become.
In addition to numerous showcase the music melodious is very catchy and catchy pop, and rush to ad lib to the cover and KISS CHEAP TRICK, of AC / DC from mild jam session, members will continue to the conversation get along, and songs in between songs hilarious performance of the band unique in the United States also fun to mess around distribute the pick in, a fan of the children who were in the audience, Ted Pauly and parade all over the audience in the “Do not Walk Away”, live in the members always it is transmitted to the audience with a smile, which way it is enjoying how this reunion, the show, the sense of distance and audience members became live large upsurge in at home very close.
Not performed live only once in the local New York before landing in Japan, but the playing is tight itself for each member is Kosha.
Wonderful is especially Andy Timmons. Play of Andy came to be recognized even in Jazz world due to activities with Simon Phillips now has Saewata~tsu in the whole volume, and to hear a solo time especially “Puppet Show” to the “Groove Or Die” intense play is a must listen.

Sound quality we have become great As I mentioned earlier. The sound quality and realistic clear, balance of each instrument is also perfect in the dead of Kurabugigu unique. Sound full of direct feeling and high sound pressure you can experience the sensation of listening to playing in front of the eyes. It is also a recording miraculous audience noise that close to nil despite its sound so direct. It is always the voice of customers and the surrounding audience noise is of that contains more or less live band of this kind, but such is’s a nil in this recording. That venue of course is raised from beginning to end, there was also chorus of audience in the rust of the song, but you can see the Na’s audience recording from the voice of the customer is heard from a distance in between songs in this recording, but the sound is like specific sound you hear in the distance is what is recorded how do exactly is audience noise sound board, musical tone to close? I’ll be infested question mark that is heard. If you listen to recordings of this miracle, you should will satisfy everyone is convinced. A piece of the miracle that you would like to listen to all the fans who love Vie metal to melodic of that era. Rarity title give the highest quality of as no more, really great live release is determined from the popular ZODIAC label in limited press CD.


アメリカのメロディアスハードロックバンドDANGER DANGERがデビュー25周年を記念してオリジナルメンバーが再結集し行われた奇跡のジャパンツアーよりツアー最終日となった9月6日梅田クアトロでのライブを極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。

「DANGER DANGERのライブがプレスCDでリリース?」と思われる方が多いと思いますが、このライブをプレスCDで出すには理由(わけ)があります。ライブを見たオーディエンスを80年代から90年代初頭のメタルが全盛を誇ったあの素晴らしき時代に引き戻し、全てのオーディエンスに感動を与えたライブの内容の素晴らしさに加えてとにかく音質が素晴らしいのです!

DANGER DANGERは1989年にアルバム「DANGER DANGER」でデビュー。アルバムの内容の良さだけではなく、アイドル並みのルックスの良さから日本でも人気に一気に火が付きました。アルバムのプロデューサーが初期BON JOVIのプロデューサーだったランス・クインであったことからポストBON JOVI的なバンドとも認識され、まるでBON JOVIの名曲「Runaway」のような「Under The Gun」も当時話題になりました。バンドは1991年にこれも高品質な「SCREW IT!」を発表するも、当時の音楽シーンはグランジ・オルタナティヴが台頭し始めDANGER DANGERのようなポップでメロディアスなメタル・ハードロックバンドは時代遅れとされ、メタルシーンでもMETALLICAやPANTERAなど重く暗い音楽性がクールとされ、その波に取り残されないようにしたメタルバンドたちはこぞってヘビー化していきました。DANGER DANGERもその波に飲み込まれ主要メンバーの脱退、音楽性のヘビー化により残念ながら失速していきました。


今回のライブで披露された曲はデビューアルバム「DANGER DANGER」から「Saturday Nite」を除く全曲とセカンドアルバム「SCREW IT!」の曲からのみという潔いセットリストで、ファンを完璧に満足させるセットリストとなっています。
ポップでキャッチーな思わず口ずさんでしまうメロディアスな楽曲を数々披露するとともに、軽いジャムセッションからCHEAP TRICKやKISS、AC/DCのカバーにアドリブ的に突入、曲間ではメンバーが仲良く会話をし続ける、曲中にピックを配る、客席にいた子供のファンとじゃれ合う、「Don’t Walk Away」ではテッド・ポーリーが客席をくまなく練り歩くなどアメリカのバンドならではの陽気なパフォーマンスも楽しく、ライブ中メンバーは常に笑顔で、今回の再結成、ショーをいかに楽しんでいるかがオーディエンスにも伝わり、メンバーとオーディエンスの距離感が非常に近いアットホームで大盛り上がりのライブとなりました。
特に素晴らしいのがアンディ・ティモンズです。今やサイモン・フィリップスとの活動などによりジャズ・フュージョン界でも認知されるようになったアンディのプレイは全編において冴えわたっており、特にソロタイムで聞かせる「Puppet Show」~「Groove Or Die」での強烈なプレイは必聴です。

音質は先にも触れたとおり素晴らしいものとなっております。クラブギグならではのデッドでクリアかつリアルな音質に、各楽器のバランスも完璧。高い音圧とダイレクト感溢れる音像は目の前で演奏を聴いているような感覚を味わえます。それほどダイレクトな音でありながらオーディエンスノイズは皆無に近いという奇跡的な録音でもあります。この手のバンドのライブはオーディエンスノイズや周囲の客の歌声が多かれ少なかれ入っているのが常ですが、この録音にはそういったものが皆無なのです。もちろんのこと会場は終始盛り上がっており、曲のサビではオーディエンスの合唱もありましたが、この録音では曲間に遠目に客の声が聞こえることからオーディエンス録音だなと分かりますが、その音像はまるでサウンドボード、楽音は近いのにオーディエンスノイズは遠くに聞こえる特異な音像はいったいどうすれば録れるのか?という疑問符が聞いていて湧いてきます。この奇跡の録音を聴けば、誰もが納得し満足していただけるはずです。あの時代のメロディック・へヴィ・メタルを愛する全てのファンに聴いて頂きたい奇蹟の一枚。本当に素晴らしいライヴを、これ以上ない程の最高音質で贈る絶品タイトルが限定プレスCDにて好評ZODIAC レーベルよりリリース決定です。

Disc 1 (50:25)
1. Intro 2. Rock America 3. Monkey Business 4. Turn It On 5. Live It Up
6. C’est Loupe(Prelude)/Beat The Bullet 7. Don’t Walk Away 8. Keyboard Solo 
9. One Step From Paradise 10. Under The Gun 11. Don’t Blame It On Love

Disc 2 (61:50)
1. MC 2. Boys Will Be Boys 3. Guitar Solo / Electric Gipsy Intro / Little Wing 
4. Puppet Show 5. Groove Or Die 6. Feels Like Love 7. I Still Think About You 
8. I Want You To Want Me 9. Crazy Nights 10. MC (incl. Band Introduction)
11. Bang Bang 12. Black Diamond / Back In Black 13. Naughty Naughty 

Ted Poley – Vocals Andy Timmons – Guitar Bruno Ravel – Bass
Kasey Smith – Keyboards Steve West – Drums

Zodiac 077

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