Cyndi Lauper / Live At The Summit 1984 / 2CDR

Cyndi Lauper / Live At The Summit 1984 / 2CDR/Project Zip

Translated Text:

Live At The Summit, Houston, TX October 10th 1984

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80 ‘Soundboard · Live of Cindy · Roper’ s 84 years announced Madonna and popularity for 80 ‘SMTV generation appeared! !

Hit singles have swept across the country one after another, October 10, 1984 Texas Houston performances recorded with high-quality stereo soundboard.

It is a familiar live as a performance in which the promotion shooting of “Money · change · Everything” was performed, but it is a highly recommendable collector’s item to deliver with the definitive edition for the first time from intro to ending! !

80 ‘Soundboard・Live of Cindy・Roperの84年発表のMadonnaと80年代のSMTV世代の人気が登場しました! !


「お金・変更・すべて」のプロモーション撮影が行われたパフォーマンスとしてはおなじみのライブですが、イントロからエンディングまでの初回限定版でお届けすることをお勧めするコレクターアイテムです! !


01. Intro
02. When You Were Mine
03. I Kiss You
04. The Goonies R Good Enough
06. Shebop
07. I Had A Love
08. Maybe He’ll Know
09. All Through The Night
10. Just Can not Get Enough (Kenny Hairston on vocal)

01. He’S So Unusual
02. Yeah Yeah
03. Witness
04. Time After Time
05. Money Changes Everything
06. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
07. Band Introductions
08. Baby Workout
09. Outro

Project Zip.

Live At The Summit, Houston, TX October 10th 1984

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