Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / Tokyo 2015 2nd Night / 2CD

Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / Tokyo 2015 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 6th March 2015


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Just recording twenty years of Japan is the Tokyo forum second day live from the Japan tour of Crosby Stills & Nash became a hot topic in superb sound quality. It does not get banned surprise that had passed since Years of so much from Japan the last in 1995, but those who passion has been welled up in their re-visit to Japan is a symbol of the Woodstock generation Takusani I think than were. Moreover, at the time of the last visit to Japan did not exist the venue of Tokyo forum. But if those who were watching a visit to Japan this time, than there is no venue, such Tsuke hit to CSN about this venue? Should you think. Is not too large, say unbindings venue not too small, because to say what U~omi acoustic that features place in it, you’ll thing even more.
It is a long time of CSN live was realized in such a venue, but how much splendor of audience recordings shop was able to obtain a monopoly when this release! Korezo Let we affirm to be “ideal” balance and a “perfect” sound quality. The peaceful sound of U~omi acoustic feel and CSN of unique forum was me Mise to catch a clearness of up to stunning. Its secret is the perfect position of recording from the first floor and 10 columns nearly Center. If such a large venue, recording from the front row does not necessarily be the best. Rather exquisite clearness of precisely because the recordings from this position could be realized. sound quality realism and on sound pressure is moderately blend I worthy release in the press CD limited to undisputed. Its high-quality sound of unprecedented will be asserted that can feel just began intro of “Carry On” in the first song!

CSN past two times of Japan Although it was acoustic organization of only three people either, this time between the fans that visit to Japan in the first full band in addition to Japan for the first time in two decades has been realized it became a hot topic. Songs that can not be played absolutely unless a band, is it the “Carry On”, also those who have been impressed even this song only was able to listen to live it seems whether were many. Followed for this is “Chicago”. The day before the forum first day same Nash sings “Military Madness” is I had been playing in this position, but it was changed to “Chicago” more popular to think the reaction of the Japanese audience I think was a great answer . If accustomed further Following is “Long Time Gone”, yet the band playing, whether this is another live album “4 WAY STREET” reproduce? About the likely Musebi to tears of gratitude.
It is this time of the Japan tour, the basic line of the set list has followed last year’s US tour. Classic “Bluebird” of Buffalo Springfield era by Stills was the it exactly and deployment that will showcase at CSN version. However, such as “Marrakesh Express” is a more classic masterpieces are carrying this visit to Japan is to set in, the more increased configuration of masterpieces than envy even at home American fans? Version up the first time in that. Although “Almost Cut My Hair” is also hard performance by this time a full band has been unveiled, fierce of the guitar battle with Shane Fontaine of Stills and support also downright are captured in real, to involuntarily shudder it will be overwhelmed by the force of about.

On the other hand, even beyond the 70-year-old from the song that muffled the Crosby and Nash’s new song each of the forces will showcase in the second half of the live In addition, we are full of convincing to appeal that it is still active. And although Surprise together the day before the same to jump in the Jackson-Brown who was visiting Japan as “The Crow On The Cradle” is now a hot topic, towards the second day climax of the entire live to be clearly this release is I outweigh. It is to is plain to listen to “Teach Your Children” in the encore, yet without swelling of surrounding poke to ear, you would be singing voice of CSN is impressed by Toseru recording state listen overwhelmingly on-balance rather. Sonaruto If you were to go to this concert in Japan is, of course, none must listen mistake even for those who did not go. Now of CSN superb sound reproduction to’ll show Real audience recording live will be released!


そんな会場で実現した久々のCSNライブですが、今回のリリースに際して当店が独占入手できたオーディエンス録音の素晴らしさと言ったら!これぞ「理想的」なバランスかつ「パーフェクト」な音質であると断言いたしましょう。フォーラムならではのウォーミーな音響感とCSNの和やかなサウンドを見事までのクリアネスで捉えてみせてくれました。その秘訣は1階10列ほぼセンターからの録音というパーフェクトなポジション。このような大きな会場であれば、フロントローからの録音がベストになるとは限りません。むしろこの位置からのレコーディングが実現できたからこその絶妙なクリアネス。臨場感とオンな音圧が程よくブレンドされた音質は文句なしに限定のプレスCDでのリリースがふさわしいのです。その破格の高音質は一曲目の「Carry On」のイントロが始まっただけでも実感できると断言いたします!

CSN過去二回の来日はいずれも三人だけのアコースティックな編成でしたが、今回は二十年ぶりの来日に加えて初めてフル・バンドでの来日が実現したこともファンの間で話題となりました。バンドでなければどうしても演奏出来ない曲、それが「Carry On」であり、この曲を生で聴くことが出来ただけでも感動された方も多かったかと思われます。これに続くのは「Chicago」。前日のフォーラム初日では同じくナッシュが歌う「Military Madness」がこの位置で演奏されていたのですが、日本の観客の反応を考えてよりポピュラーな「Chicago」に変えたのは大正解だったと思います。さらに続くのが「Long Time Gone」でしかもバンド演奏となれば、これはもうライブ・アルバム「4 WAY STREET」の再現か?と感涙にむせびそうなほど。
今回の来日公演ですが、セットリストの基本線は昨年のアメリカ・ツアーを踏襲しています。スティルスによるバッファロー・スプリングフィールド時代の名曲「Bluebird」がCSNバージョンで披露されるという展開などが正にそれでした。しかし今回の来日に当たってはさらにクラシックな名曲である「Marrakesh Express」がセットインするなど、より名曲の増えた構成は本国アメリカのファンでも羨ましがるのでは?というバージョンアップぶり。「Almost Cut My Hair」も今回フル・バンドによるハードな演奏が披露されましたが、スティルスとサポートのシェーン・フォンテインによるギター・バトルの壮絶さがまた何ともリアルに捉えられており、思わず身震いするほどの迫力に圧倒されます。

一方ライブの後半で披露されるクロスビーとナッシュの新曲それぞれの力のこもった歌からは70歳を超えてもなお、まだまだ現役であることをアピールする説得力に溢れています。そして前日は同じく来日していたジャクソン・ブラウンが飛び入りして一緒に「The Crow On The Cradle」というサプライズが話題となりましたが、ライブ全体の盛り上がりは明らかに今回リリースされる二日目の方が上回ります。それはアンコールの「Teach Your Children」を聴けば一目瞭然ですし、それでいて周囲の盛り上がりが耳に突くことなく、むしろCSNの歌声が圧倒的にオンなバランスで聴き通せる録音状態に感動してしまいます。そうなると今回の来日公演に行かれた方はもちろんですが、行かれなかった方にとっても必聴間違いなし。今のCSNのライブを再現してみせるリアル・オーディエンス録音の極上音源がリリースされます!


Disc 1 (78:28)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Carry On / Questions 3. Chicago 4. Long Time Gone 5. Southern Cross
6. Just A Song Before I Go 7. Delta 8. Don’t Want Lies 9. Marrakesh Express
10. To The Last Whale…A. Critical Mass B. Wind On The Water 11. Our House 12. Deja Vu
13. Band Introductions 14. Bluebird

Disc 2 (64:48)
1. Introduction 2. Helplessly Hoping 3. Girl From The North Country 4. Myself At Last
5. What Makes It So 6. Guinevere 7. Somebody Home 8. Burning For The Buddha 9. Almost Cut My Hair
10. Wooden Ships 11. Love The One You’re With 12. Teach Your Children


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