Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / CSNY 2K Tour In Philadelphia / 3Pro-CDR

Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / CSNY 2K Tour In Philadelphia / 3Pro-CDR /Project Zip

Translated text:

Soundboard Live At First Union Center, Phildelphia, PA March 21st 2000 & Audience Live At San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA Febbruary 4th 2000.


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from the 1980s was carried out in 2000 as CSN & Y for the first time since reunion “CSNY2K Tour”, 3 Disc is first appearance was a concert full inclusion in the sound board sound source the March 21 Philadelphia performances !

Representative number also show off from the new song is of course the 60’s from the new album of CSNY name, which was announced in 1999, “Looking Forward”. Also participated Jim Keltner (drums) to the back and Donald Dunn (bass). February 4, also recorded fogged no three songs from San Jose performances in the bonus. It is a big recommendation must listen titles from 2000 “CSNY2K Tour”!


新曲はもちろん、1999年に発表されたCSNY名の新しいアルバムから60年代ですから代表的な数はまた、「進む探し」、披露します。また、背中やドナルド・ダック・ダン(低音)にジム・ケルトナー(ドラム)が参加。 2月4日、また記録はボーナスにサンノゼの公演からの3曲をかぶらせません。 2000年「CSNY2Kツアー」からタイトルを聞く必要があり、大きなオススメです!


01. Carry On
02. Southern Man
03. Stand And Be Counted
04. Pre-Road Downs
05. Heartland
06. 49 Bye-Byes
07. Slowpoke
08. Marrakesh Express
09. Faith In Me
10. Almost Cut My Hair
11. Cinnamon Girl DISC TWO 01. Our House 02. Old Man 03. Dream For Him 04. Looking Forward 05. Someday Soon 06. After The Goldrush 07. Guinnevere 08. Out Of Control 09. Seen Enough 10. Teach Your Children Woodstock 11. DISC THREE 01. Eight Miles High 02. Ohio 03. Love The One You’Re Wit 04. Down By The River 05. For What It’S Worth 06. Rockin ‘In The Free World 07. Long May You Run Soundboard Live First Union Center At, Philadelphia, PA March 21St 2000 08. Helplessly Hoping 09. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 10. Long Time GoneAudience Live At San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA February 4Th 2000

Project Zip. PJZ-603A/B/C

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