Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / 1988 1991 2000 / 2DVDR

Crosby Stills, Nash & Young / 1988 1991 2000 / 2DVDR / Johanna

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1988-2000 Live Rarities. NTSC


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★ CSN & Y, excavation pro-shot live Collection 1988 to 2000!
★ 1988 year reunion live in bridge benefits!
★ 1991 years Bill Graham memorial 500,000 people live that sudden death was!
★ to cover a number of pro-shot video of the 2000 reunion tour!

– Crosby Stills Nash & Young –
~ 1988- 2000 years excavation professional shot Live Anthology –

From several times of reunion live, ’88 of the year and 1991 that are not surprisingly known
Live video and that has been excavated, and covering fulfilling the 2000 tour video in a time series.
3 hours and 20 minutes of live anthology to follow a pro-shot video!

First, what is recorded in the DISC-1 is, of about 18 years album “American Dream”
December 1988 immediately after the release, the West Coast lock in the Holy Land Auckland
Reunion stage at the charity concert organized by Neil.
The first begins with the solo stage of Neil Young, and as the last song
In CSN & Y of the new song “American Dream” harmonica and vocals only
When Neil begins to sing War and the great cheer … the audience is so CSN is
I had joined the chorus appeared from the stage sleeve. After such a stylish rendition CSN & Y to the stage.
Here we are in playing acoustic with the spirit as of Charity
Precious stage of while firmly taken up many songs of the new album.
Even the figure of Tracy Chapman of the jump in the last song!

And, magnate Bill Graham of the United States lock from undergone accidental death by helicopter crash
CSN & Y of the stage in 1991 of the memorial free concert, which was held a few days later.
In the past, had been flowing out in the video image quality is poor, and songs recorded in brilliant image quality here.
While thanked to the building in front of the fine weather of San Francisco … the field to gather the 500,000 spectators
Crosby to play, Stills, four people of Nash & Young.

To DISC-2 from reunion tour of 2000 it is called a big topic as “CSNY2K”
Thorough exhaustive professional shot the video in a time series. In 1999
At the time, the four songs from the first day performance of 2000 tour that was broadcast live in the United States of vh1 TV
It can be viewed chubby professional shot.
And appeared on vh1 of TV special in the large-scale US tour.
This is a program that famous “story Terazu”, in the TV studio, surrounded by the audience,
That “because there is a song we have 900 songs …, Well of which 400 but Neil had made (laughs)”
Joke also exquisitely members each other each other jokes, one after another while sprinkled with episode
Fun program to play a representative song.
CSN & each of charm stand out 9 songs of the Y is really great content.

Across the audience a video of “Ohio” in a rare Toronto, last after the tour end
Pro-shot live in the “Farm Aid 2014”, which was held in September.
To back the strongest rhythm of Jim Keltner (drums) & Donald Duck Dunn (bass)
Live that seems the best of 2000 CSNY.

Miracle of harmony, a lot of love songs and shake unexpected society school song of rebellious,.
I also the ages such as I are in need of CSN & Y.

80-2000’s video culmination of CSNY, DVD2 Disc, a total of 200 minutes. Please enjoy.










■DISC-1: 1DVDR■ 101mins / PROSHOT
[BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT 1988, Oakland Coliseum Arena, CA. / Dec 4th] **Neil Young set**
Comes A Time
Sugar Mountain
This Note’s For You
American Dream with CS&N

**CSN&Y set**
Helplessly Hoping
Love The One You’re With
This Old House
Southern Man
Don’t Say Goodbye
Long Time Gone
Southern Cross
Teach Your Children with Tracy Chapman

[BILL GRAHAM MEMORIAL CONCERT 1991,Golden Gate Park, SF,CA. / Nov 3rd.] Teach Your Children
Love The One You’re With
Long May You Run
Long Time Gone
Southern Cross
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Wooden Ships

■DISC-2: 1DVDR■ 99 mins / PROSHOT
[OPENING NIGHT / MICHIGAN 2000/Jan 24th / Palace Of Auburn Hills, MI. / vh-1 TV Broadcast] Carry On
Southern Man
Stand And Be Counted
Pre-Road Downs
Heartland (intro only)
Tour advert

[vh-1 STORYTELLERS SPECIAL 2000/Feb 18th / Hollywood Center Studios / vh-1 TV Broadcast] Helplessly Hoping(part)
Our House
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Long May You Run
Dream For Him
After The Gold Rush
Seen Enough
Teach Your Children

[LIVE IN TORONTO, CANADA 2000/Mar 30th / Air Canada Centre, Toronto / Fan-Camera] Ohio

[FARM AID 2000/Sept 17th / Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA / TV Broadcast] Love The One You’re With
Marrakesh Express
Our House (part)
Almost Cut My Hair
Johanna. JPD-714

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