Crosby Stills & Nash / Tokyo 2015 1st Night / 2DVDR

Crosby Stills & Nash / Tokyo 2015 1st Night / 2DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 5th March 2015


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This week, and this CSN Tokyo performances first day that appeared in gift, Jackson Browne Tokyo Day 2 performances, by the same photographer both, is an ultra-high quality audience shot video title. In particular, this CSN board also is very excellent to sound quality, “is the future of this video bootlegs …” is so crucial piece to feel. Who “Why, this shooting and the video is? The possible” watched, everyone would be to would stare at the thought of “incredible”. From the audience seat forward, as if in a shot like audience shot video of the club live, and not break 2 hours 26 minutes, the whole picture of the concert in high-quality shot, because just I enjoy “to take in hand” …. At first glance, such as no coma is not enough, you surprised the classic film footage to distinctive image of soft images, such as digitized but (dark scene like a video of thermograph), “this video If you can understand the originality of these things I “, after the other, and only become nothing but stare in this stunning picture. The same is true in Jackson Browne of simultaneous Gift release, music photographer and, since it is familiar with the movement of the performer, as you naturally move to position the camera appears to be accurately correct, indeed wonderfully, point you said this also, does not have to say are you evaluation of this board to higher things. As mentioned above, since there is very good audio has been recorded (sound quality over Jackson Browne that seems to be sufficiently good), if you are listening, if you are watching, it does not feel any stress. On the contrary, the core is a firm highly directional high-quality audio, the video of the soft impression, you may be said to have me pull tightening. After, although perhaps I, with respect to photographing of this equipment, if a member of the stage to the fast movement, since the image is slightly disturbed slightly, it seems to be not suitable for video of such bands. This time of CSN, and in the case of Jackson Browne, since playing at the position where the members are substantially fixed on the stage, with the optimal video caught it seems whether not.
This Japan tour that became the first time in 20 years. Unlike Japan tour so far was the acoustic-only, this time playing led the full band. Basic line of the set list has followed last year’s US tour. Following the Carry On is showing off Nash Military Madness (the next two day play Chicago in this position). Maximum points of interest midfield show, by Jackson Browne in The Crow On The Cradle was playing jump in, because the co-star of this miracle was only this day, was captured by the non-cut image is lucky, fans Everyone is would be would stare at the excitement of thought. Angkor last of Teach Your Children is also a great video, but (just a good balance is not too troublesome and also chorus-clapping) musical sound that has been recorded is preeminent in, you did a impressed by the deeper ones. When it was fan of you is CSN, 2015 in spring, that you do not look at this wonderful document image is a large masterpiece title that seems a waste to an absolute. 2 Disc, is the emergence with the original menu.

20年ぶりとなった今回の来日公演。アコースティック・オンリーだったこれまでの来日公演と違い、今回はフルバンドを率いての演奏。セットリストの基本線は昨年のアメリカ・ツアーを踏襲しています。Carry Onに続いてはナッシュがMilitary Madnessを披露しています(翌2日目はこの位置でChicagoを演奏)。最大の見どころはショウ中盤、The Crow On The Cradleでジャクソン・ブラウンが飛び入り演奏したことで、この奇跡の共演はこの日だけだったので、ノンカット映像で捉えられたのは幸運であり、ファンは誰しもが感動の思いで見入ってしまうことでしょう。アンコールラストのTeach Your Childrenは映像も素晴らしいですが、録音されている楽音が抜群で(合唱・手拍子も煩すぎないちょうど良いバランス)、感動をより深いものにしてくれます。貴方がCSNのファンでしたら、2015年春、この素晴らしいドキュメント映像を見ないことは絶対に勿体ないと思われる大傑作タイトルです。2枚組、オリジナル・メニュー付きで登場です。

Disc 1(76:35)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Carry On/Questions 3. Military Madness 4. Long Time Gone
5. Southern Cross 6. Just A Song Before I Go 7. Delta 8. Don’t Want Lies 9. Marrakesh Express
10. To The Last Whale…A. Critical Mass B. Wind On The Water 11. Our House
12. Deja Vu 13. Band Introductions 14. Bluebird

Disc 2(68:54)
1. Helplessly Hoping 2. Girl From The North Country 3. The Crow On The Cradle(with Jackson Browne)
4. What Makes It So 5. Guinnevere 6. Somebody Home 7. Burning For The Buddha 8. Almost Cut My Hair
9. Wooden Ships 10. For What It’s Worth 11. Love The One You’re With

12. Teach Your Children

COLOUR NTSC Approx.146min.

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