Crosby Stills & Nash / Japan Tour 2015 / 1DVDR

Crosby Stills & Nash / Japan Tour 2015 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 5th March 2015


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Engulfed in excitement of storm the fan in Japan, first time in 20 years of CSN Japan tour. Rashiku recent live, after the show, many of the excellent audience shot video was posted to the net. This board is, what you have compiled a take that seems to especially excellence from among them in chronological order. But has been recorded video by six of the photographer, any quality is high, the vividly to CSN of performance that is seen in the high-quality video, everyone is will that would stare excitement of memories. Composition of the video are also stable, not as good to say at all stress are watching. Tokyo first day of the first three take Japan tour premiere. Attention in The Crow on the Cradle, this day, the co-star of the Jackson-Brown was realized by chance was left a great video I was really lucky. Osaka performances recorded most of the 9 tracks in this title. Our House and Love The One You’re With only, for shooting on mobile, but the video is vertical, the sound is good. Guinevere, seemed also expedition to Nagoya performances who had been up the Treetop Flyer, etc. 5 take, where it has been thoroughly recorded Almost Cut My Hair in outstanding shots and sound, it is spectacular scale quality also a very best of this person . In Teach Your Children to that I would like to watch all of the fan has been recorded as the last track, it is off-record from the preeminent position of the front seat with great composition and sound, especially the rust of a scene the audience chorus impressed and-forward, and has become all the fans must see the name of the scene. Best quality in but is press platen Tokyo second day also the highest title that whole picture of the show can enjoy, still atmosphere texture of the show to watch in the eyes wonderfully, as one who will compensate for the CD from the video, end and will enjoy long I want you think. With the original menu.

日本中のファンを感動の嵐に巻き込んだ、20年ぶりのCSN日本ツアー。最近のライヴらしく、終演後、数々の優秀なオーディエンスショット映像がネットに投稿されました。本盤は、その中から特に優秀と思われるテイクを時系列にコンパイルしたもの。6人の撮影者による映像が収録されていますが、どれもクオリティが高く、その生々しくも高品質な映像で観れるCSNのパフォーマンスに、誰しもが感動の思い出見入ってしまうことでしょう。映像の構図も安定しており、観ていてストレスは全くと言って良い程ありません。最初の3テイクは日本ツアー初演の東京初日。注目はThe Crow on the Cradleで、この日、偶然に実現したジャクソン・ブラウンとの共演が素晴らしい映像で残されたのは本当にラッキーでした。大阪公演は今回のタイトル内では最多の9トラックを収録。Our HouseとLove The One You’re Withのみ、携帯での撮影のため、映像が縦型ですが、音は良いです。 Guinevere、Treetop Flyer等5テイクをアップしていた方は名古屋公演にも遠征したらしく、そこでは抜群のショットと音でAlmost Cut My Hairを記録していますが、この方のクオリティも上々で見応え満点です。全てのファンに観て頂きたいのがラストトラックとして収録されているTeach Your Childrenで、前方席の抜群のポジションから素晴らしい構図と音で録り切っており、特に観客が合唱するサビのシーンは感動的で、全てのファン必見の名シーンになっています。最高のクオリティでショウの全貌が楽しめるプレス盤東京2日目タイトルも最高ですが、やはり目で観るショウの雰囲気・質感は素晴らしく、CDを映像から補填してくれる一枚として、末長くお楽しみ頂きたいと思います。オリジナル・メニュー付き。
Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 5th March 2015

1. Our House
2. The Crow on the Cradle(with Jackson Browne)
3. Teach Your Children

Live at Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 9th March 2015

4. Our House 5. Helplessly Hoping 6. Girl From The North Country 7. Guinevere
8. Treetop Flyer 9. Almost Cut My Hair 10. Wooden Ships 11. Love The One You’re With
12. Teach Your Children

Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 12th March 2015

13. Almost Cut My Hair 14. Teach Your Children

COLOUR NTSC Approx.69min.

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