Crosby Stills & Nash / London 2015 / 2CDR

Crosby Stills & Nash / London 2015 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 13th September 2015


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Also the storage of the first time in 20 years of the Japan tour was realized in half a year ago revives, is the latest live album is the arrival of the CS & N. Of this work it has been recording “Hammersmith Apollo concert September 13, 2015”. Taper, Paul McCartney and THE ROLLING STONES, QUEEN + Adam Lampard, such as FLEETWOOD MAC, etc. to Robert Plant, master craftsman who will deliver one after another the latest recording of ballistic near London. IAN ANDERSON this week release is also recording by him. Hammersmith is a 5,000-person capacity, Japan tour of the site that became the Tokyo International Forum Hall A substantially the same scale. This is a good tradition of the venue to say that the stride of the taper is the most exhibited. In fact, the sound is a mellow taste and attention to DAT, applause also cheers also falling gently as autumn rain. Skinny tend bass also rich in the audience recording, the core of the musical tone even while firmly reach, Hammersmith specific reverberation wraps around it. While flash back that scene of international forums, it’s a wet sound that combines the very vintage warmth and clear of. …… I say the splendor of sorrow that Tokeau the voice of David Crosby and Graham Nash in the sound.
Not only atmosphere of the venue, Greatest Hits is reminiscent of Japan performances before the contents of the show half a year. In fact, although the order what is different, playing song itself is almost the same as the Japan Tour, songs you hear that night has been recorded. Although Japan tour was also to remember the illusion beyond time and space, it’s the live of feeling like the memories have been reproduced in the United Kingdom that was almost beyond the sea.
However, this is not the case say exactly the same or. In the second half of the show is added new song “Virtual World” of Stephen Stills work, even in the last decorated the one song of the 1969 debut of: I tightened in the “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”. Large chorus spreads gently into the venue at the end of “Teach Your Children”, the very sight of that Japan tour begins in which revives the eye “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”. First, when I saw the music of this master “Oh, whether do one more song to last,” but did not think only with, of’ve been actually flowing into the ear, as if “of that night continued”. Was like a dream, that Japan tour. It’s the that “my dream”. You have seven minutes and a half in: “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” and speaking studio recording, live version of this work is even longer than 8 minutes. I met involuntarily “dream of continued” is not a fleeting illusion disappears, it is of me firmly carved spectacle of sound in the chest.

To take people could not experience that Japan tour, this work would “dream scene” itself becomes a realistic Live album floating in the eye. And, for those who were able to fortunately experience, was dreamy “that scene” is Flashback, its “continuation” is one that I who will be allowed to experience up.
First time in 20 years, CS & N, which was show me a dream in the rainy day re-visit to Japan. Whether there is an opportunity to reunite with them again, it is the place God knows. However, if, even as it did not come true just in case, we “was in time”. Sucking the air of the same venue, we were able to share the trembling of the air in the skin. Ano sensation you feel in six months ago, is a live album that makes us once again revived in feeling like grab by hand. Also those who carried a foot in that venue, even if you are not so. By all means, the United Kingdom reprized the dream can I do not we go to see to them. This weekend, this work we will escort the music journey.


半年前に実現した20年ぶりの来日公演の記憶も蘇る、CS&Nの最新ライヴアルバムが到着です。本作が録音されたのは「2015年9月13日ハマースミス・アポロ公演」。テーパーは、ポール・マッカートニーやTHE ROLLING STONES、QUEEN+アダム・ランパード、ロバート・プラントにFLEETWOOD MAC等々など、ロンドン近郊でバツグンの最新録音を次々と届けてくれる名匠。今週リリースのIAN ANDERSONも彼による録音です。ハマースミスは5,000人収容で、日本公演の現場となった東京国際フォーラム・ホールAとほぼ同規模。このテーパーの本領がもっとも発揮されると言ってもいい伝統の会場です。実際、そのサウンドはDATにこだわった芳醇な味わいで、拍手も歓声も秋雨のように優しく降り注ぐ。オーディエンス録音では痩せがちな低音も豊かで、楽音の芯はしっかりと届きながらも、その周りをハマースミス特有の残響が包み込む。国際フォーラムのあの光景をフラッシュバックさせながら、実にヴィンテージな暖かみとクリアさを併せ持ったウェット・サウンドなのです。そのサウンドでデヴィッド・クロスビーとグラハム・ナッシュの声が解け合う憂いの素晴らしさと言ったら……。
ただし、まったく同じかというそうではない。ショウの後半にはスティーヴン・スティルス作の新曲「Virtual World」が追加され、さらにはラストには1969年のデビュー作の1曲を飾った「Suite: Judy Blue Eyes」で締められるのです。大合唱が会場中に優しく広がる「Teach Your Children」が終わり、まさしくあの日本公演の光景が眼に蘇る中で始まる「Suite: Judy Blue Eyes」。最初、このマスターの曲目を見たときは「あぁ、ラストにもう1曲やるのか」としか思いませんでしたが、実際に耳に流れ込んできたのは、まるで“あの夜の続き”。夢のようだった、あの来日公演。あの“夢の続き”なのです。「Suite: Judy Blue Eyes」と言えばスタジオ録音でも7分半ありますが、本作のライヴバージョンはさらに長く8分超。思わず出会った“夢の続き”は、儚く消える幻ではなく、しっかりと音の光景を胸に刻んでくれるのです。


Disc 1(75:37)
1. Intro: A Day In The Life 2. Carry On/Questions 3. Marrakesh Express
4. Long Time Gone 5. Just A Song Before I Go 6. Southern Cross 7. Somebody Home
8. To The Last Whale 9. Our House 10. Deja Vu 11. Bluebird 12. Helplessly Hoping

Disc 2(79:59)
1. Graham Nash Introduction 2. Myself At Last 3. Girl From The North Country
4. What Makes It So 5. Guinnevere 6. Burning For The Buddha 7. Virtual World
8. Chicago 9. Almost Cut My Hair 10. Love The One You’re With
11. Band Introductions 12. Wooden Ships 13. Teach Your Children
14. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Uxbridge 523

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