Crimson Projekct / Oldenburg 2014 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Crimson Projekct / Oldenburg 2014 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Virtuoso

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Live at Schlossplatz, Oldenburger Kultursommer, Oldenburg, Germany 21st July 2014 Plus Bonus DVDR ‘ Oldenburg 2014 The Video’ STEREO SBD/ NTSC


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In July 2014, called the big topic been done to head family Crimson starting just before with the latest lineup “The Crimson ProjeKCt” perfect stereo line recording is finally appeared this week! Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Lee Patrick Mastelotto speaking of Crimson project by et al., but played force-music interpretation force of its exceptional during Japan tour of 2012 became the very topic is reputed as here in Japan upstream above, the present work this year in 2014 7 local FM radio station performances Germany was held in Oldenburg in month 21, “Radio Bremen (※ NWR – Nordwestradio 88.3 FM Bremen)” appropriate re-mastered the radio broadcast sound source of air has been talking about, I can think of at the moment it is a title that was recorded at the highest sound quality. Superb stereo sound board because of its sound quality is proven, but want crowned with a focus would be excellent mixing technology of radio stations technician that further enhance it. Outstanding acoustic sense is felt in colorful sound that comes from setting equalizer adjustment of localization of each part, the one that was simply mix the sound that was direct-recording and broadcasting of official board class can feel the order of magnitude of the work and skill sources I !! This time, I succeeded in fixing the disk with the highest value the richness and high transparency of the original sound of the sound on that you carefully check scrutiny in 2014 latest equipment this. Probably as a disk of the same performances will not come out better than this. How can has become the perfect packaging in therefore press 2CD + picture disc specification, this is a piece that I was projecting that already final decision plate by the very title debut !!

Quotient is first ushered in the King Crimson-number at playing by the project all six. Opening “Thrak” intense Unison slapping sound by double-drum from the introduction part you hit the ear, but this is will be immediately noticed that are separate in beautifully left and right channels. How each part, even since the beginning of the ensemble each other hit the actual sound that was to bare the ferocity is delivered in ultra-clear sound image, rather than Thrak is reached with a stretch to vertex in energy high-resolution sound of “THRaKaTTaK” itself you. “Frame By Frame” to sound output from another channel 8-string Marcus (U8) touch guitar and Belew guitar respectively, sets and pleasant mathematical deviation degree of melody is Chase diligently. Also have running at the same time in two base and two drums is this also stereo to show the complex movement in the back, you will enjoy the sound image such as like kaleidoscope. “Sleepless” is a mono listen to deploy since the mid that issued the double drum in front. Of course here it is a translation of two of the base is also moving separately, music dialogue is that the can enjoy by “sound each other heavy bass” in that movement of those bass are overlapped without clean each collapse thing. This is much better than the official live album coming out now, and perhaps the charm of this unique recording. Split 6 people organized is to 3 + 3 from after finale trio becomes the basic of quotient, for example, become a complex organization of the 3 + 1 by song, sound differences Masu Yuki entered the interesting show midfield.

Classic “Neurotica” is played by led by Brew “ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO”. This day has taken an aggressive style in tricky rhythm is more than usual, I do not trio unique perspective to the original play and listen to its appearance in this superb sound quality comes into view very well. “Crack in the Sky” is a performance of “STICK MEN” by Levin and Masuterotto et al., You state that you slide into diffusion while an air of wit certain performance sound is deep spread with the beautiful severity is not clearly captured. “Larks’ Tongues ~ Part II” is played in four people plus the Brew to three STICK MEN. That it is not is to imitate the “The ConstruKction of Light” time of the organization listed the Nouveau-metal, but part sound adds a real sense of the performance sound in that it was one more, of concentration close to a live performance at the time you will enjoy high performance expression. “Three of a Perfect Pair” in performance by four of the same organization, rhythm here in the guitar that is in the left channel and (Marcus), which is dialogue of guitar that is ringing on the right (Brewer), and in the center sound image that became a trinity with Thailand pops up at you with a sense of dynamism. “Matte Kudasai” is again back to three people by the POWER TRIO Brewer, is this lineup from here to “E”. “B” is played in a very three vivid sound is the thickness of the play that I do not think, this day I think the manner in which to expand the aggressive play in pretty junk take listening to scrupulosity. Incorporating boldly to the structure of the song the scale “E” also, how and guitar by chat (?) Such as the scene also said liver of this song up and down the scale is, in Enjoy enjoy with crisp sound output of unique sound board quotient.

From “Open Part III” is also a performance by three STICK MEN. Whether recording in the normal song that was kind of chaos this is doing what it’s cheap, or it is something that is difficult and whether is transmitted What are you trying to do, this work will ensure this therefore height of the basic accuracy of recording because they Mae bound by, (is the painting of the technique to draw by placing the color to remain ※ = mind) playing Fobisumu rather than improvisation will looming have a great persuasive. While the motility of flip in solo song “Breathless” noisy guitar expression and each instrument is coming out in deep sound of the edge, and blossomed in the sound “One Time” in sharpness of the diffusion and the complaints of the reversal to sound stand out , contrast feeling of this light and dark vivid sound is also a rarity. Especially the middle part of this “One Time” (※ rhythm is 3 minutes and 17 seconds around the vicinity to 4 minutes 29 seconds to disappear) is, or would not be a first surely music does not come transmitted scene in poor audience recording. Go back to playing by the project from “Red”, from here until the show end and proceed in playing all six. In its “Red” is Korezo exactly feel of the finest performances such as King Crimson, approach that is sublimated the energy of the song, yet faithful to the image of the original song to the next level is attractive. “Indiscipline” interpretation of this six unique that began pushing strongly the interaction of each instrument has shining everywhere, the variety of plenty of use was sound output the whole range and the recording quality of the height, and above all brilliant of playing it has become a major listening far from. In “Elephant Talk” muscular bass that uplifting in please attention. Here is placed in the center close Levin stick the underlying, you should it becomes fun to follow and look around each instrument that slide into a variety of movement in its surroundings. “Thela Hun Ginjeet” of last also outstanding performance force is noted, performances dash feeling that dynamic came out this much will those of leading even during the performance of recent projects. Moreover, it has been recorded as no perfect harmony that so much Zubutoku 6 Tsunooto + vocal line a thick collapse one which, strongly please realize whether the outstanding sound board sound source how is this work after you have finished listening I think the difference is.

Will it talk a little, but to dare center it is when in the paintings of the world to draw the object you want to draw the best there is a technique that not place. For example, if you want to draw a frog you can draw at a position that is shifted a little sideways not centered it, or draw the only part that becomes its features in the way of the end, or frog of drawing a pond, rain, lotus flowers where is it not also depicted the figure, it surrounding there is also a way that is reminiscent of the frog you want to best expressed in the only thing around. Crimson separate activities to this band also has the same and similar such place is the, is the unique music group that evoke the flip = King Crimson that do not stay in there enough to listen If you listen. And therefore it is a project that has to underlie the kind of personality, the sound does not have fun is transmitted to enough and not a recorded disc with the highest value. Because the person according to the frog figure = King Crimson around the depiction is blurred This is because not come into view. In fact, none of their official board also has speak for themselves even point is a live album with excellent sound quality, this is in other words of recording even boot leg
There is high quality and is a translation also said that the band is touched for the first time its fun. This work was born in the master a superb FM radio sound source as mentioned at the beginning is this then you have become a title to satisfy the perfect, it is sure to be amazed if this overwhelming superb sound to the ear . And splendor of this project this weekend in this work that popular Virtuoso label shoots with confidence, please get a feel to the full extent the appearance of huge King Crimson that emerges in the behind it !!

2014年7月、最新ラインナップによる本家クリムゾン始動直前に行われて大きな話題を呼んだ” The Crimson ProjeKCt “の完璧なステレオ・ライン録音が今週遂に登場です! エイドリアン・ブリュー、トニー・レヴィン、パット・マステロットらによるクリムゾン・プロジェクトと言えば、2012年の来日公演時にその別格の演奏力・楽曲解釈力がここ日本でも本家以上と評されて大変な話題となりましたが、本作は今年2014年7月21日にドイツはオルデンブルグで行われた公演を現地FMラジオ局” Radio Bremen (※NWR – Nordwestradio 88.3 FM Bremen) “でオンエアされた話題のラジオ放送音源を適宜リマスターし、現時点で考え得る最高の音質で収録したタイトルです。極上のステレオ・サウンドボードゆえその音質は折り紙付きですが、注目して戴きたいのはそれを更に高めているラジオ局技術者の優秀なミキシング技術でしょう。各パートの定位の設定・イコライザー調整から来る色彩豊かな音像に卓越した音響センスが感じられ、直録りした音を単にミックスしたものとは桁違いの仕事と技が感じられる公式盤級の放送ソースなのです!! 今回はこれを2014年最新機材で入念にチェック・精査した上で原音の響きの豊かさと高い透明度を最高値でディスクに定着させる事に成功しました。恐らく同一公演のディスクとしてはこれ以上のものは出ないでしょう。それゆえプレス2CD+ピクチャーディスク仕様での完璧なパッケージングとなっているのですが、これはまさにタイトルデビューにして既に最終決定版という突出した一枚なのです!!

ショウはまずプロジェクト6人全員による演奏でのキングクリムゾン・ナンバーで幕を開けます。オープニング「Thrak」は導入部からダブルドラムによる強烈なユニゾン打音が耳を襲いますが、これが見事に左右チャンネルでセパレートしている事に早速気付かれるでしょう。アンサンブルに入ってからも各パートが凶暴性を剥き出しにした実音をぶつけ合う様子がウルトラクリアーな音像で届けられ、Thrakというよりは” THRaKaTTaK “そのもののエネルギーが高解像サウンドで一気に頂点へと達します。「Frame By Frame」はマーカスの8弦(U8)タッチギターとブリューのギターがそれぞれ別チャンネルから出音し、旋律の集合と心地良い数学的なズレ具合がつぶさに追えます。またその後ろでは複雑な動きを見せる2つのベースと2つのドラムがこれまたステレオで同時に動いていて、まるで万華鏡の様な音像がお楽しみ戴けるでしょう。「Sleepless」はダブルドラムを前面に出した中盤以降の展開が聴きモノです。勿論ここには2つのベースも別々に動いている訳ですが、それら低音域の動きが各々潰れること無く綺麗に重なっている事で” 重低音の響き合い “による音楽対話が堪能出来るのです。これは現在出ている公式ライブ盤よりも良いくらいで、この録音ならではの魅力と言えるでしょう。終曲後からは6人編成が3+3に分裂してトリオ演奏が基本のショウとなり、曲によっては3+1の複合編成になるなど、響きの違いが興味深いショウ中盤に入ってゆきます。

名曲「Neurotica」はブリュー率いる” ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO “による演奏です。この日はリズム隊がいつも以上にトリッキーで攻撃的なスタイルを取っており、その様子をこの極上音質で聴くとオリジナルの演奏には無いトリオならではの視点が非常によく見えてくるのです。「Crack in the Sky」はレヴィンとマステロットらによる” STICK MEN “の演奏で、美しくも厳しさを備えた機知ある演奏音が深い広がりを漂わせながら拡散してゆく様子が明瞭に捉えられています。「Larks’ Tongues ~ Part II」はSTICK MENの3人にブリューを加えた4人での演奏。即ちヌーヴォ・メタルを掲げた『The ConstruKction of Light』時期の編成を模しているわけですが、パート音が1つ増えた事で演奏音に実在感が加わり、当時のライブ演奏に迫る濃度の高い演奏表現が楽しめるでしょう。「Three of a Perfect Pair」も同じ編成の4人による演奏で、ここでは左チャンネルで鳴っているギター(マーカス)と、右で鳴っているギター(ブリュー)の対話、そしてセンターで鳴っているリズム隊との三位一体になった音像が躍動感を伴って飛び出してきます。「Matte Kudasai」は再びブリューのPOWER TRIOによる3人に戻り、ここから「E」までこの布陣です。「B」はとても3人とは思えない演奏の厚みが鮮烈なサウンドで再生され、この日はかなりジャンクで攻撃的な演奏を展開している様子が克明に聴いて取れると思います。スケールを大胆に曲の構成に盛り込んだ「E」も、音階を上下する様子やギターによるお喋り(?)といったこの曲のキモとも言えるシーンが、サウンドボードならではの鮮明な出音でお楽しみ戴けるでしょう。

「Open Part III」からはまたSTICK MENの3人による演奏です。通常こういった混沌とした曲では録音がチープだと何をやっているのか、または何をやろうとしているのかが伝わり難いものですが、本作は録音の基本精度の高さ故にこれを確実に捉まえているため、インプロというよりは演奏のフォービスム(※=心のままに色彩を置いて描く絵画の手法です)が素晴らしい説得力を持って迫ってきます。フリップのソロ曲「Breathless」ではノイジーなギター表現と各楽器の運動性がエッジの深いサウンドで出てくる一方、「One Time」では一転して響きの拡散と弱音の鮮明さが際立つサウンドで花開き、この明暗鮮やかなサウンドのコントラスト感も絶品です。特にこの「One Time」の中間部(※リズムが消える3分17秒付近~4分29秒付近)は、下手なオーディエンス録音ではまず確実に音楽が伝わってこないシーンではないでしょうか。「Red」からはプロジェクトによる演奏に戻り、ここからショウエンド迄は6人全員の演奏で進みます。その「Red」はこれぞまさにキング・クリムゾンといった感じの極上演奏で、原曲のイメージに忠実でありながらも曲のエネルギーを次のレベルへ昇華させたアプローチが魅力です。「Indiscipline」は各楽器の対話を強く推し出したこの6人ならではの解釈が随所で輝いており、全音域をふんだんに使った出音の多様さと録音クオリティの高さ、そして何より演奏の鮮烈さが大きな聴きどころとなっています。「Elephant Talk」では躍動感のある骨太な低音域に御注目下さい。ここは基本となるレヴィンのスティックがセンター間近に置かれ、その周囲で様々な運動をしてゆく各楽器を見回して追うのが楽しくなってしまう筈です。ラストの「Thela Hun Ginjeet」も傑出した演奏力が特筆され、躍動する疾走感がこれほど出た演奏は昨今のプロジェクトのパフォーマンス中でも屈指のものでしょう。しかもこれほど図太く厚みのある6つの音+ボーカルラインがどれひとつ潰れる事無く完璧なハーモニーとして録れており、聴き終えた後は本作が如何に傑出したサウンドボード音源であるかを強く御実感されると思います。


Disc 1(63:08)
1. Thrak – The Crimson ProjeKCt 2. Dinosaur – The Crimson ProjeKCt 
3. Frame by Frame – The Crimson ProjeKCt 4. Sleepless – The Crimson ProjeKCt
5. Band Introduction 6. Neurotica – Adrian Belew Power Trio 7. Crack In The Sky – Stick Men
8. Lark’s Tongues In Aspic – Stick Men feat. Adrian Belew
9. Three of A Perfect Pair – Stick Men feat. Adrian Belew
10. Matte kudasai – Adrian Belew Power Trio 11. B – Adrian Belew Power Trio
12. E – Adrian Belew Power Trio

Disc 2(49:56)
1. Open Part III – Stick Men 2. Breathless – Stick Men 3. One Time – The Crimson ProjeKCt
4. Red – The Crimson ProjeKCt 5. Indiscipline – The Crimson ProjeKCt
6. Elephant Talk – The Crimson ProjeKCt 7. Band Introduction
8. Thela Hun Ginjeet – The Crimson ProjeKCt


Tony Levin – Stick, Bass, Vocal Pat Mastelotto – Drums Markus Reuter – Stick, Touch Guitar

Adrian Belew – Guitar, Vocal Julie Slick – Bass Guitar Tobias Ralph – Drums

Adrian Belew – Guitar, Vocal Tony Levin – Stick, Bass, Vocal Pat Mastelotto – Drums 
Markus Reuter – Stick, Touch Guitar Julie Slick – Bass Guitar Tobias Ralph – Drums

Virtuoso 201/202


Crimson Projekct / Oldenburg 2014 The Video / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Live At Schlossplatz, Oldenburger Kultursommer, Oldberg, Germany 21st July 2016.

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