Cream / Silver Horses Revisited / 2CDR

Cream / Silver Horses Revisited / 2CDR / Non label

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 24th October 2005 


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Suddenly fans were sad to obituary of Jack Bruce of this time would not be less. Past days Please confirm the brave figure of Jack, wants me in memory of him, suddenly, is this title was added to this week of gift items!

New York, which was realized in 2005 autumn than Madison Square Garden 3 consecutive days performances, the first day performances of October 24, was much better in sound quality, full inclusion in the best sound quality master version. 2005 is released at the end of the year, fan, and is a masterpiece sound source who received a high evaluation “Ketteiban of MSG first day performances” from the media. The sound source, and flow in such net at an early stage, to the high-quality sound because, CDR title based on it has been multiple release. In contrast, this title has been made from the original source recording’s master, it is possible to be compared with the already issued board, in its sound quality, you can check the difference of as rare in the digital age . (Never it is not a difference, such as re-mastering.). In comparison with the board, already issued feel degradation, such as one pass analog tape. Definitely, and probably the sound source to represent the MSG performances of 2005 cream. Whether there also be referred to as the first day of performances, hot reaction of fans awaited the cream has been recorded in the very real in each song, including three great performance, you will be able to experience the great upsurge in each song . After NSU the show, Jack Bruce, “Fantastic, amazing, beautiful,” continue with the “happy to be able to play in front of the world’s best audience” MC, the audience is how to respond to it with great cheer has been recorded for the audience . London show Similarly, three of playing that prudently also fraught with hot air, full-length, just listen to meet full marks. In New York performances in London add a Tales Of Brave Ulysses that has not been played, we have to please fans. White Room intro Ginger is a mistake in out beating the drums of Toad, and noticed Ginger stop playing. Clapton is the “now’s was Ginger solo” of place tie MC. The went this accident also has White Room was played is unique first day. By the death of Jack, the future, in 2005 and MSG premiere of cream reunion performances no longer be achieved again. Welcome the first time in the audience of the hall, excitement also fiercely, now of 2014, that it re-listen, I think than there is a different impression, irrigation as ever.

Reunion performances of cream Clapton you worried about the state of convalescence Jack after liver transplantation was achieved over the voice. It was Jack that had been played by deposit the body in a chair occasionally, when listen to this board, vocals and bass play like bite of that heyday was alive and well. Please do please Memory of the great bassist in this board.

★ This is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.67 (2 May 2006). In case you’re wondering.

The complete recording of the opening night of October 24 of reunion cream that achieves the New York performances in three days of limited in October 2005. The source of this work is he the same as its outstanding title but for its outstanding panel that has been produced from the delivery source in bittirent, this work by the label of the network, and handed the master of the recording’s Omoto (sound source distributor) it is manufactured, thereby realizing a much better quality of the sound quality. Although it was already issued panel also good sound, as significant to the sound of the drum in this work, the degree of Tsubudachi of the sound of each instrument is completely different. Although the digital, Sunde-hatsu-ban of the master, there is a difference of about thinking one-generation high with. Although the release of the first day of a sound source is a conflict, in the sound quality, this work would be the highest level of quality.

As was also reviewed in the previous issue, that the first day of performance, response of the American audience this day has the most raised, in this work has been reproduced the real sense of reality. Three of the performance of the cream has also digests through the London show, you are deploying a much long improvisation part than the RAH in Spoonful. ‘s A Tales Of Brave still attractive play, made full use of Clapton of wah-wah in Ulysses for the first time has been set in the United States, Jack lyrics is doubtful also a fun unique to the first day. And Stormy Monday explosive play of that Clapton has pulled out a stretch of the audience stunned, We’re Going progressive Sshi Vu playing that became the band united in the Wrong, full Crossroads, a wah-wah only the first day to fly Clapton in Kanroku of expected manner of play in the White Room using, in front of this song such as ginger, which lead to misunderstanding the following songs and order flying, a lot just listening far from the first day. At the highest sound quality, would be the quality of this work is Ketteiban If you watch an interesting first day.



2005年秋に実現したニューヨークはマジソン・スクエア・ガーデン3日間連続公演より、10月24日の初日公演を、音質において格段に優れた、極上音質マスター・ヴァージョンにて完全収録。2005年末にリリースされ、ファン、メディアから「MSG初日公演の決定盤」と高い評価を受けた傑作音源です。この音源は、早い段階でネットなどで流れおり、その高音質ゆえに、それを基にしたCDRタイトルが複数リリースされました。それに対して、本タイトルは、その大元の録音者のマスターから作られており、既発盤と比較することで、その音質において、デジタル時代には珍しいほどの差を確認することができます。(決してリマスタリングなどの差ではありません。)。本盤と比較すると、既発はアナログテープを一回通過したような劣化を感じます。間違いなく、2005年クリームのMSG公演を代表する音源と言えるでしょう。初日公演と言う事もあってか、クリームを待ちわびたファンの熱い反応が各曲で大変リアルに収録されており、3人の素晴らしいパフォーマンスも含め、各曲で素晴らしい盛り上がりを体感することができます。N.S.U.終演後、ジャック・ブルースが、観客に対し「Fantastic, amazing, beautiful」と続け「世界最高のオーディエンスの前でプレイ出来て嬉しい」とMC、観客も大歓声でそれに応える様子が記録されています。ロンドン公演同様に、手堅くも熱気を孕んだ3人の演奏は、全編、まさに聴き応え満点。ニューヨーク公演ではロンドンでは演奏されなかったTales Of Brave Ulyssesを追加し、ファンを喜ばせています。White Roomのイントロでジンジャーが間違えてToadのドラムを叩きだし、気付いたジンジャーが演奏をストップ。クラプトンが「今のはジンジャーのソロでした」と場つなぎのMC。こういったアクシデントもWhite Roomが演奏されたのは初日ならでは。ジャックの死によって、今後、二度と実現することがなくなったクリーム再結成公演の2005年MSG初演。場内の観客の歓迎ぶり、興奮ぶりも凄まじく、2014年の今、聴き直すことで、これまでとは違った感動・感慨があるのではないでしょうか。


★beatleg誌 vol.67(2006年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


前号でもレビューしたように、初日公演ということで、アメリカのオーディエンスのレスポンスはこの日が最も盛り上がっており、本作ではそのリアルな臨場感も再現している。クリームの3人のパフォーマンスもロンドン公演を経てこなれており、SpoonfulではRAHよりも格段に長いインプロ・パートを展開している。アメリカで初めてセットインしたTales Of Brave Ulyssesでのクラプトンのワウワウを駆使したプレイはやはり魅力的だし、ジャックの歌詞が怪しくなるのも初日ならではの面白さだ。そしてクラプトンが一気にオーディエンスの度肝を抜いたStormy Monday の爆発的プレイ、We’re Going Wrongでのバンド一丸となったプログレっしヴな演奏、クラプトンが流石の貫録で飛ばすCrossroads、初日のみワウワウを全面的に使ったWhite Roomでのプレイ、この曲の前には次曲と順番を勘違いしてしまうジンジャーのフライングなど、初日だけの聴きどころはたくさんある。最高音質で、興味深い初日を鑑賞するなら本作のクオリティが決定盤だろう。

Disc 1
1. I’m So Glad 2. Spoonful 3. Outside Woman Blues 4. Pressed Rat And Warthog 
5. Sleepy Time Time 6. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 7. N.S.U. 8. Badge 
9. Politician 10. Sweet Wine 11. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 12. Stormy Monday 
13. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 

Disc 2
1. Born Under The Bad Sign 2. We’re Going Wrong 3. Crossroads 
4. Sitting On Top Of The World 5. White Room 6. Toad 7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocal Jack Bruce – Bass, Vocal Ginger Baker – Drums

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