Cream / Klooks Kleek Plus / 1CD+Bonus 1Pro-CDR

Cream / Klooks Kleek Plus / 1CD+Bonus 1Pro-CDR / SpeakEzy

Translated Text:
Live At Klooks Kleek, London, Uk 15th November 1966 & Bonus CDR: Fresh Cream Outtakes.



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Jacquet two types supplied Perajake of four sides Jacquet and the two sides.
Press Release Picture label specification.
– Further bonus CDR (portrait style A7 size offset printing Jacquet also included) is included in the Limited!

66 years the oldest of the live sound source and the rare 67-year bitter titles coupling of the live sound source appeared in the press machine!
Are you recorded in the first section as a sound source other than the BBC to the familiar existing is live in London, which is known as the oldest of the live take. The sound source is at present does not seem to floating around the tape sound source, it seems all of its outstanding is caused analog board cause (dubbing through master) or acetate disc. Those digital transfer the analog board in the net we have multiple distribution, but this time is not in their net sound source, subject to the provision of vintage super rare original analog board, CD in digital transfer carefully mastering to direct of! This LP board of Jacquet thing that can be confirmed easily by searching on the net (those illustrations tones and pink on a white background) and quite different.
Real Jaquet label you use, please visit so we have also posted on the jacket of this title. Provider says this is what the original (Honma Bunch?). Since the label itself of vinyl records of the body, such as a similar one you can see on the net (label and number Victorie NS 13028), but is somehow the first Jacquet speculating that or not than was something posted on this board cage you, but the truth is unknown. This is the Original Jacquet other than strange illustrations without a credit class is absolutely, this is suspiciously perfect score, sound quality is what sufficiently satisfactory while monaural AUD (probably).
A surface in the analog board is Stepping Out~N.S.U. Up, but the B-side was till becoming Lawdy Mama~ Crossroads, at the time on CD, it has been modified to track order, which is now generally understood.
Upon this on CD, those originally mitigate the hum that had been included in the analog board, to remove the scratch noise in polite treatment by the familiar pin point every time, which was reprinted from the analog board in the best sound is definitely at the moment we are proud of. Although I noticed try again mastering this time, this analog board, has been subjected to a very skillful editing in between the songs, whether such order to smooth the inter-track, between the music and heavy between the same song It seems that connects the. For example, Cross Roads performance after the members of the MC, “Thank You!” Is, or be the same as the Steppin ‘Out after playing MC “Thank You”, and the sound base is small and Bubun, the audience “Oh ~!”, Or part to say that members and Oboshiki “Nekkusuto …” you can see in several places. Although this was seen by examining a variety, where the thing to do at the position, and was not able to find a definitive basis, respecting the material of the analog board, this time is left as it is also the overlapped portions you. It should be noted, borrowed from some its outstanding Scorpios board the Steppin ‘Out front of the MC, also have been added to the hand between the part of the song.

The second section recorded Boston performances of September 67 years in mono audience recording. Here is a detailed date unknown live made in September 1967 at the venue called Psychedelic Supermarket, is the emergence sound source through the recent years net. Four songs in about 30 minutes and cut-in, are those incomplete a cut-out, also in the sound quality there is a noisy, but the freshness itself has been fully maintained. In this CD of kept to perform the removal of the partial tape noise, hiss is not subjected to a dare processing in order to keep the freshness of the original sound source. While playing vocal is a long distance, the performance itself is quite captured at close range, would speak only while towards mania, to hear enough as the cream of the sound source.

UK · notes board single is a bonus track (mono mix) 2 title worth recording.
I think that it is also he who seems to be, “it would have been even monaural if on CD,” but the sound with a punch to hear here is what you do not enjoy the current CD. In particular sound high cutting level in Wrapping Paper is tremendous. Also I FEEL FREE is different from that of the bonus track of the current latest version CD. So, it is still also recorded here.


使用した実物のジャケ・ラベルは本タイトルのジャケにも掲載しておりますのでご覧下さい。提供者曰くこれがオリジナルとのことです(ほんまかいな?)。レコード盤の本体のラベルそのものはネット上で確認できるものと同じようなので(レーベル及び番号はVictorie NS 13028)、なんとなくですが最初のジャケが本盤に掲載のものだったのではないかと推測しておりますが、真偽は不明です。このオリジナル盤のジャケにはヘンテコなイラスト以外はクレジット類が一切なしで、これが怪しさ満点、音質もモノラルAUD(多分)ながら十分満足の行くものです。
アナログ盤ではA面がStepping Out〜N.S.U.まで、B面がLawdy Mama〜クロスロードまでとなっておりましたが、CD化に際し、現在一般的に理解されている曲順に修正しました。
今回のCD化にあたり、元々アナログ盤に含まれていたハムノイズを緩和し、スクラッチノイズを毎度お馴染みのピンポイントによる丁寧な処理で除去し、現時点では間違いなくベストなサウンドでアナログ盤から復刻したものと自負しております。また今回改めてマスタリングしてみて気づきましたが、このアナログ盤、曲間に非常に巧みな編集が施されており、曲間をスムーズにするためなのか、同じ曲間を多用して各楽曲間を繋いでいるようです。例えばCross Roads演奏後のメンバーのMC「サンキュー!」が、Steppin’ Out演奏後のMC「サンキュー」と同じものであったり、ベースがブーブーンと小さく鳴る音や、観客の「オ〜!」、またはメンバーと思しき「ネックスト・・・」と言う部分が複数の箇所で確認できます。これが色々調べて見ましたが、どこの位置での物なのか、確定的な根拠を探し出すことが出来なかったのと、アナログ盤の資料性を尊重し、今回は重複箇所もそのまま残しております。なお、Steppin’ Out前のMCを一部既発スコルピオ盤より拝借し、また一部の曲間に手を加えております。

2つめのセクションには67年9月のボストン公演をモノラル・オーディエンス録音で収録。こちらはPsychedelic Supermarketと言う会場で1967年9月に行われた詳しい日付不明のライブとされ、近年ネットを介して登場した音源です。4曲で30分程度とカットイン、カットアウトのある不完全なものであり、また音質的にはノイジーではありますが、鮮度そのものは十分に保たれています。今回のCD化では部分的なテープノイズの除去を施すにとどめ、ヒスノイズは元音源の鮮度を保つために敢えて処理を施しておりません。演奏はボーカルが遠目ですが、演奏そのものはなかなか至近距離で捉えており、あくまでマニア向けながら、クリームの音源としては十分に聞けるものでしょう。

「モノラルならCD化もされてるだろ」、と思われる方もおられると思いますが、ここで聞けるパンチのあるサウンドは現行CDでは味わえないものです。特にWrapping Paperでのカッティングレベルの高いサウンドはものすごいです。またI FEEL FREEは現行最新バージョンCDのボーナストラックとは異なるものです。ですので、やはりこちらも収録です。

Live at Klooks Kleek, London, England 15th November 1966
01. Lawdy Mama
02. Sleepy Time Time
03. Crossroads
04. Stepping Out
05. Sweet Wine
06. Meet Me In The Bottom
07. N.S.U.

Live at Psychedelic Supermarket, Boston, MA. USA September 1967
08. Sunshine Of Your Love
09. Spoonful
10. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
11. Sweet Wine

Bonus Trax
Taken from UK Original 7inch Single Reaction 591007 [1966] 12. Wrapping Paper
13. Cat’s Squirrel

Taken from UK Original 7inch Single Reaction 591011 [1966] 14. I Feel Free
15. N.S.U.


Rayrik Studios, London, UK August 1966
1. Beauty Queen
2. Coffee Song
3. You Make Me Feel
4. Wrapping Paper #1
5. Wrapping Paper #2

Ryemuse Studios, London, UK September 1966
6. Cats Squirrel #1
7. Cats Squirrel #2
8. I Feel Free #1
9. I Feel Free #2
10. I Feel Free #3

Ryemuse Studios, London, UK October 1966
11. Sweet Wine #1
12. Sweet Wine #2
13. Sweet Wine #3
14. Sweet Wine #4
15. Sleepy Time Time
16. Four Until Late

Ryemuse Studios, London, UK November 1966
17. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
18. Toad
19. I’m So Glad
SpeakEzy SPE-006

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