Cream / Farewell Tour USA 1968 / 1CDR

Cream / Farewell Tour USA 1968 / 1CDR / Breakdown
Translated text:
Live At New Heaven Arena, New Haven, CT October 11th 1968. Audience


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A valuable live instrument of Super Trio “CREAM” by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker who carved the name in the history of rocks appeared!

It is a sound source from the master who recorded audiences the performances in the Connecticut New Haven on October 11 from the American tour at the end of 68 years when it became the last Farewell tour, but the performance place other than this day Or, there is the theory that there are multiple performances There is also a collector’s attention title as a valuable live record of CREAM while “Iwakuniki sound source”!


01. White Room/02. Politician/03. I’m So Glad/04. Sitting On Top Of The World/05. Crossroads/06. Sunshine Of Your Love/07. Train Time/08. Spoonful/09. Toad

Live At New Heaven Arena, New Haven, CT October 11th 1968

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