Cozy Powell / Special Rock Drum Seminar / 1CD + Ticket Replica

Cozy Powell / Special Rock Drum Seminar / 1CD + Ticket Replica / Calm & Storm

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Science Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th May 1980, Cozy participated In 2 Drum Seminars On The Same Day, And This Is A Document Of The First Seminars That started 3PM.

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During the tour of 1980 Cozy Powell played a total third time visit to Japan in RAINBOW, a pattern that are made drum seminar in Tokyo Science Museum “Science Hall” on May 10, Limited Press CD in the rainy day release decision! It is also a double surprise because say that what ultra-high-quality audience source that you direct using the Miracle Man recording of the original master! Cozy related collector’s item, declared as the center Ano “Cozy Tapes” series, but a variety of sound sources, such as live and demo rehearsal has been known, this work is that it is rare sound source by far the group among them To do!

RAINBOW, which celebrated its Graham Bonnet as successor of Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Hissage new work a “DOWN TO EARTH”, has realized the long-awaited re-visit to Japan in May 1980. In this visit to Japan to concentrate is live in Tokyo and Osaka, in Tokyo from May 8 days of the first day up to 12 days, we live in Nippon Budokan three consecutive performances.
The visit to Japan two shows th ended the next day of May 10 (the day was a Saturday) is not expected to live is organized, as the band but was off, Cozy can be used by the (own I was cast as a “lecturer” to drum seminar are of drum) instrument manufacturer sponsored.
In Tokyo Science Museum Science Hall near to Nippon Budokan is became the venue, 3 o’clock and twice lecture of 6:00 pm was held the afternoon (the participants was that of the Bring a drum stick ). There and seen the lecture and demonstration of Cozy in front of the eye, this seminar has become a big topic among fans from immediately after the announcement has been made. According to the recollection of the mania to know the time, amateur drummer who Kaikae to those of the musical instrument manufacturer to host a drum set in mind that you want to participate in this seminar is so also had many.
Miracle Man a man who carried a foot to this drum seminar. Although it is similar to many of RAINBOW fan if at the time if only, he is the great is recorded (but not even live) that pattern also had been firmly record up to (3 pm in this case, “matinee”. Miracle Man also included ticket replica of courtesy). It is also similar to a lot of live recordings he has left, the great sound that combines the clearness and realistic sense of realism superlative, would would be surprised any listeners. This work thus far and and Cozy related live recordings have emerged, both the sound board sound source of “Cozy Tapes” were different in personality, it is the only the one and document source!

Seminar is different from the normal live, start in the mood that was a peaceful harmonious. Scene moderator greet the entrance of Cozy fueled the fans will feel the era of “really 32 years ago.” Lecture Cozy and proceeded in Q & format of fan (reportedly of course questions and the interpreter all the answers neatly, the moderator will told me clarity to the “student”), Cozy use equipment and techniques, fine up to a setting, you can learn more than expected.
Also questioner is invited to the stage, also features have been exchanged up-close and Cozy. Fun mood is floating around in the hall, you will feel even to come floating in front of like the eye (It should be noted that, suddenly breaking the instruction book of Cozy in the “beginning the drum in the drum seminar of this ’80 event that the discarded “has been well known, but the scene can not be confirmed in this recording).

Question the first impressive fan of questions, called “How Mawaseru the stick well or After” “How about to fly to far if”, which reflects the truly “showman” Cozy. Cozy is not greatly please the fans to show a practical example. In addition, “once he dropped the stick, to catch the stick, which has rebounded” We technique also admirably to succeed that. It should be noted that, this time Cozy is to say that “dropped the stick many times in a few years ago to Budokan live” is, it seems that things live of January 22, 1978 (this live is “DYNAMO you can check the sound source of “, etc.).
For the women of the question, but invites a laugh first jokingly, ceded and that immediately after the “can beat the powerful in women if the proper practice,” “physique not related to drumming” ·, own a stick on you have encouragement. This scene is also just listen to the sound, you will feel strongly the friendly character in the Cozy open.
In addition to the question of “either to or feel the life worth living in the car race and the drum?”, Hesitation is not a “car race!” (Jokingly) First word. In fact, he “at the same time as the breather, intended to taste a different sense of tension” for the race is the answer and so it is, “Which is not be said that important”, here is also a one-act feel the Cozy of personality.

Last of this recording solo demonstration of Cozy is performed, you amused in hand listening to the maximum of the listening stations. Same solo as those I usually showing off in live to this at that time, close enough to not be a normal live, roar scene is really amazing in the best direct sense! Dynamic attack, delicate tricks, such as entertainer the first time to let cheered to the viewer, and showing off a play that it can be said that the total summary of the lecture of the day everywhere.
Solo course from the middle “Overture 1812″ explodes! Although drum solo of Cozy There are a lot of live-take, this recording as the direct sense of realism, also take with a listening ease of superlative, you can assert that do not see a little (there was also a fan of the question ” you must listen to conclude that good technique “has been woven)!

This work is to not live source, not a line sound source of parties outflow. But his real voice and come hear clearly, frank personality smears comeback is, there is no difference to hit the fan in mind. Harmonious and the venue of the atmosphere, the unique, yet player commentary of technologies that would be helpful, and a large powerful drum solo, on this recording is of a variety of charm of Cozy is vacuum packaged in a realistic! Why he had gained a fervent popularity as a drum-hero, it will come down along enough from this recording.
This work really want to listen to what everyone of the fans who love the Cozy, superb document-take. One also specials will be special treats among fans the future, is the appearance here in full limited Press CD of all of Cozy fan must-have!

★ Miracle Man provision of, day ticket with a replica of.

Science Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th May 1980 (Started 3PM)


コージー・パウエルがRAINBOWで通算3度目の来日を果たした1980年のツアー中、5月10日に東京の科学技術館”サイエンス・ホール”で行われたドラム・セミナーの模様が、完全限定プレスCDでまさかのリリース決定! それも何とMiracle Man録音のオリジナル・マスターをダイレクト使用した超高音質オーディエンス・ソースだと言うから二重の驚きです! コージー関連のコレクターズ・アイテムは、あの”コージー・テープス”シリーズを中心として、ライヴやデモ・リハーサルなど様々な音源が知られていますが、本作はその中でも群を抜いてレアな音源だと断言します!

ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオの後任としてグラハム・ボネットをヴォーカルに迎えたRAINBOWは、新作「DOWN TO EARTH」を引っ提げ、1980年5月に待望の再来日を実現しました。この来日では東京と大阪にライヴが集中し、東京では初日の5月8日から12日まで、3公演続けて日本武道館でライヴを行いました。
Miracle Manもこのドラムセミナーへ足を運んだひとり。それだけならば当時の多くのRAINBOWファンと同様ですが、彼が凄いのは(ライヴでも無いのに)その模様までもしっかり録音していた事(ここでは午後3時の”昼の部”を収録。Miracle Man提供によるチケットのレプリカも付属)。それも彼が残してきた多くのライヴ音源同様、最上級のクリアネスとリアルな臨場感を兼ね備えた素晴らしいサウンドには、いかなる聴き手も驚いてしまうでしょう。本作はこれまで登場してきたコージー関連のライヴ音源や、”コージー・テープス”のサウンドボード音源とも個性を異にした、唯一無二のドキュメント・ソースなのです!



本録音のラストはコージーのソロ実演が行われ、最大の聴き所を聴き手に楽しませます。この当時に普段ライヴで披露していたものと同じソロが、通常のライヴではあり得ないほど近く、最高のダイレクト感で轟く場面は本当に凄い! ダイナミックなアタック、細やかな小技、観る者に歓声を挙げさせるエンターテイナーぶりなど、この日の講義の総まとめとも言えるプレイを随所で見せ付けます。
ソロ中盤からはもちろん「Overture 1812」が炸裂! コージーのドラムソロは多くのライヴ・テイクがありますが、この録音ほどダイレクト感とリアルさ、最上級の聴き易さを備えたテイクも、ちょっと見当たらないと断言出来ます(ファンの質問にもあった「得意技」が織り込まれた締めくくりまで必聴です)!

本作はライヴ・ソースではありませんし、関係者流出のライン音源でもありません。しかし明瞭に聴こえてくる彼の肉声や、気さくな人柄がにじむ受け答えは、ファンの心を打つに違いありません。和気藹々とした会場の雰囲気、ユニークでありながらプレイヤーには参考になる技術の解説、そして大迫力のドラムソロと、本録音にはコージーの様々な魅力がリアルに真空パッケージされているのです! 彼がドラム・ヒーローとして熱烈な人気を博していた理由が、この録音からも充分に伝ってくるでしょう。


Science Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th May 1980(Started 3PM)

1. Opening 2. Q&A #1 3. Q&A #2 4. Q&A #3 5. Q&A #4 6. Q&A #5 7. Q&A #6 8. Q&A #7 9. Q&A #8
10. MC 1 11. MC 2 12. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture

This is the rare recording of Cozy’s drum seminar in Tokyo, when he came to Japan with Rainbow in 1980, on the Down To Earth Tour. He participated in 2 drum seminars on the same day, and this is a document of the first seminar that started at 3PM.

Recorded by Miracle Man

Calm & Storm 024

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