Cozy Powell / Session Tape 1991 First Week / 1CD

Cozy Powell / Session Tape 1991 First Week / 1CD / Non Label

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Recorded at Monnow Valley Studios, Rockfield, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK October & November 1991 . Stereo SBD




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The release determined by the fully qualified press CD again, the sound of surprise than that ” Cozy Tapes ” ! 4th solo of Cozy from ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK! ” Manufacturing process , demo / session treasured recorded at the beginning of November 1991 through the end of October to hit in the first week is the perfect world first appearance here ! In late career Cozy , 1991 Do I still wrapped in a veil of mystery . This work shed a ray of light to the ” missing link ” is a must listen Cozy mania must-have for all !

Beside the band various activities , solo album Cozy bequeath to a total of five . The highly rated as excellent record , five of his also ” ESPECIALLY FOR YOU ” , is in a special position as Isaac various works of ’80 them . But settle for Low Ratings for some reason since then , the 1992 ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK! ” Has been treated even one step lower in the Cozy work were involved . But when you look at the career of Cozy , parts unknown is still present now through 1992 from the 1991 , it is also the era collect the interest of mania .
It is a ” Cozy Tapes ” is what tool to unlock the ” mystery ” that . The Cozy sound source in this era , of BLACK SABBATH and ” DEHUMANIZER ” session sound source , ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX ” , even this ” BACK TO WIN: Tour Rehearsals 1992 ” appeared , either of which has surprised the fan directly below . And to appear this time the third edition of ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK! ” Progress sound source ! And that it was recorded in the first week of the album production has started, (labeled original DAT master Cozy treasured this time , a valuable source of initial session poles : it is all of course described as “Session Tape Monnow Valley First Week”. Onban than full of new excavation sound source ) . In the Between that recovery of solo and Sabbath withdrawal , Cozy thought any sound and play , and revived in excellent sound , a moment … it … Did the shape it is going to sprout !
While playing a disc , let’s take a view in the music unit is below .
1. Tuesday Drum Sound
What has been recorded for the first time in this DAT master was the drum solo of Cozy . That seems to become also the material of the official in this state , the sound clear and realistic , hands will be impressed to hear what also vividly . Play the play of the hand break is tinged with heat gradually , and will continue to expand in the dramatic Loud Cozy unique . Part of the play familiar come out with ” Dance With The Devil ” on the way also worth watching ! It may be said that the listening place of the maximum in the beginning of this work . It is a take that as a starting point of the session , feel fired up ” good , ! ‘ll Do ” and Cozy .

2. The Anthem (Drums Only)
The song of the keyboard sound of BLACK SABBATH style by Jeff Nichols has shines even ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK! ” It is the basic tracks of drums only . Drum pattern it can be said that , might Cozy himself be had considered ” I’ll finish as the Sabbath ,” the song from the beginning , ” Headless Cross ” this song than the one that even if there is no keyboard of Jeff .

3. Somewhere In Time # 1
Configuration is different from the finished version , but the music that is visible form as early as in the initial session . It is a situation -based keyboard as well as drum Cozy also added , that waits for the input of the guitar in this take .

4. Ride By Night (Ride To Win)
It is a situation this song is also hardened the appearance of the song drum , keyboard , by the base , only guitar that does not contain . And the song ” Somewhere In Time ” , there is a common point of music Brian May was involved both . You may order to hand over to Brian , had some kind of need to be in shape soon .

5. Dance With The Devil # 1
Cozy was thinking the remake of ” Dance With The Devil ” this time . Recordings were also made to welcome Neil Murray and Mario Paga , but remake Take by ( Mario Paga There are circumstances that have evolved title track to ” The Drums Are Back! ” Allogeneic take was recorded in album I collect the ” BEST OF THE TAPES “) . The only song that it may be said that it is ” forte ” for Cozy , appearance is well equipped in session early stage .

6. Return Of The 7
Initial take different configurations . Steve Lukather had put a guitar solo in the album , solo Lukather has not yet entered here . Focused and reply to the play by Don and Cozy instead , also last you can check exactly without fade-out .

7. Dance With The Devil # 2
Is similar to the first five tracks as ” Dance With The Devil # 1 ” , but it is nice points in there or more , of the drum is Cozy ‘s tone can be confirmed by a dynamic and clear in this take .

8. The Rocket
It is a take close to finished version in particular any sound source in this . As well as the rhythm of the drum and bass , lead guitar is also input already , and it is quite sophisticated . No Hammond of Jon Lord , which is inserted into the last , has been even feature guitar solo instead in the final version .

9. The Drums Are Back
Structure of the song has almost finished already here , but the intro is different to that listen in the final print . Also there is no guitar solo and bass solo that you hear in the finished version , percussion and hand claps and has been featured , the difference to be listening to the details there are many .

10. Somewhere In Time # 2
Version guitar placed over the third track on ” Somewhere In Time # 1 ” . Configuration is different still compared to the final version , but the stage of ” one step further after ” until I am finished .

11. I Wanna Hear Your Shout (Drums Only)
Two first track ” The Anthem ” Similarly , this is rhythm track of only drum . First -recorded , that continue to flesh out there take a drum , you take a glimpse songwriting Cozy .

12. Classical Gas Intro
Intro part of the song Ray Fenwick -programmed . Guitar or bass is not included , but there are interesting in only the keyboard part .

13. Classical Gas # 1
The keyboard part of the same song that was completed in the intro of the track 12 , and take the Cozy is loaded with drums . Cozy different impression was retaliated keyboards Don as ” Return Of The 7 ” , Cozy that , to play the solo to back the tape of the orchestra . I reminds and ” 1812 Overture ” and ” 633 Squadron ” in that sense .

14. Classical Gas # 2
Since the Cozy can place the play of the same backing track , take that contains the state to take the timing . The answer ” Cozy was playing to fit tightly to click ” in an interview in recent years , Tony Iommi says that he remembers even uncomfortable scrupulosity too much . This take ‘ll feel aspects of such professional Cozy .

15. Cozy Singing Melody
Was housed in a last will , take that you humming the melody Cozy while taking the clapping , envisions a song . It is at the stage of music before, but that the real voice of clapping and Cozy was left with incense , would be emotional for fans and enthusiasts . The last 50 seconds less than his appearance is like floating in the eye , the tape ends .
From this , in addition to the above-mentioned of ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX ” , the CD2 Disc Press ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK! ” : And ” THE DRUMS ARE BACK SESSIONS DAT MASTERS ARCHIVE ” , the bonus disc of the same work it is possible that ” ALBUM MIXES ” exists and you want to validate fine manufacturing process of the album . I reproduce sound of superlative its earliest stages , about 50 minutes of this film will bring out a deep study of Cozy in the second half 1991 . As well as entertainment , of course , word of must listen of this work is opening ” Tuesday Drum Sound ” . One of the absolute must-have is determined by the arrival Limited press CD from overseas if Cozy Mania ! So that you do not miss the ” Cozy Tapes ” latest !


あの”コージー・テープス”より驚きの音源が、またしても完全限定プレスCDでリリース決定! コージーの4thソロ「THE DRUMS ARE BACK!」製作過程より、最初の一週間に当たる1991年10月末から11月初めに記録された秘蔵のデモ/セッションが、ここに完全世界初登場です! コージーの後期キャリアにおいて、今もなお謎のベールに包まれた1991年。その”ミッシング・リンク”へ一筋の光を当てる本作は、全てのコージー・マニア必聴必携です!

 様々なバンド活動の傍ら、コージーが残したソロアルバムは計5枚。そのうち’80年代の諸作品は名盤として高い評価を受け、5作目「ESPECIALLY FOR YOU」も、遺作として特別な位置づけにあります。しかし’92年の「THE DRUMS ARE BACK!」は、当時から何故か低評価に甘んじ、コージーが関与した作品中でも一段低く扱われています。しかしコージーのキャリアを眺めた時、この’91年から’92年にかけては未解明な部分が今なお存在し、マニアの関心を集める時代でもあります。
 その”謎”を解き明かすツールこそが”コージー・テープス”です。この時代におけるコージー音源は、これまでもBLACK SABBATHの「DEHUMANIZER」セッション音源や、「THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX」,「BACK TO WIN: Tour Rehearsals 1992」が登場し、そのいずれもがファンを驚かせてきました。今回登場するのは「THE DRUMS ARE BACK!」プログレス音源の第三弾! アルバム製作が始まった最初の一週間に記録されたという、極初期セッションの貴重な音源を、今回もコージー秘蔵のオリジナルDATマスター(ラベルに”Session Tape: Monnow Valley First Week”と記載。もちろん全てが完全新発掘音源)より音盤化。サバス脱退とソロでの再起という狭間にあって、コージーがどんなプレイや音を考え、それを形にしたのか・・・・・・それが芽生えていく瞬間を、優れたサウンドで蘇らせます!

1. Tuesday Drum Sound
 本DATマスターで最初に録音されていたものは、コージーのドラムソロでした。このまま公式の素材にもなりそうな、生々しくもクリアでリアルなサウンドには、どんな聴き手も感動するでしょう。手慣らしのプレイが徐々に熱を帯び、ラウドにドラマティックに展開していくプレイはコージーならでは。途中で「Dance With The Devil」でお馴染みのプレイが出てくるパートも要注目! 本作冒頭にして最大の聴き所と言えるでしょう。セッションの手始めとして、コージーの「よし、やるぞ!」という気合を感じるテイクです。

2. The Anthem (Drums Only) 
 ジェフ・ニコルズによるBLACK SABBATH風のキーボード・サウンドが「THE DRUMS ARE BACK!」でも異彩を放った同曲の、ドラムのみのベーシック・トラックです。この曲はジェフのキーボードが無くても「Headless Cross」そのものといえるドラム・パターンは、コージー自身も最初からこの曲を「サバスのように仕上げてやろう」と考えていたのかも知れません。

3. Somewhere In Time #1

4. Ride By Night (Ride To Win)
 この曲もドラム,キーボード,ベースにより曲の体裁が固まっており、ギターのみが入っていないという状況です。同曲と「Somewhere In Time」は、どちらもブライアン・メイが関与した楽曲という共通点があります。ブライアンに手渡すため、早く形にする必要があったのかも知れません。

5. Dance With The Devil #1
 コージーはこの時期「Dance With The Devil」のリメイクを考えていました。レコーディングもマリオ・パーガやニール・マーレイを迎えて行われたものの、アルバムに収録された同種テイクはタイトル曲「The Drums Are Back!」に発展したという経緯があります(マリオ・パーガによるリメイク・テイクは「BEST OF THE TAPES」に収録)。コージーにとって「お手の物」といえる曲だけに、セッション初期段階でも体裁は整っています。

6. Return Of The 7 

7. Dance With The Devil #2
 5トラック目の「Dance With The Devil #1」とほぼ同様ですが、本テイクではそちら以上に、コージーのドラムがクリアかつダイナミックな音色で確認できるのが嬉しいポイントです。

8. The Rocket

9. The Drums Are Back 

10. Somewhere In Time #2
 3トラック目の「Somewhere In Time #1」にギターが被せられたバージョン。完成版と比べてまだ構成は異なりますが「あともう一歩」の段階まで仕上がっています。

11. I Wanna Hear Your Shout(Drums Only) 
 こちらは2トラック目の「The Anthem」同様、ドラムのみのリズム・トラックです。まずはドラム・テイクを録り、そこへ肉付けしていくという、コージーの曲作りを垣間見るテイクです。

12. Classical Gas Intro

13. Classical Gas #1
 トラック12のイントロで完成していた同曲のキーボード・パートに、コージーがドラムを載せたテイク。ドンのキーボードにコージーが応酬した「Return Of The 7」と異なり、オーケストラのテープをバックにコージーがソロをプレイする、という印象。その意味では「1812 Overture」や「633 Squadron」を連想させます。

14. Classical Gas #2

15. Cozy Singing Melody

 この「THE DRUMS ARE BACK!」からは、前述した「THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX」の他にも、プレスCD2枚組の「THE DRUMS ARE BACK SESSIONS: DAT MASTERS ARCHIVE」や、同作のボーナス・ディスク「ALBUM MIXES」が存在し、アルバムの製作過程を細かく検証する事が可能です。本作の約50分間はその最初期段階を最上級のサウンドで再現し、’91年後半のコージーに関する深い考察を引き出すでしょう。もちろんエンターテイメントとしても、本作オープニングの「Tuesday Drum Sound」は必聴の一言。コージー・マニアならば絶対必携の一本が、海外より完全限定プレスCDで入荷決定! ”コージー・テープス”最新作をどうぞお見逃しありませんように!

1. Tuesday Drum Sound 2. The Anthem (Drums Only) 3. Somewhere In Time #1 
4. Ride By Night (Ride To Win) 5. Dance With The Devil #1 6. Return Of The 7 
7. Dance With The Devil #2 8. The Rocket 9. The Drums Are Back 10. Somewhere In Time #2
11. I Wanna Hear Your Shout(Drums Only) 12. Classical Gas Intro 13. Classical Gas #1
14. Classical Gas #2

Bonus Track
15. Cozy Singing Melody

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