Cozy Powell & Friends / BBC In Concert 1980 / 1CDR

Cozy Powell & Friends / BBC In Concert 1980 / 1CDR /Non Label

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Recorded Live At Paris Theatre, London ,UK 9th January 1980 BBC Broadcast Date: 12th January 1980.


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Recorded Live at Paris Theatre, London, UK 9th January 1980 STEREO SBD (Remasterd)
(BBC Broadcast Date: 12th January 1980)

This work is a live album that contains the pattern that appeared in along with the “OVER THE TOP”, “BBC In Concert” Cozy. In one of the so-called “Cozy tape”, before “KILLER (Langley 177)” and the same recording as it is released as part of the “OVER THE TOP SESSION”. Main press CD “” DO NOT FORGET THAT MAN! “STUDIO REHEARSALS 1988” It is live of 1980 that eight years dating back but from, we again turned to contest take of one of the few Jack Bruce among Cozy tape Taku, we have decided to reprint as a bonus.
This broadcast is famous for a long time, there was also poor air check board was floating around. However, it first appeared in “Cozy tape version of the” in “KILLER”, the “best” quality of different from them at all dimension. Completely in the official quality, it was one of the best name recording among Cozy tape. This time, three times digitizing the Cozy tape, I was revived in mastering that pulled out the possibility that with the master himself. The live super band that did not happen Tsuizo at the Official, you can be exhausted taste in superb sound.
In fact, this live is really amazing. And to enjoy the exciting Cozy clause beginning with “Theme 1”, “Sweet Poison” in (though nor are active in the regular) members who show a breathing Aung. The super-band a collection of just a celebrity I find in it is one shot that divided is different. In particular, the guitar of Clem Clempson cry to cry through the members introduce “The Loner”, the tour de force in a tour de force. Jack of the line also protean freely, it is spun the excellent line Amattaruku should not yet be the sweet. The jack to listen to the manly voice, such as “Tickets to Waterfall”, in front of the men of proud contest to walk the high road of British Rock, enough to forget even the over time. Finally, such as Dell that fire “Killer”! Live of curtain is waging battle in which all of the instruments dazzling is closed.
Although it is one of the tour de force as well as live, song material from the ballads that stain mind, and there seems also of fusion touch of a wide range of British rock of the trade fair to battle. Moreover, virtuoso is shining ish virtuoso in the all the songs. And so much of name board has not been heard only in the underground, what a waste it ….

New band of Jack and Cozy to listen in the main press is When I was full-scale start-up, and what had been playing any music. Really, what was able to be successful thing. It does not know. However, there is no doubt the only thing that gave me birth to great music. The more layers can be sure, this live is full of a sense of fulfillment. That Jack and Cozy, live of name board that hero of extraordinary caught the moment that crossed. Those who have not yet been to the ear, by all means, do not miss this opportunity.
本作は、コージーの「OVER THE TOP」に伴って「BBC In Concert」に出演した模様を収めたライヴ・アルバムです。いわゆる“コージー・テープ”のうちの1本で、以前「KILLER(Langley 177)」や「OVER THE TOP SESSION」の一部としてリリースされたものと同じ録音。本編プレスCD「”DON’T FORGET THAT MAN!” STUDIO REHEARSALS 1988」から遡ること8年という1980年のライヴですが、コージー・テープの中でも数少ないジャック・ブルースとの競演テイクに再び目を向けていただきたく、ボーナスとして復刻することにいたしました。
実際、このライヴは本当に凄い。豪快なコージー節を堪能させる「Theme 1」に始まり、「Sweet Poison」では(レギュラーで活動しているわけでもないのに)阿吽の呼吸を見せるメンバーたち。ただの有名人を集めたスーパー・バンドとはわけが違うことが一発で分かります。特に、メンバー紹介を経てクレム・クレムソンのギターが泣きに泣く「The Loner」は、名演中の名演。ジャックのラインも変幻自在で、甘美でありながら甘ったるくはならない絶品のラインを紡いでいる。そのジャックが男らしい歌声を聴かせる「Tickets to Waterfall」など、ブリティッシュロックの王道を歩む男達の誇り高い競演の前には、時間が経つのも忘れるほど。最後は火の出るような「Killer」! 総ての楽器がめくるめくバトル繰り広げてライヴの幕は閉じます。


1. Opening 2. Theme One 3. Sweet Poison 4. Member Introduction 5. The Loner 6. Tickets To Waterfall 7. Killer


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