Cozy Powell / 1812 Tchaikovsky / 1Single CDR

Cozy Powell/ 1812 Tchaikovsky / 1Single CDR /Non label

Translated Text:

Taken From The Original 5 ‘ Reel Tape (Philips DP13) Belonged To Cozy Powell.


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During the tour of the Rainbow , was used in the drum solo of Cozy in fact , than the original reel tape of five inches of Philips , I record direct to the ” 1812 Overture ” . The newly discovered among the belongings of Cozy , is using the reel tape , the insert of the outer case , along with the character by the handwriting of the person of ” 1812 ” , and the instruction to switch the playback speed in response to the voltage , it is handwritten in blue pen . (In fact , it is . Was sometimes error playback settings of the reel , crew Nantes had flowing at speeds slow in Budokan first day of January 21, 78 ) If the playback, accustomed in live take of that rainbow , that version resounds loudly full speaker . Performance take standard number of classic ” 1812 Overture ” is While there are a few in this world , and to listen in Doramuresu the version that Cozy was using the tour of the Rainbow actually the ” 1812 Overture ” is the first time for many fans will it not become a thing . It may be said to say for an avid fan of the rainbow , and listen in line recording realistic , you’ve familiar with live take with the number ” 1812 ” itself , the emotional experience very . Of course , of course , does not have the Cozy in its sound . I think fans while listening , would put the drum action involuntarily also do come , but after you’re done listening , everybody I think in they feel the loneliness It is not to be example . While imagining a brave figure of his drum solo , tonight , enjoy it slowly and carefully , the drama of the sound of a little less than 3 minutes . It is one piece of fan inevitable tears of gratitude .



1. 1812 Overture

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