Clash / Nakano Sunplaza 1982 Final Night / 2CD

Clash / Nakano Sunplaza 1982 Final Night / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 1st February 1982

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The CLASH legend’s first visit to Japan, realized only once in 1982. The original cassette of the prestigious “Kinney” that conveys the site is newly excavated. Two works will be released at the same time on the permanent preservation press 2CD.
This work is the second bullet. It is the finest audience recording of “February 1, 1982: Nakano Sunplaza” performance. Speaking of Nakano Sunplaza, it is the venue where they had the most performances even when they first came to Japan, and it is also famous for TV/radio broadcasting by a certain broadcasting association. First of all, let’s look back at the schedule at that time and check the position of the show.

・January 24: Shibuya Public Hall
・January 25: Osaka Festival Hall
・January 27: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 28: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 29: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 30: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall (daytime section)
・January 30: Shinjuku welfare pension hall (night section) ← * “SHINJUKU KOSEINENKIN 1982”
・February 1: Nakano Sun Plaza ←★This work★
・February 2: Osaka Festival Hall

Above, all 9 performances. There were 4 performances at Nakano Sun Plaza, but this work is the last day. It’s the same day as the TV broadcast, and it’s a full live album that conveys the complete form of the show that symbolizes their first visit to Japan.
This work recorded at such a show is a very straightforward sound of “Kinney Magic” fully opened. The prestigious name is that rather than pursuing a sound board-like closeness, it is characterized by challenging the limit of clearness while making the most of the audience. The originality of this work is also alive, and the core with a clear contour jumps into your ears, and it is beautiful with a natural and delicate sound. While the air of the snare is felt, it doesn’t become cloudy or cloudy, and even the minute parts are crystal-clear.
However, such a Kinney Master had some drawbacks. That is that the first song “London Calling” is not recorded. Other tape change parts, etc. are between songs, but there was a big lack of performance only here. Therefore, in this work, the sound of TV broadcast on the same day was patched for less than 3 minutes. I finished it so that you can enjoy all the songs. What surprises me here is how wonderful the Kinney sound is. TV broadcasting is a wonderful sound board, but when it switches to Kinney recording, it becomes beautiful. Of course, the direct feeling is stronger on the TV broadcasting sound board, but the pan and pan feels out quickly, and the clearness is the same, but the natural sound of the instrument can be felt. Normally, just connecting a sound board can be a proof of the best sound, but it seems that the sound of the customer record is better.
The night that has been handed down as a symbol even for the legendary first visit to Japan is drawn with such a magical sound. Above all, TV broadcast professional shots are also famous shows, so let’s compare and organize them here.

● White riot (8 songs)
・Original: Career Opportunities (★)/Janie Jones (★)/London’s Burning (★)/White Riot
・Pearl Harbor ’79: (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/I Fought the Law(★)/Clash City Rockers(★)/Complete Control(★)
● Disturbance (Release the Beast to the Field) (3 songs)
・Safe European Home/Stay Free(★)/Tommy Gun
● London Calling (8 songs)
・London Calling/Train in Vain(★)/Spanish Bombs(★)/The Guns of Brixton(★)/Brand New Cadillac/Koka Kola(★)/Clampdown/Jimmy Jazz
●Sandinista! (7 songs)
・Washington Bullets (★)/The Leader (★)/The Magnificent Seven (★)/Ivan Meets GI Joe (★)/Charlie Don’t Surf/Somebody Got Murdered (★)/Police on My Back
●Others (4 songs)
・Combat Rock: Should I Stay or Should I Go (★)
・Other: Armagideon Time/This Is Radio Clash/Fujiyama Mama
*Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard on the TV broadcast professional shot of the same day.

…And this is how it looks. The TV broadcast was longer than the FM version, but still 13 songs stopped. On the other hand, this work allows you to enjoy 30 full-scale songs. What is noteworthy in the entire set are the daily songs “Washington Bullets” and “Fujiyama Mama” that have not been played in the sister work “SHINJUKU KOSEINENKIN 1982 (Wardour-427)” that will be released at the same time. Neither can be heard in the official live works “FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: LIVE” and “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM”, but especially the cover of Earl Solomon Burrows “Fujiyama Mama” sung by Pearl Harbor will have their first visit to Japan. It is a symbolic precious song.

It is a sister work of the original master of the prestigious “Kinney”, which was discovered two works at the same time. In contrast to the complete live album “SHINJUKU KOSEINENKIN 1982”, where all songs can be enjoyed naturally, this work is a complete form of the show that has become a symbol of the first visit to Japan on TV programs. Both are cultural heritage albums that remain in the history of Japanese and Western music that can not be attached. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press 2CD to your heart’s content.

★First appearance Kinney tape (Ticket available. Seat is number 3 on the first floor, number 24)


Disc 1 (64:34)
1. London Calling ★ 0:00-2:47 Supplement for TV broadcast sound source
2. Safe European Home
3. Train in Vain
4. Washington Bullets
5. The Leader
6. Spanish Bombs
7. The Magnificent Seven
8. The Guns of Brixton
9. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
10. Ivan Meets GI Joe
11. Brand New Cadillac
12. Charlie Don’t Surf
13. Koka Kola
14. I Fought the Law
15. Somebody Got Murdered
16. Career Opportunities
17. Janie Jones

Disc 2 (53:37)
1. Clampdown
2. This Is Radio Clash
3. Clash City Rockers
4. Stay Free
5. Armagideon Time
6. Complete Control
7. Jimmy Jazz
8. Tommy Gun
9. Should I Stay or Should I Go
10. London’s Burning
11. Fujiyama Mama
12. Police on My Back
13. White Riot

Joe Strummer-Vocal, Guitar
Mick Jones-Guitar, Vocal
Paul Simonon-Bass, Vocal
Topper Headon-Drums, Vocal

Pearl Harbor-Vocal


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