Clash / Hammersmith Palais 1980 2nd Night / 2CD

Clash / Hammersmith Palais 1980 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Hammersmith Palais, London, UK 17th June 1980

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New excavation of prestigious Kinney, again! The memory of the superb name record “LYCEUM 1978 (Wardour-371)” is also new, but more original cassettes have appeared. Urgent, permanent release press 2CD will be released!
“The performance on June 17, 1980 in London” was recorded in the shock master. It is the best audience recording. Speaking of “Kinney”, the masterpiece of a Japanese performance is impressive, but the staff also recorded overseas. Especially during the turbulent period from the end of the 70s to the 1980s, he reached the UK and recorded the most advanced scene at that time. In our shop, we found an original cassette of Kinney’s recording in the UK. It has been made into a press CD with a quality that greatly exceeds that of existing ones. THE POLICE “HAMMERSMITH PALAIS 1979 (Wardour-387)” and IRON MAIDEN “RAINBOW 1980 (Zodiac 157)” which will be released at the same time this week, and of course THE CLASH “LYCEUM 1978” and so on. This work is the latest bullet.
“LYCEUM 1978” was live right after “GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE” was released, but this is the next one. This is a historic product that allows you to experience the stage of the Daimonban “LONDON CALLING” era with superb sound. First, let’s review the schedule at that time and check the show position.

● 1979
《December 14 “ LONDON CALLING ” release》
・ December 25-27: UK # 1 (3 performances)
● 1980
・ January 5-February 23: UK # 2 (37 performances)
・ March 1-10 / April 27: North America (10 performances)
・ May 12-June 3: Europe (19 performances)
・ June 9-18: UK # 3 (7 performances) ← ★ here ★
・ June 21: Reykjavik performance
《December 12 「SANDINISTA!」 Released》

This is THE CLASH from “LONDON CALLING” to “SANDINISTA!”. Since there are subtle differences depending on the materials, details such as the number of performances are not exact, but you can understand the approximate flow. This work was a concert corresponding to the 6th performance of “UK # 3” at the end of such a tour.
This work that recorded such a show is a sample of Kinney Sound called “magic”. Actually, this recording itself is a famous recording from the analog era, but this work is the original cassette. It is clear from the long introductions and cheers awaiting encores, but that is just proof of the original. The essential sound is already the best! Kinney is a type that pursues the clearness of the audience rather than the sound board-like close feeling, but this work is just a good example. The core that pierces straight through the clear air feeling is powerful, and the fine part is clarified. Still, the slight squeaking of the hall is wonderfully real, but the details are not clouded or clouded.
Moreover, the freshness is ultimate because it is the original cassette. It is natural that there is no dubbing deterioration, but the sharpness of the edge and the stability of the sound are also great because it does not go through the analog board. You can listen to THE CLASH at the best place in the venue at the best time with the sound of the scene. That is the true character of this work.
And that show is overwhelming. “LYCEUM 1978” was about 70 minutes, even on a full CD, but this work is over 100 minutes and has a large volume of 31 songs. Moreover, he also plays a large number of the great names “LONDON CALLING”. Let’s organize the contents here.

● THE CLASH (11 songs)
・ Clash City Rockers / (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais / I Fought the Law / Jail Guitar Doors / Police and Thieves / I’m So Bored With the USA / Complete Control / London’s Burning / Janie Jones / What’s My Name / Garageland
● GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE (5 songs)
・ Safe European Home / Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad / Stay Free / English Civil War / Tommy Gun
● LONDON CALLING (10 songs)
・ Brand New Cadillac / Jimmy Jazz / Revolution Rock / The Guns of Brixton / Train in Vain / London Calling / Spanish Bombs / Koka Kola / Wrong Emboyo / Clampdown
● Other (5 songs)
・ Capital Radio “CAPITAL RADIO” / Somebody Got Murdered “SANDINISTA!”
・ Single song: Armagedeon Time / Rockers Galore … UK Tour / Bankrobber

… and it looks like this. This volume is organized. Official live albums such as “FROM HERE TO ETERNITY” and “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM” have also been unearthed, but there are a lot of songs that cannot be heard even when the two songs are combined. From classics such as “Police and Thieves”, “Safe European Home”, and “Brand New Cadillac” to “Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad” and “Revolution Rock”. Is “Rockers Galore … UK Tour” particularly valuable? A rare song that was only played in the 1980 edition of this tour. In fact, out of all 31 songs in this work, about half of the 15 songs are numbers that cannot be heard in the official live 2 works.
Of course, not to mention the performance. The venue that received the success of “LONDON CALLING” that the British media, which is well known for its dryness, has changed, is a great excitement. What’s more, it is a famous venue in London, home to a masterpiece of live album that is not only quantity but also quality.
A truly cultural heritage. The best times, the best venues, the best shows, and the best sounds. This is a London Punk treasure album that can only be left because of Kinney’s original cassette. It is a masterpiece of music record that will surpass even the existence of the band called THE CLASH and will symbolize one culture and one era. Please enjoy to your heart’s content with a permanent preservation press 2CD.

名門キニーの新発掘、再び! 超名盤『LYCEUM 1978(Wardour-371)』の記憶も新しいところですが、更なるオリジナル・カセットが登場。緊急、永久保存プレス2CDでリリース決定です!!
その衝撃マスターに記録されていたのは「1980年6月17日ロンドン公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。“キニー”と言えば日本公演の名作が印象深いところですが、そのスタッフは海外録音も行っていました。特に70年代末から80年代にかけての激動期には英国に足を伸ばし、当時最先端だったシーンを記録していたのです。当店では、そんなキニーの渡英録音のオリジナル・カセットを発掘。既発を大きく上回るクオリティでプレスCD化してきました。今週同時リリースとなるTHE POLICE『HAMMERSMITH PALAIS 1979(Wardour-387)』やIRON MAIDEN『RAINBOW 1980(Zodiac 157)』、もちろんTHE CLASHの『LYCEUM 1978』等々。本作は、その最新弾なのです。
『LYCEUM 1978』は『GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE』リリース直後のライヴでしたが、本作はその次。大名盤『LONDON CALLING』時代のステージを極上サウンドで現場体験できる歴史的な銘品です。まずは、当時のスケジュールを振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《12月14日『LONDON CALLING』発売》

これが『LONDON CALLING』から『SANDINISTA!』に至るまでのTHE CLASH。資料によって微妙に違いがあるので公演数などの細部は厳密ではありませんが、おおよその流れはご理解いただけるでしょう。本作は、そんなツアーの終盤「英国#3」の6公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、“マジック”と言われるキニー・サウンドの見本。実のところ、この録音自体はアナログ時代から知られる名録音なのですが、本作はその大元カセット。イントロやアンコール待ちの歓声などが長い事からも明らかですが、それはあくまでも大元の証拠に過ぎない。肝心のサウンドがもう、最高! キニーはサウンドボード的なド密着感というよりはオーディエンスのクリアさを追究するようなタイプですが、本作はまさにその好例。透き通った空気感の中を真っ直ぐに突き抜けてくる芯は力強く、微細部まで克明。それでいてほんのりとしたホール鳴りが素晴らしくリアルでありつつ、ディテールを曇らせたり、濁らせたりしない。
しかも、大元カセットだからこそ瑞々しさも究極的。ダビング劣化が皆無なのは当たり前ですが、アナログ盤を経由していないからこそのエッジの鋭さ、鳴りの安定感も素晴らしい。会場の一番良い場所で、一番良い時期のTHE CLASHを、現場通りのサウンドで聴ける……それが本作の正体なのです。
そして、そのショウこそが圧倒的。『LYCEUM 1978』はフルでも約70分でCD1枚に収まりましたが、本作は100分超え・全31曲の大ボリューム。しかも、大名盤『LONDON CALLING』のナンバーも大量に演奏しているのです。ここで、その内容を整理してみましょう。

・Clash City Rockers/(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/I Fought the Law /Jail Guitar Doors/Police and Thieves/I’m So Bored With the USA/Complete Control/London’s Burning/Janie Jones/What’s My Name/Garageland
・Safe European Home/Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad/Stay Free/English Civil War/Tommy Gun
・Brand New Cadillac/Jimmy Jazz/Revolution Rock/The Guns of Brixton/Train in Vain/London Calling/Spanish Bombs/Koka Kola/Wrong Emboyo/Clampdown
・Capital Radio『CAPITAL RADIO』/Somebody Got Murdered『SANDINISTA!』
・シングル曲:Armagideon Time/Rockers Galore… UK Tour/Bankrobber

……と、このようになっています。整理したのに、このボリューム。『FROM HERE TO ETERNITY』『LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM』等の公式ライヴアルバムも発掘されてきましたが、2曲合わせても聴けない曲が山盛り。「Police and Thieves」「Safe European Home」「Brand New Cadillac」といった定番から、「Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad」「Revolution Rock」までたっぷり。特に貴重なのは「Rockers Galore… UK Tour」でしょうか。このツアーでも1980年編でしか演奏されなかったレア曲。実のところ、本作の全31曲のうち、約半分の15曲が公式ライヴ2作では聴けないナンバーばかりなのです。
もちろん、演奏ぶりは言わずもがな。辛口で知られる英国メディアまで味方に変わったという『LONDON CALLING』の成功を受けた会場は凄い盛り上がりで、それがステージにフィードバック。しかも、本拠地ロンドンの名会場であり、量だけでなく質も絶頂な極めつけのライヴアルバムなのです。
まさに文化遺産。最高の時代、最高の会場、最高のショウ、そして最高のサウンド。キニーのオリジナル・カセットだからこそ残し得た、ロンドン・パンクの至宝アルバムです。もはやTHE CLASHというバンドの存在さえも超え、1つのカルチャー、1つの時代を象徴するであろう音楽記録の一大傑作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで心ゆくまで存分にご堪能ください。


Disc 1 (48:46)
1. Introduction
2. Clash City Rockers
3. Brand New Cadillac
4. Safe European Home
5. Jimmy Jazz
6. Revolution Rock
7. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
8. The Guns of Brixton
9. Train in Vain
10. London Calling
11. Spanish Bombs
12. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
13. Somebody Got Murdered
14. Koka Kola
15. I Fought the Law
16. Jail Guitar Doors

Disc 2 (52:07)
1. Police and Thieves
2. Wrong Emboyo
3. Clampdown
4. Stay Free
5. English Civil War
6. I’m So Bored With the U.S.A.
7. Complete Control
8. Armagideon Time
9. Rockers Galore… UK Tour
10. Bankrobber
11. Tommy Gun
12. Capital Radio
13. London’s Burning
14. Janie Jones
15. What’s My Name
16. Garageland

Joe Strummer – Vocals, Guitar
Mick Jones – Guitar, Vocals
Paul Simonon – Bass
Topper Headon – Drums
Mick Gallagher – Organ


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