Clash / Shinjuku Koseinenkin 1982 / 2CD

Clash / Shinjuku Koseinenkin 1982 / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 30th January 1982 Evening Show

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The CLASH legend’s first visit to Japan in 1982, which was realized only once. The original cassette of the prestigious “Kinney” that conveys the site is newly excavated. Two works will be released at the same time on the permanent preservation press 2CD.
This work is the first. “January 30, 1982: Shinjuku welfare pension hall (night section)” is the best audience recording that vacuum-packed the whole story. Speaking of their first visit to Japan, TV/radio broadcasting by a broadcasting association is famous, but this work is a separate performance. First of all, let’s look back at the schedule at that time and check the position of the show.

・January 24: Shibuya Public Hall
・January 25: Osaka Festival Hall
・January 27: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 28: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 29: Nakano Sun Plaza
・January 30: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall (daytime section)
・January 30: Shinjuku welfare pension hall (at night) ←★This work★
・February 1: Nakano Sun Plaza ← *TV/radio broadcasting
・February 2: Osaka Festival Hall

Above are all 9 legendary performances. Tokyo has a large schedule of 3 venues and 7 performances, and the Shinjuku Kosei Pension Center held 2 performances a day on “January 30th”. This work is a live album recorded in the “Night part”.
This work that vacuum packed such a show is a work that is ashamed of the name of the prestigious “Kinney”. It must be an audience recording that gives off the enthusiasm that only comes to Japan for the first time, but the core that penetrates that space is powerful and neat to the end. Although it sounds like a customer record, such as the sound of a snare, the details are clear because the air is crystal clear. Everything is brilliant, but what’s particularly surprising is the base. In the audience recording at that time, the base tends to be spoiled or cracked or polarized, but this work is neither. The rugged attack sound rises sharply in the contour, and there is no distortion of fine dust or cloudiness even if it wiggles. Even the vibe’s waveform will reach the ears straight with visible vividness.
I will listen to it microscopically without trying to express the sound, but rather the greatest taste of this work may be the total “heat”. Actually, the sound of the performance is extremely neat, but the cheers of the scene that make it alive are lively and hot. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s not (at all!) a recording that suffers from a strange strange voice or screaming. However, hot applause and cheers fill the gaps between the ensemble with a lot of gaps, and the sense of scale is very wide. It’s a clear and clear applause with every single applause, so it’s possible to become a spectacle without the massive applause. It’s a kinetic recording, and the dynamism that comes from a speaker coming to Japan for the first time is a realistic and clear beautiful recording. ..
The show drawn with such a sound is the culmination of the Golden Age. Speaking of their lives, there are official works such as “FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: LIVE” and “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM”, but both are compilations of one CD. On the other hand, this work is a full recording of full show, and there are plenty of numbers that can not be heard in the official work. Let’s organize while comparing.

● White riot (9 songs)
・Original: Janie Jones/Garageland (★)/London’s Burning/Career Opportunities/White Riot (★)
・Pearl Harbor ’79: (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/I Fought the Law/Clash City Rockers/Complete Control
● Disturbance (throwing the beast in the field) (3 songs)
・Safe European Home (★)/Stay Free (★)/Tommy Gun
● London Calling (8 songs)
・London Calling/The Guns of Brixton/Train in Vain/Spanish Bombs/Brand New Cadillac(★)/Koka Kola(★)/Clampdown/Jimmy Jazz(★)
●Sandinista! (7 songs)
・One More Time(★)/The Magnificent Seven/Charlie Don’t Surf(★)/Ivan Meets G.I. Joe(★)/The Leader(★)/Somebody Got Murdered(★)/Police on My Back
●Others (3 songs)
・Single song: Armagideon Time/This Is Radio Clash (★)
・Combat Rock: Should I Stay or Should I Go
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard in the official “FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: LIVE” and “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM”.

…And this is how it looks. A repertoire of 30 songs was played one after another, 13 of which were not available on the official live album. The set is different every day even on Japan Tour alone, and “One More Time” and “Garageland” are the numbers that have not been played in the sister releases “NAKANO SUNPLAZA 1982 FINAL NIGHT (Wardour-428)” released at the same time.
True legend. It is a masterpiece of a live album that is too fresh. There is no way to know the creeping collapse or the fate of coming to Japan. However, it is a Western music document that is filled with the joyful atmosphere of Japan that faces the new music and THE CLASH that is inspired by unknown countries. A rare masterpiece that allows you to experience such a scene with the fine sound of the prestigious Kinney. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press 2CD to your heart’s content.

★First appearance Kinney Tape (Ticket available. Seats are B41, 1st floor)

1982年にたった一度だけ実現したTHE CLASH伝説の初来日。その現場を伝える名門“キニー”のオリジナル・カセットが新発掘。永久保存プレス2CDで2作同時リリース決定です。

・2月1日:中野サンプラザ ←※TV/ラジオ放送

そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、黄金時代の集大成となるショウ。彼らのライヴと言えば『FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: LIVE』『LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM』といった公式作もありますが、どちらもCD1枚の編集もの。それに対して本作はフルショウの一気録音であり、公式作では聴けないナンバーもたっぷり。ここでは比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・オリジナル:Janie Jones/Garageland(★)/London’s Burning/Career Opportunities/White Riot(★)
・パール・ハーバー’79:(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/I Fought the Law/Clash City Rockers/Complete Control
・Safe European Home(★)/Stay Free(★)/Tommy Gun
・London Calling/The Guns of Brixton/Train in Vain/Spanish Bombs/Brand New Cadillac(★)/Koka Kola(★)/Clampdown/Jimmy Jazz(★)
・One More Time(★)/The Magnificent Seven/Charlie Don’t Surf(★)/Ivan Meets G.I. Joe(★)/The Leader(★)/Somebody Got Murdered(★)/Police on My Back
・シングル曲:Armagideon Time/This Is Radio Clash(★)
・コンバット・ロック:Should I Stay or Should I Go

……と、このようになっています。次から次へと30曲ものレパートリーが繰り出され、そのうち13曲が公式ライヴ盤では聴けない曲。ジャパン・ツアーだけでも日替わりでセットが異なっており、「One More Time」「Garageland」は同時リリースの姉妹作『NAKANO SUNPLAZA 1982 FINAL NIGHT(Wardour-428)』でも演奏していないナンバーです。
まさに伝説。あまりも瑞々しいライヴアルバムの大傑作です。忍び寄る崩壊も、唯一の来日となる運命も、知る由もない。ただひたすら、未知の国に発奮するTHE CLASHと新たな音楽に対面した歓喜に沸く日本の空気に充ち満ちた洋楽ドキュメントなのです。そんな現場を名門キニーの端麗サウンドで極上体験できる希代の大名盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで思う存分味わってください。



Disc 1 (66:10)
1. Intro.
2. London Calling
3. One More Time
4. Safe European Home
5. The Guns of Brixton
6. Train in Vain
7. Should I Stay or Should I Go
8. The Magnificent Seven
9. Charlie Don’t Surf
10. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
11. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
12. Spanish Bombs
13. Janie Jones
14. Brand New Cadillac
15. Stay Free
16. The Leader
17. Koka Kola
18. I Fought the Law
19. Somebody Got Murdered

Disc 2 (48:02)
1. Clampdown
2. This Is Radio Clash
3. Clash City Rockers
4. Armagideon Time
5. Garageland
6. London’s Burning
7. Jimmy Jazz
8. Career Opportunities
9. Tommy Gun
10. Complete Control
11. Police on My Back
12. White Riot

Joe Strummer – Vocal, Guitar
Mick Jones – Guitar, Vocal
Paul Simonon – Bass, Vocal
Topper Headon – Drums, Vocal

Pearl Harbour – Vocal


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