Clash / Lyceum 1978 / 1CD

Clash / Lyceum 1978 / 1CD / Wardour

Live At Lyceum Theatre, London, UK 29Th December 1978

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Live At Lyceum Theatre, London, UK 29Th December 1978 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (From Original Masters) * UPGRADE

prestigious Kinney original – A new excavation of the cassette! “GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE” has been released, and a superb live album that allows you to experience 1978’s THE CLASH, which has been attracting a lot of attention, is here.
What was recorded in such a new excavation master is “London performance on December 29, 1978”. It is a superb audience recording that tells the night at the historic venue “Lyceum Theater”. At that time, Kinney’s staff went to England and recorded a legendary stage, but this show is also historic. To explain the neighborhood, first check the position of the show from the schedule of those days.

● 1978
“September” GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE “completed”
October 13th-November 3rd: UK # 1 (9 performances)
“November 10” GIVE’ EM ENOUGH ROPE “released”
November 15th-December 29: UK # 2 (25 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 3rd: Lyceum Theater
· January 31-February 20: North America (8 performances)
· June 21 Sun: New York
・ July 5-25: UK # 3 (4 performances)
・ August 4: Finland
<< August “LONDON CALLING” production start >>

This is the footprint of the “GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE” era. The Lyceum Theater performance of this work is the last day of “UK # 2”, but actually the Lyceum Theater was not one performance. “December 28”, “December 29”, and “January 3, 1979” three consecutive performances were held. And on the first day, “December 28”, FM broadcasting reigned as a classic sound board, and it was adopted in the legendary music movie “RUDE BOY” (there is also a “January 3, 1979” theory). It was also recorded on a soundtrack that was not released. This work is not such “December 28” nor “January 3, 1979”, it is a live album that will be the middle day of the 3rd performance.
And this work that recorded such a show is exactly the name of “Kinney Magic”. The recording itself is also famous for the legendary boot leg “BUY OR DIE !!! (EJ 781218)”, but this work is a direct CD from the original cassette. The starting machine, “Stay Free” intro, waiting for encore, etc. are longer than the previous ones, but that is just proof of the original. The key is the sound that penetrates the whole story. What is this wonderful already. Although it was already released, it was an “on-the-shelf” sound recording that would be “this sound board?”, But this work has a wonderful freshness unique to the original cassette. The fine sound that has been drowned out by the wild beat is clearly left, and it is full of raw natural feeling.
This may be easier to understand compared to the FM sound board the day before (December 28) than the previous one. The vividness of the zero distance core and detail of this work is equivalent to the FM sound board, but the neat beauty is far superior. It’s the magic sound of Kinney that literally exceeds the sound board. And the sound that is drawn in such a sound is an early essence enriched before “LONDON CALLING”. Tokuno from the set. Let’s organize the contents here.

● THE CLASH (10 songs)
・ Police and Thieves, Janie Jones, Garageland, London’s Burning, White Riot
・ US: I Fought the Law, Jail Guitar Doors, Clash City Rockers, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, Complete Control
● GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE (8 songs)
・ Safe European Home, Drug-Stabbing Time, Cheapskates, Tommy Gun, English Civil War, Stay Free, Guns on the Roof, Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
● Others (2 songs)
・City of the Dead, Capital Radio (CAPITAL RADIO EP)

… and it looks like this. At this point, “THE CLASH” was only an original release, but a large number of numbers recorded in the US version were played, and 10 of the 15 songs were large. The same goes for “GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE”, and all songs except “Last Gang in Town” and “All the Young Punks” are covered. Furthermore, “City of the Dead” and “Capital Radio”, which are only EPs and singles, are also shown, which is the very first enrichment. Of course, you can enjoy not only classic songs until later, but also the repertoire unique to those days, such as “Jail Guitar Doors”, “Drug-Stabbing Time”, “Cheapskates”, and “Guns on the Roof”. In particular, “Guns on the Roof” is a delicious song that cannot be heard on the FM sound board of “December 28”.

Pure THE CLASH that was pure and primitive before arriving at “LONDON CALLING”. It is a miracle live album that allows you to experience the stage with sound more than a sound board. Master sound that raises the treasure of Kinney recording to the highest quality ever. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD anytime and forever.

Live At Lyceum Theatre、ロンドン、イギリス1978年12月29日TRULY PERFECT SOUND(From Original Masters)* UPGRADE

名門キニーオリジナル-カセットの新しい発掘! 「GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE」がリリースされ、多くの注目を集めている1978年のTHE CLASHを体験できる素晴らしいライブアルバムがここにあります。

「9月」「EM ENOUGH ROPE」を「完了」
「11月10日」GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE「リリース」
《 8月「ロンドン通話」制作開始》

これが「GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE」時代の足跡です。この作品のライセウム劇場公演は「UK#2」の最終日ですが、実際にはライセウム劇場は1つの公演ではありませんでした。 「1979年12月28日」、「12月29日」、「1979年1月3日」の3回の連続公演が行われました。そして初日「12月28日」には、FM放送が古典的なサウンドボードとして君臨し、伝説の音楽映画「RUDE BOY」に採用されました(「1979年1月3日」理論もあります)。また、リリースされていないサウンドトラックにも記録されました。この作品は、「1979年12月28日」や「1979年1月3日」ではなく、3回目の公演の中間日となるライブアルバムです。
そして、そのようなショーを記録したこの作品は、まさに「キニーマジック」の名前です。レコーディング自体は、伝説のブートレッグ「BUY OR DIE !!!」でも有名です。 (EJ 781218)」ですが、この作品はオリジナルカセットのダイレクトCDです。開始マシン、「Stay Free」イントロ、アンコール待機などは以前のものよりも長くなりますが、それは元の証拠に過ぎません。鍵は、ストーリー全体に浸透する音です。すでにこれは素晴らしいことです。すでにリリースされていますが、「このサウンドボード?」となる「既製」のサウンドレコーディングでしたが、この作品はオリジナルカセットならではの素晴らしい新鮮さを備えています。ワイルドなビートにownれた微細な音がはっきりと残っており、生の自然な感覚に満ちています。

・シティオブザデッドキャピタルラジオ(CAPITAL RADIO EP)

…そして、このように見えます。この時点で、「THE CLASH」は最初のリリースに過ぎませんでしたが、米国版で録音された多数の数字が演奏され、15曲中10曲が大きかったです。 「GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE」についても同じことが言え、「Last Gang in Town」と「All the Young Punks」を除くすべての曲がカバーされます。さらに、EPとシングルのみである「City of the Dead」と「Capital Radio」も表示され、これが最初のエンリッチメントです。もちろん、クラシックソングだけでなく、「Jail Guitar Doors」、「Drug-Stabbing Time」、「Cheapskates」、「Guns on the Roof」など、当時特有のレパートリーも楽しめます。特に、「Guns on the Roof」は、「12月28日」のFMサウンドボードでは聞き取れないおいしい歌です。


1. Intro ● Longer than previous.
2. Safe European Home
3. I Fought the Law
4. Jail Guitar Doors
5. Drug-Stabbing Time
6. Cheapskates
7. City of the Dead
8. Clash City Rockers
9. Tommy Gun
10. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
11. English Civil War
12. Stay Free ● The guitar riff is longer than the previous one.
13. Guns on the Roof
14. Police and Thieves
15. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
16. Capital Radio
17. Janie Jones
18. Garageland ● The cheering after the performance is 7 seconds longer than the previous one.
19. Complete Control
20. London’s Burning
21. White Riot


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