Clash / 100 Club / 1CDR

Clash / 100 Club / 1CDR / Non Label

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Live At 100 Club, London, UK 31st August 1976.

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The ultra precious sound source remaining in the history of UK punk appears for the first time! In the 4th month of the band formation in 1976, according to the record, the live at the 100th club on 31st August, which will be the 4th gig as a band, at the time the best audience recording at 37 minutes 29 seconds Complete no-cut recording over. I am using the master cassette of the recorder I was using at that time, and I am astonished at the extremely high-quality recording of its high quality. Because it is a very valuable document of the ultra-early stage of a five-person formation crash with Keith Levin in the guitar starting from “Deny” which starts with a momentum full of “1, 2, 3, 4”, collector’s item inevitable First class sound source.


01.Opening / 02.Deny / 03.1-2 Crush On You / 04.I Know What To Think About You / 05.I Never Did It / 06.How Can I Understand The Flies / 07.Protex Blue / 08.Janie Jones / 09.Mark Me Absent / 10.Deadly Serious / 11.48 Hours / 12.I’m So Bored With You / 13.What’s My Name / 14.1977

[Recorded Live at 100 Club,London,UK 31st August 1976] Joe Strummer (Vocal,Guitar) / Mick Jones (Vocal,Guitar) / Keith Levenes (Vocal,Guitar) / Paul Simonon (Bass) / Terry Chimes (Drums)

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