Cinderella / Definitive Tokyo 1991 / 2CD

Cinderella / Definitive Tokyo 1991 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 1st October 1991 STEREO SBD

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Legendary famous board “EASTERN SHELTER” which raised the fame of Lagley label fairly quickly. That ultra super stereo sound board updates the highest peaks Reprinted with upgrade quality. Permanent preservation press appears in 2CD!
What was inscribed on that legendary board is “super and superb sound board” of “1991 October 1: Nakano Sanguraza Performance”. It is a scene of the performance in Japan “HEART BREAK STATION TOUR” which concludes the greatest heyday. The biggest point of this work is unrivaled ultra superb quality, but first of all the show position. Let’s check from the schedule of the time.

· September 19th: Simple Insurance Holes
· September 20th: Miyagi Kenmin Kaikan
· September 22: Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
· September 23: Osaka Festival Hall
· September 24: Aichi Labor Hall
· September 25: Hiroshima Mel Bulk Hall
· September 27: Urawa Citizens’ Cultural Center
· September 30: NHK Hall
· October 1: Nakano Sanguraza 【this work】

Over all, nine performances. I just did countdown live with BON JOVI on New Year ‘s Eve in 1990, but still realized a large – scale Japan tour. It is a schedule to know how the popularity of the time was high. Meanwhile, this work ‘s Nakano Sansuraza performance is the last day. After this CINDERELLA did not come to Japan, and it was also the last Japanese performance for them.
“EASTERN SHELTER” which kept such a monument show was exactly the famous shock drums. Directly recorded from the soundboard table on the site DAT Master, direct sense of directness is intense anyway. When listening with the headphones, the guitar can feel the nuance that the string and the finger rubs, and the drum trembles at the drum just behind the ear. It seems that my head became a microphone itself, as it turned out to be a singing mellow Tom Kiefer’s singing voice. There is no sense of the site feeling at the concert venue in the type which almost hardly hears cheers even with standards of direct desk system, but instead, the sense of sync with the band itself is tremendous. That is the story of a different dimension like a brain that became a console on the scene was not the story of “Official grade”.
Many people around the world are becoming turbulent in appearance of that transcendence sound board, sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. “EASTERN SHELTER” has disappeared from the market for a long time. This work is not such recurrence copy of Daimyo’s board …… It was a reintroduction of the CD by the latest technology from the DAT who became the origin. In fact, that sound obviously upgrades. The vividness of one sound is completely different, but the one that is particularly wonderful is three-dimensional. It is reproducing the deep sound with the depth, while leaving direct impact feeling direct. Previous epidemic was also a level of intrusion into the brain, but it is flat like a television in the brain. On the other hand, this work is full of “presence” and “reality” that people themselves are entering into their brains and are living.
The show drawn with such a sound is exactly the highest of CINDERELLA. Koen’s masterpieces are enriched from three platinum albums “NIGHT SONGS”, “LONG COLD WINTER” and “HEARTBREAK STATION”, and the balance is almost even. Although there is also a half official “IN CONCERT” from this tour, this work also shows “One For Rock And Roll” that can not be heard there as well as the cover of the Stones “Brown Sugar”. Although it is luxury of the “live performance version best album” itself, it is living up to the prompt and free flow that is precisely because of the show.
Performance that plays such a set is also wonderful. The confidence and large-sized feeling of platinum album successively reached the peak, and the rustic roots feeling naked there is also delicious. “HEARTBREAK STATION” welcomed many guests to the roots music, but also accompanied by a chorus, keyboard, saxophone and musician on tour. You can listen to a large and luxurious ensemble by a large household of eight people in all. Of course, even if it is ruined in a large household, it is ruined, but this work is a stunning transcendental sound board with a stereoscopic effect. Everyone’s breath, even one note is brilliant and beautifully separate. You can taste plenty of fascinating elements that conflictingly seemingly seemingly “astringent taste” and “gorgeous feeling”.

Although it was also seen as an idol at debut, CINDERELLA was actually a full blues & rock and roll band. Its superb name board whose gorgeous large major representative song and true ability became stuffed. Sounds revived from the original DAT, the masterpieces summarizing the heyday are no longer the same as official studio works … no, it’s over. Ultra-super stereo sound board album that will be the best masterpiece beyond the official / informal. Please, please fully enjoy with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

かつてLagleyレーベルの名声をグイッと引き上げた伝説の大名盤『EASTERN SHELTER』。あの超極上ステレオ・サウンドボードが最高峰を更新するアップグレード・クオリティで復刻。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です!
その伝説盤に刻まれていたのは「1991年10月1日:中野サンプラザ公演」の超・極上サウンドボード。一大全盛期を締めくくる“HEARTBREAK STATION TOUR”における来日公演の一幕です。本作最大のポイントは無類の超極上クオリティにありますが、まずはショウのポジション。当時の日程から確認してみましょう。

・10月1日:中野サンプラザ 【本作】

以上、全9公演。1990年の大晦日にBON JOVIとのカウントダウン・ライヴを行ったばかりでしたが、それでも大規模なジャパン・ツアーが実現。いかに当時の人気が高かったのかが分かる日程です。そんな中で、本作の中野サンプラザ公演は最終日にあたる。この後CINDERELLAは来日しておらず、彼らにとって最後の日本公演でもありました。
そんな記念碑ショウを封じ込めた『EASTERN SHELTER』は、まさに衝撃の大名盤でした。現場のサウンドボード卓から直接録音されたDATマスターで、とにかく直結感が強烈。ヘッドフォンで聴くとギターは弦と指がこすれるニュアンスも感じ取れ、ドラムは耳のすぐ側で皮が震える。渋く芳醇なトム・キーファーの歌声に至っては、頭がマイクそのものになったようです。卓直結系の基準でも歓声がほとんど聞こえないタイプでコンサート会場の現場感は皆無ですが、その代わりバンド自身とのシンクロ感が絶大。それこそ脳みそが現場コンソールになったような異次元の生々しさは、「オフィシャル級」どころの話ではなかったのです。
それだけの超絶サウンドボード登場には世界中のマニアが騒然となり、瞬く間に完売・廃盤。『EASTERN SHELTER』は長らく市場から姿を消していました。本作は、そんな大名盤のコピー再発……ではありません。大元となったDATから最新技術で再度のCD化を敢行したもの。実際、そのサウンドは明らかにアップグレードしている。1音1音の鮮やかさがまるで違いますが、特に素晴らしいのは立体感。衝撃のド級ダイレクト感はそのままに、奥行きのある深い音を再現している。既発も脳内侵入レベルではありましたが、それは脳の中にテレビがあるような平板さ。それに対し、本作は人そのものが脳みそに入り込んでライヴしているような“存在感”・“現実感”まで湛えているのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、まさにCINDERELLAの至高。3枚のプラチナ・アルバム『NIGHT SONGS』『LONG COLD WINTER』『HEARTBREAK STATION』からコレぞの名曲が濃縮され、バランスもほぼ均等。このツアーからはハーフ・オフィシャルの『IN CONCERT』も存在しますが、本作はそこでも聴けない「One For Rock And Roll」やストーンズのカバー「Brown Sugar」も披露している。“生演奏版ベスト・アルバム”そのものの豪華さでありつつ、ショウだからこその緩急自在な流れまで活きているのです。
そんなセットを演じるパフォーマンスも素晴らしい。プラチナ・アルバムを連発した自信と大物感は頂点に達しつつ、そこに丸裸になった素朴なルーツ感も美味しい。『HEARTBREAK STATION』は多数のゲストを迎えてルーツ・ミュージックに迫っていましたが、ツアーでもコーラスやキーボード、サックス・ミュージシャンが同行。総勢8人の大所帯によるぶ厚く豪華なアンサンブルを聴かせてくれる。もちろん、大所帯でもゴチャゴチャしてしまったら台無しですが、本作は立体感も見事な超絶サウンドボード。1人ひとりの1息、1ノートまでもが鮮やかで、綺麗にセパレートしている。“渋い滋味”と“ゴージャス感”という一見、相反する要素が見事に融合した演奏をたっぷりと味わえるのです。



Disc 1 (48:57)
1. Intro. 2. The More Things Change 3. Push, Push 4. Sick For The Cure 5. Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time
6. Night Songs 7. Back Home Again 8. One For Rock And Roll 9. Heartbreak Station
10. Coming Home 11. Fallin’ Apart At The Seams 12. Somebody Save Me

Disc 2 (45:15)
1. Drums Solo 2. Don’t Know What You Got (till It’s Gone) 3. Nobody’s Fool 4. Gypsy Road
5. Shake Me 6. Shelter Me 7. Member Introduction 8. Brown Sugar 9. Outro


Tom Keifer – Guitar, Vocals Eric Brittingham – Bass, Vocals
Jeff Labar – Guitar, Vocals Fred Coury – Drums, Vocals

Gary Corbett – Keyboards Jay Davidson – Saxophone, Keybaords
Roberta Freeman – Backing Vocals Diane Jones – Backing Vocals

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