Cinderella / Shakes Japan 1987 / 1DVDR

Cinderella / Shakes Japan 1987 / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live At Koseinenkin, Kaikan, Tokyo Japan August 1987. Pro-Shot

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The legendary first visit to Japan that took on the shock debut work “NIGHT SONGS” and realized it. Multi camera / pro shot which carved that shining show with superb quality is a gift · release decision.
Their first visit to Japan was realized in the summer of 1987, about a year after the release of “NIGHT SONGS”. First of all, let’s look at the schedule of the time when it seems popularity at that time.

· August 5: Nagoya City Auditorium
· August 6: Osaka Health Pension Center
· August 8: Gotanda Shinkansen Hall
· August 10: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· August 11: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· August 12: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· August 13: Shibuya public hall (additional performances)
· August 15: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center (re-added performance)

Over all, 8 performances. Despite the debut from the first visit to Japan, the name hall of each place is slurping. Especially in Tokyo, until the re-addition, it is also in the 3 venues · 6 performances, and the schedule shows how well their appearance was shocking. The first popular arrival in Japan and the explosion has not only stopped at the number of performances, the pattern is television broadcasting even at a certain satellite broadcasting station. This work is a multi camera / pro shot.
Quality of this work is wonderful. Although it is analog shooting, the freshness of the master is fantastic and dubbing deterioration and running unevenness are not found On the screen real glossy. Brilliant coloring is still intact at that time … rather than saying that in the 80’s it is unbelievably Vivid. Although the telop of “This concert is broadcasting in B mode · stereo” violently emanates the sense of era, it is image beauty that I think is an official laser disc if it does not it.
The show drawn with that quality is dazzling as if the shining popularity looked like a picture entirely. Four people who are “NIGHT SONGS” artwork as it is, they huge with young roots. Tom Kiefer, reminiscent of Steven Tyler, both rookie and Miku Tsubaki gave a crooked voice of Brian Johnson, and Eric Brittingham and Jeff Raba narrowed down the stage while swaying the bouquet of Fusafusa, Turn with Kurukuru. The guitar turning which became a topic at the time, the base turn is decided vividly vibrantly.
Not only the action but also the show contents is exactly “moving NIGHT SONGS”. We play all songs except “Hell On Wheels” in all 10 albums, and there we go with the initial version of “Talk Is Cheap” which is recorded in Tom and Jeff’s solo corner, later “STILL CLIMBING”. Besides Fred Kourley drum and solo, Jeff also participates in percussion. We are showing off a fun battle.
That famous board is drawn in an enlarged version with images, but more than that cover. In the middle of the show, the local blues “Tokyo Blues” will be showcased, and we will interwork with BB King’s “Rock Me”. And Angkor Last is a great circle with Stones ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash! It is a youthfulness just after debut, although the appearance of the predecessor is flickering at the end of the performance, but in such a cover, a pure admiration that seems to be more young will explode. Even hot Tom’s singing voice gets more enthusiastic, burning more than the original. At that time they were being advertised as “brother of BON JOVI”, but in fact it was far more arcy than BON JOVI, and I loved blues deeply since debut. It seems to be a gorgeous LA metal’s authorization, but it also shows plenty of deep nature that is not enough.

CINDERELLA in 1987 who was sweeping the world with the debut of the shock. It is a masterpiece picture that can witness the youthful performances with Official grade pro shots. It pops out from the artwork of “NIGHT SONGS” and watches that masterpiece group with hot eyes playing live performances. Please, please enjoy plenty on this occasion.

衝撃のデビュー作『NIGHT SONGS』を引っさげて実現した伝説の初来日。その輝くショウを極上クオリティで刻んだマルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。
彼らの初来日が実現したのは『NIGHT SONGS』リリースから約1年後の1987年の夏のこと。まずは、当時の人気ぶりがうかがえる当時のスケジュールから見てみましょう。


そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、輝く人気がそっくり映像になったような眩しさ。『NIGHT SONGS』のアートワークそのままな4人が若さ丸出しでハジける。出で立ちもマイクさばきもスティーヴン・タイラーを彷彿とさせるトム・キーファーはブライアン・ジョンソンばりのしゃがれ声を轟かせ、エリック・ブリッティンガムとジェフ・ラバーはフサフサの盛り髪を揺らせながらステージを所狭しと走り、クルクルと回る。当時話題になったギター回し、ベース回しも鮮やかにバシバシ決めてくれます。
アクションだけでなく、ショウ内容もまさに「動くNIGHT SONGS」。アルバム全10曲中「Hell On Wheels」以外の全曲を演奏し、そこにトムやジェフのソロ・コーナー、後の『STILL CLIMBING』に収録される「Talk Is Cheap」の初期バージョンを交えていく。ドラム・ソロもフレッド・コウリーだけでなく、ジェフもパーカッションで参加。楽しそうにバトルを披露しています。
あの名盤が映像付きの拡大版で描かれていくわけですが、それ以上なのがカバー。ショウの中盤にはご当地ブルース「Tokyo Blues」が披露され、そこにはBBキングの「Rock Me」を織り交ぜる。そして、アンコール・ラストはストーンズの「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」で大団円! パフォーマンスの端々に先人の姿がチラつくのもデビュー直後の若々しさですが、こうしたカバーでは更に若者らしい純粋な憧れが爆発する。ただでさえ熱いトムの歌声が一層熱気を帯び、オリジナル以上に灼熱。当時の彼らは「BON JOVIの弟分」と喧伝されていましたが、実際にはBON JOVIよりも遙かにアーシーで、デビュー当時からブルースを深く愛していた。華やかなLAメタルの権化のようでありながら、それだけでは済まされないディープな本性もたっぷりと見せてくれるのです。

衝撃のデビューと共に世界を席巻していた1987年のCINDERELLA。その若々しい熱演をオフィシャル級プロショットで目撃できる傑作映像です。『NIGHT SONGS』のアートワークから飛び出し、あの名曲群を熱い生演奏で描いていく目で観る大名盤。どうぞ、この機会にたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro 2. Once Around The Ride 3. Nothin’ For Nothin’ 4. In From The Outside
5. Talk Is Cheap 6. Jeff Guitar Solo 7. Night Songs 8. Push Push 9. Tokyo Blues Part 1
10. Rock Me 11. Tokyo Blues Part 2 12. Back Home Again 13. Tom Guitar Solo
14. Nobody’s Fool 15. Fred Drum Solo 16. Somebody Save Me 17. Shake Me
18. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Tom Keifer – Guitar, Vocals Eric Brittingham – Bass, Vocals Jeff Labar – Guitar, Vocals
Fred Coury – Drums


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