Chicago / Something In This City / 2CDR

Chicago / Something In This City / 2CDR /Vintage Masters

Translated Text:

Live In Kalamazoo, Michigan August 21st 1976.Soundboard


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is a pioneering band of brass lock, which boasts a long career “Chicago” valuable 76 years unreleased live recordings of the first appearance!

Recorded live performed in Kalamazoo, Michigan August 21, 1968 from a high-quality soundboard master.

It is a highly recommended title as a valuable sound board · live tone generator when Terry · Cass who was dead innocent accomplished death of inoperation including the initial representative number from “It is not possible to be honest” which recorded the number one hit of the United States!

長いキャリアを誇っている真ちゅう製のロックの先駆的なバンド “シカゴ”貴重な76年の未発表ライブ録音の最初の登場!


死んだ無実のテリー・キャスが、「正直ではありえない」という最初の代表者番号を含め、不稼動の死を成し遂げたときに貴重なサウンドボード・ライブ音源として非常にお勧めのタイトルです。 アメリカ!

01. Intro
02. Beginnings
03. Call On Me
04. Another Rainy Day In New York City
05. Something In This City Changes People
06. You Get It Up
07. Just You And Me
08. Takin ‘It On Uptown
09. Saturday In The Park
10. Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon

01. Anyway You Want
02. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
03. Policeman
04. Together Again
05. If You Leave Me Now
06. A By Varese Hit
07. Old Days
08. (I’Ve Been) Searchin ‘So Long
09. Mongonucleosis
10. Feelin’ Stronger Everyday (Fade Out)


Vintage Masters. VMCDR-499A/B

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