Chic & Nile Rodgers / Ill Be There In Osaka 2015 / 2CDR

Chic & Nile Rodgers / Ill Be There In Osaka 2015 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Zepp Namba, Osaka, Japan 1st December 2015.


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“I CHIC, that CHIC?” “Tsu Why!?” …… But is likely to have heard such a voice, yes, it is. Led by Nile Rodgers, is that CHIC. Latest single “I’LL BE THERE” CHIC you came to Japan and coming out with a composed 23 years. This work is the audience album that captured the pattern in superb sound. This time of the Japan tour all three times. But it has also been planned on the air in certain satellite broadcasting station in February next year, there is a Tokyo concert, this film performance in Osaka. Let’s organize a little ….

– December 1: Osaka · ZEPP NAMBA [this work] – December 3: Tokyo · ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO
– December 4: Tokyo · ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO (broadcast)

In this way, the first day of “Zepp Namba December 1, 2015” of the Japan tour of this work has been recorded performances. Was recorded, it is Mr. familiar “West strongest taper” to the metal fan. That said, might some people without CHIC so familiar. When will introduce simplicity, recording who are active in Osaka and Nagoya area, and a string of masterpieces recorded around the HR / HM system. From small clubs to large venue, it is a go-getter, which is rumored to be “familiar with the sweet spot of every live space of the West” to the ability to capture the high-quality sound in any place. In recent years in the has been a masterpiece of Jeff Beck “OSAKA 2015 (Wardour-156)” to the things, and I’ve yet to feel the breadth that does not stay in the HR / HM, was never defensive range to disco music and … ….
Sound of this work that such a master craftsman has been recorded, it was not …… thing unexpected shame to the name of the “strongest”. This is another, transcendence ones also one-step two-step is also to increase the fame! First, I thought what a mistake put a something of the official CD. Bold bass rhythm, soulful vocals of glossy Vu~ivurato, Nile Rodgers sharp cutting ……… this, Once you’ve called really the audience recording of do would do!? “Sound board-class” and the like, hit the rude to the recording. To say the least is the sound of the “official class”. To applause between songs is realistic, but it is because not passed from the recording artist himself …… for it is not the difference in the audience recording, but do not swallow any way to obediently. It’s a very sound.
I tried listening to the secret of direct sound than usual, “I usually’m Locle’m on the second floor, This day’m was on the first floor,” he said. Anything, disk music differences HR / HM and acoustic, he sweet spot changes even in the same venue likely. Also equipment Settings vary if Kaware position is, to use a microphone for the front, VOLUME also set finely change …… openly, and I was me showing off the tricks in detail, but more than this could not be understood by advanced too . But, splendor of sound that the technique has created can be understood. Groovy also is great to Ichida one shot of the tram. Its elasticity feeling not only has a solid core is, elasticity feeling like rubber Mari. It has been caught up to the feel of the sound, such as jump in after hitting one shot.
Precisely because such a sound, enjoyment of raw CHIC also doubled! Of course, “Get Lucky”, “Le Freak,” such as “Good Times,” but there is also the original disco anthem, classic group also put a large amount of Nile Rodgers has been produced. “I’m Coming Out,” “Upside Down” of Diana Ross, “He’s The Greatest Dancer,” “We Are Family” to Duran Duran and “Notorious” of Sister Sledge, “Let’s Dance” of Bowie, Madonna ” ……… such as Like A Virgin “and so on. The other, I do not think live one band. Like “80’s World” to is the theme What do like luxury opened in Red and White Singing Contest in. Of course, because it is actually the latest recording of CHIC, if even one of unity concerts, ultra-high sound quality that different digits and 80s. Moreover, CHIC own performance even further than that time groovy, further funky, still gorgeous. “Let’s Dance” in the “Honma or Anything-You-Want G (” Honma Anything-You-Want G “and say I wanted to pattern) little by little den it! COME ON! “Said Norinnori! Even in the 80s at the time recording, will there can be no fun album so far.

You’ll be “Why CHIC !?” many people seemed to be at the beginning. But, this transcendence specific sound, superhuman performance, is terribly far crazy about full of ultra-classic …, to the Nutty fun, How Let roasted without why release the exciting live album without even trying! But is a time of memories is 80’s recording also good that revives, this work has been scaled up in all precisely because the modern also E born. It is a great album and also Kikikon in detail in the headphones, but gathered with friends and if possible, please enjoy as much as possible large VOLUME. Of course, OK even friends who do not know the underground recording. Nothing but, it’ll be not be silent the body to the sound that was squid best. Now, the weekend Dance, Dance, Dance !!

「CHICって、あのCHIC?」「なんでっ!?」……そんな声が聞こえてきそうですが、はい、そうです。ナイル・ロジャース率いる、あのCHICです。23年ぶりとなる最新シングル「I’LL BE THERE」を引っさげて来日したCHIC。本作は、その模様を極上サウンドで捉えたオーディエンスアルバムなのです。今回の来日公演は全3回。来年に2月には某衛星放送局でのオンエアも予定されていますが、そちらは東京公演で、本作は大阪公演。ちょっと整理してみましょう……。

・12月1日:大阪・ZEPP NAMBA  【本作】

このように、本作が録音されたのはジャパンツアーの初日「2015年12月1日Zeppなんば」公演。録音したのは、メタルファンにはお馴染みの“西日本最強テーパー”氏です。とは言え、CHICですから馴染みのない方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。カンタンにご紹介しますと、大阪・名古屋エリアで活躍している録音家で、HR/HM系を中心に傑作録音を連発。小さなクラブから大会場まで、場所を選ばず高音質に捉える手腕に「西日本のあらゆるライヴスペースのスウィートスポットを熟知している」と噂される凄腕です。昨今ではジェフ・ベックの傑作「OSAKA 2015(Wardour-156)」をモノにしており、HR/HMに留まらない幅広さを感じさせてはいましたが、まさかディスコ・ミュージックまで守備範囲だったとは……。
そんな名匠が録音した本作のサウンドは、“最強”の名に恥じぬもの……ではありませんでした。これはもう、一段も二段も名声を高める超絶なもの! 最初、なにかのオフィシャルCDと入れ間違えたのかと思いました。リズム隊の図太い低音、ソウルフルなヴォーカルの艶やかなヴィヴラート、ナイル・ロジャースの鋭いカッティング………これ、本当に客席録音なんでしょうか!? 「サウンドボード級」などと呼んだら、録音に失礼に当たる。控えめに言って「オフィシャル級」のサウンドです。曲間の拍手はリアルですし、録音家本人から渡されたわけだから客席録音には違いない……のですが、どうにも素直に飲み込めない。それほどのサウンドなのです。
そんなサウンドだからこそ、生CHICの楽しさも倍増! もちろん、「Get Lucky」「Le Freak」「Good Times」といったオリジナルのディスコアンセムもありますが、ナイル・ロジャースがプロデュースしてきた名曲群も大量投入。ダイアナ・ロスの「I’m Coming Out」「Upside Down」、シスター・スレッジの「He’s The Greatest Dancer」「We Are Family」にデュラン・デュランの「Notorious」、ボウイの「Let’s Dance」、マドンナの「Like A Virgin」等々など………。もう、いちバンドのライヴとは思えない。まるで“80年代の洋楽”をテーマに紅白歌合戦でも開いたかのような豪華さなのです。もちろん、実際にはCHICの最新録音ですから、コンサート1回の統一感もあれば、80年代とはケタが違う超・高音質。その上、CHIC自身のパフォーマンスも当時よりさらにグルーヴィ、さらにファンキー、さらにゴージャス。「Let’s Dance」では「ほんまかでっか(「ほんまでっか」と言いたかった模様)ボチボチでんな!カモン!」とノリッノリ! 80年代当時の録音でさえ、ここまで楽しいアルバムはあり得ないでしょう。

冒頭で「なんでCHIC!?」と思われた方も多いことでしょう。ですが、この超絶的なサウンド、超人的な演奏、狂おしいほどの超名曲だらけ……ここまでもの凄くて、底抜けに楽しくて、どうしようもなくワクワクするライヴアルバムをどうしてリリースしないでいられましょうか! 当時の想い出が蘇る80年代の録音も良いですが、現代だからこそ総てにおいてスケールアップしている本作も誕生しえた。ヘッドフォンで詳細に聴き込んでも凄いアルバムですが、できることならご友人と集まって、できるだけ大きなヴォリュームでお楽しみいただきたい。もちろん、アンダーグラウンド録音を知らないご友人でもOK。ただただ、最高にイカしたサウンドに身体が黙っていられなくなることでしょう。さぁ、週末はDance, Dance, Dance!!

Disc 1(55:22)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro. 3. Everybody Dance 4. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
5. I Want Your Love 6. MC 7. I’m Coming Out 8. Upside Down 9. He’s The Greatest Dancer
10. We Are Family 11. Soup For One 12. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) 13. Like A Virgin
14. Lost In Music 15. Notorious

Disc 2(64:19)
1. MC 2. Thinking Of You 3. I’ll Be There 4. Get Lucky 5. Chic Cheer 6. My Forbidden Lover
7. Let’s Dance 8. Le Freak 9. Member Introduction 10. Good Times / Rapper’s Delight / Good Times
11. Lose Yourself To Dance (Daft Punk) (Outro)

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