Cheap Trick / Comes Alive At Budokan 1979 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Cheap Trick / Comes Alive At Budokan 1979 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Live At Budokan March 19,1979. Digitally Remastered



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■ From the second performance in Japan to March 19 1979 Budokan performance
■ Completely recorded at the first appearance sound source which has not been circulated at all between trade.
■ On bonus tracks, soundboard sound source of the same day is added together

Cheap trick is an American band, but it was Japan’s fans who noticed the talent as soon as possible. It was popular in Japan preceding the United States. The first performance in Japan was in 1978, but they himself did not know the popularity in Japan and testified that they were the most surprised by the fuss when they flew away from the plane. And it was famous live album “At · Budokan” that was born from the first visit to Japan. Originally limited only in Japan, the popularity gradually penetrated from radio stations in a form of being reimported to the United States in a form of being reimported to the United States, now it is the band that represents the United States to the extent that it fulfills Rock ‘s Hall of Fame It was. From this background Japanese fans are recognized as the most faithful and sincere fans for Cheap tricks. In 2016 he also took a tour to Japan, but at that time, Rick Nielsen also thanked him for supporting for 40 years.

It was a great success in the 1978 tour in Japan, and in fact it was a memorable Japan that became the first step for the band to make a leap, such as a live album that contained the Budokan performance recorded a global hit. I will come back to Japan in 1979 as early as next. Following the aftermath of the popularity of the previous year, the second Japan tour in 1979 came for a long time of twelve performances. Aside from Tomei Osaka, of course, Akita, Sendai, Shizuoka, Sapporo and other regional performances, which probably will not go any longer, are included and it can be said how popular the cheap trick of the time was.

And the highlight of the 1979 tour in Japan is nothing but a special place for the cheap tricks, the Budokan. This work is fully recorded at the Budokan performance on 19th March 1979 at the first appearance sound source. Speaking of 1979, the tour accompanied by the release of “Dream Police”, as well as having performed concerts in the previous year, the set list has also been changed considerably. Although I am blessed with articles and sound sources for the first visit to Japan, the second visit to Japan did not show an accurate set list even on the mania’s website, etc., and there were many unknown portions as to what kind of concert was. However, as there is a solid evidence of the sound source here, there will be a special feeling for the fans.

The attention is “Dream Police” and “Way Of The World” in the middle of the set list. Actually it was not just live music of these two songs, probably it was a member break time, the film was screened at Budokan as an intermission. This is also the fact that was newly discovered for the first time in this work. It seems that it was a directing that also served as the promotion of the new album of the time.

The sound source is based on the tapers who provided numerous Japanese performance tapes to familiar Shakuntala label that they recorded at that time themselves. Of course it is the first appearance sound source that has never existed in the world at all. The sound quality is satisfactory, and it completely records the atmosphere of Budokan at that time. The tape which had been sleeping for nearly 40 years is released to the world for the first time.

The second half of Disc 2 contains the soundboard sound source of the Budokan performances that were completely recorded in March 19 1979, which was broadcasted on the radio at that time. Unfortunately it is not all songs, but this is also a valuable sound source.

Cheap trick 2nd visit to Japan 19th March 1979 Budokan performance is fully recorded at the first appearance sound source of high sound quality. For bonus tracks, sound board sound source of the same day is added together. The Budokan performance performed for the second year in a row, following the first visit to Japan where the cheap trick has made a leap. It is a valuable moment of the history of rock in Japan, which will not have rock fans who do not get hot in listening to this. I love cheep tricks! Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.





そして1979年来日公演のハイライトは何といっても、チープトリックにとっても特別な場所である武道館である。本作は、1979年3月19日武道館公演を、初登場音源にて完全収録している。1979年といえば『Dream Police』がリリースされたことに伴うツアーで、かつ前年にもコンサートを行っていたこともあり、新曲を織り交ぜセットリストもかなり変更されている。初来日は記事や音源に恵まれているものの、この2度目の来日公演はマニアのホームページなどでも正確なセットリストが判明していなかったり、どのようなコンサートだったか不明な部分が多かったのだが、ここに音源という確かな物証が出てきただけに、ファンにとっては特別な感慨があることだろう。

注目はセットリストの中盤にある「Dream Police」と「Way Of The World」である。実はこの2曲のみ生演奏ではなく、おそらくメンバーの休憩時間だったのだろう、インターミッションとしてフィルムが武道館で上映されたのである。これもまた、本作で初めて新たに判明した事実である。当時のニューアルバムのプロモーションを兼ねての演出であったと思われる。



チープトリック2度目の来日公演1979年3月19日武道館公演を、高音質の初登場音源にて完全収録。ボーナストラックには同日のサウンドボード音源を併録。チープトリックが飛躍するきっかけとなった初来日に続いて、二年連続で行なわれた武道館公演。これを聴いて胸が熱くならないロック・ファンはいないであろう、日本におけるロックの歴史の貴重な瞬間である。チープトリック大好き! 美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Introduction
02. Hello There
03. Come On,Come On
04. Stiff Competition
05. How Are You?
06. On Top Of The World
07. Rick’s Guitar Solo
08. Big Eyes
09. Ain’t That A Shame
10. Surrender
11. Need Your Love
12. Dream Police (Film)
13. Way Of The World (Film)
14. Writing On The Wall
15. I Know What I Want
16. I’ll Be With You Tonight
17. I Want You To Want Me

01. California Man
02. Clock Strikes Ten
03. Goodnight Now
04. Elo Kiddies
05. Auf Wiedersehen

06. Hello There
07. Come On, Come On
08. Stiff Competition
09. Top Of The World
10. Big Eyes
11. Ain’t That A Shame
12. Surrender
13. Need Your Love
14. I Know What I Want
15. I’ll Be With You Tonight
16. Clock Strikes Ten
17. Goodnight Now
18. Elo Kiddies

Shakuntala. STCD-105/106


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