Who / Largo 1976 / 4CD

Who / Largo 1976 / 4CD / Non Label Translated Text: Live at Capitol Centre, Largo, MD USA 3rd & 4th August 1976 Click Image To Enlarge famous taper JEMS The polished further sound of The Who treasured, and issues in the world press 4CD! August 3, 1976, in stereo audience source of concerts that took place two days of the ...

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Who / Toronto 1982 1st Night / 2CD

Who / Toronto 1982 1st Night / 2CD / Maximum R&B Translated text: Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON. USA 16th December 1982 STEREO SBD Click Image To Enlarge This is the second release of this week’s release of The Fu’s completely unreleased soundboard and source. This is the press CD which recorded the stereo sound board · source ...

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