Kiss / Bury You Alive / 2CD

Kiss / Bury You Alive / 2CD / Shades Translated Text: Live at Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 17th September 1988 SBD(from Original Masters) Click Image To Enlarge   KISS of the no-make era has gone through one vertex, and the work which appeared in ’70’ s “golden age” was “CRAZY NIGHT” in 1987. Promotion tour of the same work which was ...

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Kiss / Animalize Uk / 2CDR

Kiss / Animalize Uk / 2CDR / Shades Translated Text: Live At De Montfort Hall, Leicester, Uk 10th October 1984. Click Image To Enlarge From the UK tour accompanying “Animalize”, Leicester Performance on October 10th was recorded completely with high quality audience recording. I used a master that has not been circulated even among traders who recorded that Crazy S. ...

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