David Bowie / The Freakiest Show /1CD

David Bowie / The Freakiest Show /1CD /Non Label Translated Text: Performances from: Unreleased 1972 Studio Version + Nassau Coliseum on 23 March 1976 + Earl’s Court, London July 1st 1978 & many more. Click Image To Enlarge The Collector’s CD of DAVID BOWIE, a year best item undoubtedly, will give a shock to immeasurable in mania, appeared ultimate rarities ...

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David Bowie / Torquay 1972 / 1CD

David Bowie / Torquay 1972 /1CD /Wardour Translated Text: Translated text: Click Image To Enlarge 1972 “Ziggy Stardust” initial UK tour Torquay in South West England on June 16, from (1st leg) (Torquay) is a complete recording, first appearance of the Town Hall concert with a good audience recording. Has been the United Kingdom Old cassette hard collector had been ...

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