Carole King / Chicagofest 1982 / 2CDR

Carole King / Chicagofest 1982 / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Live at Chicagofest (Navy Pier), IL USA August 15th 1982

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Carol King’s valuable excavation live sound source for the first time appeared in the 80’s! August 15th, 1982 Direct recording from the highest quality audience recording master at the stage at the live festival “Chicago Fest” where many artists participated in Chicago. This is a remarkable new sound source because there was no new excavation sound source that had never been on the market until now, and there was no sound source that caught the stage of Carol King at this time. Carol King’s valuables from the famous songs from the 1960s to the representative songs from the 70s “Spelling” in the first half of the second half, including four solo songs by Mark Hallman known for his activities at Navarro and Dan Vogelberg It is a new excavation live sound source!


01. Intro / Tapestry
02. Hey Girl
03. Been To Canaan
04. (Love Is Like A) Boomerang
05. Hard Rock Café
06. One Fine Day
07. Life Without Love
08. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
09. Up On The Roof
10. Lookin’ Out For Number One
11. Foolin’ Yourself – Mark Hallman
12. Heart To Heart – Mark Hallman
13. Don’t Let Them Shake Ya – Mark Hallman
14. New Song – Mark Hallman

01. Chains
02. Morning Sun
03. Sweet Seasons
04. Jazzman
05. Read Between The Lines
06. Go Away Sam
07. It’s A War
08. Smackwater Jack
09. One To One
10. I Feel the Earth Move
11. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
12. You’ve Got A Friend
◆Live at Chicagofest (Navy Pier), IL USA August 15th 1982

Midnight Dreamer. MD-959A/B

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