Camel / The Early Live Years 1973-1974 / 3CDR

Camel / The Early Live Years 1973-1974 / 3CDR / Galaxy

Translated Text:
Live At Marquee Club, London, UK June 20Th 1974 . Soundboard / Audience



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Representative of the United Kingdom of the lyrical school progressive band, live collection of collector attention summarizes the valuable initial live camel is first appearance in the 3-Pack!

The earliest live, further 74 years Rock Festival of the sound board sound source and official sound source and 74 June Marquee Club of date difference is in London in the debut 73 years of the BBC and the Italian Blue cafe has released an album recording together a high-quality audience sound source.

It is a live anthology of initial Camel attention to listen to the beautiful melody drifting melancholy in performance with a technical tension.



1. Arubaluba/2. Curiosity/3. Six Ate
Live At The BBC, John Peel Session, London, UK February 19th 1973 (Soundboard Recordings)

4. Introduction/5. Lady Fantasy/6. Mystic Queen/7. Arubaluba/8. The Traveller
Live At Blue Cafe, Cassato, Italy May 1st 1973 (Audience Recordings)

1. Introduction/2. The White Rider/3. Ligging At Louie’s/4. Lady Fantasy/5. Arubaluba
Live At Rock Festival, London, UK June 15th 1974 (Soundboard Recordings)

1. Earthise/2. The White Rider/3. Six Ate/4. Supertwister/5. Mystic Queen/6. Liggin’ At Louie’s/7. Homage To The God Of Light/8. Lady Fantasy
Live At Marquee Club, London, UK June 20th 1974 (Audience Recordings)
Galaxy. GX 024A/B/C

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