Camel / Eastern Air / 3CDR

Camel / Eastern Air / 3CDR / Amity
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Live in Nagoya, Japan 19th March 1997

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In 1997, on March 19, Nagoya performance at the Japan Tour was recorded from the high quality audience master for 2 hours and 40 minutes complete.
This tour from the tour accompanying “Harbor Of Tears”, this time live performances such as Andrew · Latimer, Colin · Base, Fos · Patterson on the keyboard, Dave · Stuart on the drum, recorded the LAA performance before coming to Japan. It was a memorable Japanese performance in the presence of the video DVD which I did, and as for the DVD, since Angkor’s “Lady Fantasy” and “Never Let Go” were not recorded, as a fan as well is necessary check.
And first of all, the classical number in the first half is wonderful, especially Andrew ‘s guitar play in “Ice” which lasts ten minutes is impressive. In the second half, we reproduced all four songs from “Dust And Dreams” from the 5th song, and the concept album “Harbor Of Tears”, which is the main feature of this performance, and furthermore “Encore” has “Lady Fantasy” and “Never Let Go” Lots plenty over 30 minutes. All Progresse fans listen to full volume for the best sound.

「Harbour Of Tears」に伴うツアーからのもので、アンドリュー・ラティマー、コリン・ベースに加え、キーボードにフォス・パターソン、ドラムにデイヴ・スチュアートといった布陣のこの時期のライブは、来日前のLAA公演を収録した映像DVDも存在する中、やはり思い出深い日本公演であり、DVDにはアンコールの”Lady Fantasy”と”Never Let Go”が未収録だったので、やはりファンとしては要チェック。
そしてまず前半のクラシック・ナンバーはどの曲も素晴らしく、特に10分に及ぶ”Ice”でのアンドリューのギター・プレイは感動もの。 また後半は「Dust And Dreams」から4曲、そして5曲目から本公演の目玉となる、コンセプト・アルバム「Harbour Of Tears」を全曲再現し、さらにアンコールでは”Lady Fantasy”と”Never Let Go”を30分にわたりたっぷりと。全てのプログレ・ファン必聴のフル・ヴォリューム・ライブを最高のサウンドで。

Disc 1 :1. Lunar Sea 2. Hymn To Her 3. Rhayader 4. Rhayader Goes To Town 5. Preparation/Dunkirk 6. Drafted 7. Docks 8. Beached 9. Spirit Of The Water 10. Ice 11. Sasquatch
Disc 2 : 1. Milk ‘n Honey 2. Mother Road 3. Needles 4. Rose Of Sharon 5. Irish Air 6. Irish Air(reprise) 7. Harbour Of Tears 8. Cobh 9. Send Home The Slates 10. Under The Moon 11. Watching The Bobbins 12. Eyes Of Ireland 13. Running From Paradise 14. End Of The Day 15. Coming Of Age 16. The Hour Candle(A song for my father)
Disc 3 : 1. MC 2. Lady Fantasy 3. Never Let Go

[Live in Nagoya, Japan 19th March 1997] Andrew Latimer – Guitar, Vocals / Colin Bass – Bass, Vocals / Foss Patterson – Keyboards / Dave Stewart – Drums
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