Camel / Tokyo 2016 / 2CD

Camel / Tokyo 2016 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live At Ex Theater Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan 20th ,May 2016.


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Is 16 years CAMEL played a “re-visit to Japan of miracle”. The Tokyo best live album that contains the performance appeared. It is this time of the Japan tour “OSAKA 2016 (Virtuoso 286/287)” was extremely well received also the other day, but this work is the audience album of them, “EX THEATER Roppongi May 20, 2016”. This week, the final performance of “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016 (Virtuoso 294-297)” will also be released simultaneously, let’s now try to check the schedule.

– May 18, 2011: Osaka Namba Hatch “OSAKA 2016”
– May 20, 2011: Tokyo · EX THEATER Roppongi [this work] – May 21, 2011: Tokyo · EX THEATER Roppongi
– May 22, 2011: Tokyo Hibiya Outdoor large music hall “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016”

In this way, this time of CAMEL is all four performances. “May 22” is the last day, but is “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES” with STEVE HACKETT, etc., this work alone performances. Did not play in the festival “Preparation / Dunkirk,” “Air Born”, “Lunar Sea”, “Drafted” also you plenty listen full set performances.
Such of this work was recorded in the same recording artist as “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016” (For that matter, is the same as the large masterpiece of Steve Hackett “KAWASAKI 2016 (Virtuoso 290/291)”). “OSAKA 2016” of the other day, which was the work of a master craftsman “West strongest taper Mr.”, is the gem of the name taper to represent the East against it. The sound is what tremendous to be thin to “OSAKA 2016”. I think Kareru person if that became listen to “OSAKA 2016”, but to rival even the sound which made by Mr. that “strongest” said to be “ideal”. Of course, personality is quite different because even equipment also can also vary technique venue. This work is also the so-called “like the sound board” and called for the hesitate not clear is, where not fully attached party hereto as “OSAKA 2016” in realism. If, however, dare to compare, treble in beautiful vivid contours are out front and a jerk, bass is refreshing. “Gorgeous” OSAKA 2016 “”, or it would place such as “this work of clarity”.
Its sheer fantasy world drawn by the sound, dazzling such beauty. In this visit to Japan, but was let me listen to the guitar, not knowing the decline of Andy Latimer, which has undergone a revival of the miracle, it flows out into the space transparent, we will draw a shining music world. Furthermore Vivid’s is, topic blind keyboard player Peter Jones. Preeminent sense of tone in the ever-changing, splendid finger of judgment, crystal-clear singing voice, and even Andy, Colin bus also to its 3 voice harmony …… its every nook and corner is echoed in the crystal-clear. “Touch Once rickety” beauty and delicacy is I jammed with plenty.

I have to blast in commentary of “OSAKA 2016”, but the “miracle” did not end just overnight. It is the best audience album of this production 100% to prove. Settle for listening as Kanto hen “OSAKA 2016” of CAMEL, good even if the collection as a trilogy of the same recording house along with the “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016” and Steve Hackett “KAWASAKI 2016”, as well as one of the live album gem of the best. Of course of course, it is a 2-Disc to leave forever the crowning of memories if the person who has been your experience of the site. Beautiful progressive rock of large flowers that bloomed in Japan of 2016. In your own ear, in the heart, in a sense, I hope you’ll taste to the full extent.

16年ぶりとなる“奇跡の再来日”を果たしたCAMEL。その東京公演を収めた極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。先日も『OSAKA 2016(Virtuoso 286/287)』が大好評を博した今回のジャパンツアーですが、本作はそのうち「2016年5月20日EX THEATER六本木」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。今週は、最終公演の『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016(Virtuoso 294-297)』も同時リリースとなりますので、ここで日程で確認してみましょう。

・5月18日:大阪・なんばHatch 『OSAKA 2016』
・5月20日:東京・EX THEATER六本木 【本作】
・5月21日:東京・EX THEATER六本木
・5月22日:東京・日比谷野外大音楽堂 『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016』

このように、今回のCAMELは全4公演。最終日の「5月22日」は、STEVE HACKETT等との“PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES”ですが、本作は単独公演。フェスでは演奏しなかった「Preparation / Dunkirk」「Air Born」「Lunar Sea」「Drafted」もたっぷり聴けるフルセット公演なのです。
そんな本作を記録したのは『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016』と同じ録音家(さらに言えば、スティーヴ・ハケットの大傑作『KAWASAKI 2016(Virtuoso 290/291)』とも同じです)。先日の『OSAKA 2016』は、名匠“西日本最強テーパー氏”の作でしたが、それに対して東日本を代表する名テーパーの逸品なのです。そのサウンドは『OSAKA 2016』にも肉薄する凄まじいもの。『OSAKA 2016』をお聴きになった方ならかれると思いますが、あの“最強”氏をして「理想」と言わしめたサウンドにさえ匹敵するのです。もちろん、会場も機材もテクニックも異なりますから個性はかなり違う。本作もいわゆる「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶのを躊躇わないクリアさ、臨場感で『OSAKA 2016』と完全に甲乙付けられないところ。しかし、あえて比較するならば、ビビッドな輪郭も美しい中高音がグッと前に出ており、低音がスッキリ。“ゴージャスな『OSAKA 2016』”、“透明感の本作”といったところでしょうか。

『OSAKA 2016』の解説でも連呼してしまいましたが、“奇跡”は一夜だけでは終わらなかった。それを証明する本生100%の極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。CAMELの『OSAKA 2016』の関東編として聴いて良し、『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016』やスティーヴ・ハケット『KAWASAKI 2016』と共に同じ録音家の三部作としてコレクションしても良し、1本のライヴアルバムとしても極上の逸品。勿論無論、現場をご体験された方なら無上の想い出を永遠に残す2枚組です。2016年の日本に咲いた美しきプログレッシヴ・ロックの大輪。ご自身の耳で、心で、感性で、存分に味わっていただければ幸いです。

Disc 1 (70:31)
1. Intro 2. Never Let Go 3. The White Rider 4. Song Within A Song 5. Unevensong
6. Rhayader 7. Preparation / Dunkirk 8. Spirit of the Water 9. Air Born 10. Lunar Sea

Disc 2 (54:05)
1. Drafted 2. Ice 3. Mother Road 4. Hopeless Anger 5. Long Goodbyes 6. Member Introduction
7. Lady Fantasy

Virtuoso 288/289

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