Budgie / Live At Roxy Theater 1977 / 1CDR

Budgie / Live At Roxy Theater 1977 / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project
Live At Roxy Theater, Northampton, PA. April 13th 1977

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Hard rock band from Cardiff, UK, who had a great influence on heavy metal afterward, appeared valuable soundboard live sound source of Budge! April 13, ’77, recorded at the Roxy Theater in Philadelphia Northampton, “Bledfan” covered by Metallica, “I Can’t See My Feelings” also covered by Iron Maiden It is a valuable excavation live sound source that can not be overlooked by metal fans such as “In for the Kill”, which is also known by Van Halen Cover! !


01. Intro
02. Breaking All The House Rules
03. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter’s Hand
04. Black Velvet Stallion
05. Who Do You Want For Your Love?
06. Love For You And Me
07. Pyramids
08. Sky High Percentage
09. I Can’t See My Feelings
10. In For The Kill (You’re The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk)
11. Zoom Club
12. Breadfan
◆Live At Roxy Theater, Northampton, PA. April 13th 1977

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-348

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