Bryan Ferry & Orchestra / The Jazz Age In Manchester / 2 CDR

Bryan Ferry & Orchestra / The Jazz Age In Manchester / 2 CDR /Non Label

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Live at Lowry Theatre, Salford, Manchester, UK 25th October 2013.



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BRYAN FERRY & THE BRYAN FERRY ORCHESTRA – THE JAZZ AGE IN MANCHESTER Live at Lowry Theatre, Salford, Manchester, UK 25th October 2013 PERFECT SOUND than UK Winter tour of BRYAN FERRY & BRYAN FERRY ORCHESTRA, 10月is the first day We will deliver complete recording of the concert audience recording 25. Originally intended to re-mastered recording a sound source that is up to the net, it is captured by the ultra-high-quality sound the first day of two consecutive performances Manchester, it seems position and whether the front row and I gathered from cheers of the audience heard from the rear You. As far the sound quality, it is said that it is one piece of the tour best in the audience recording, was recorded in the correct position, the texture of the microphone recording, has been the best match for both electric band and orchestra, of taste Jersey, It is very excellent recording of an actual performance that can be thought of in Kikiiru bliss not even a fan. Met with continuous performances at the same venue two days later is the first day of UK Winter tour, I just set list is a concern, but from “(the bride took off the veil) The Bride Stripped Bare” five of his solo on this day which he showed off his seven songs really “The Same Old Blues”, “Carrickfergus”, “Can’t Let Go,” “When She Walks in the Room”, “Sign of the Times”, “Hold On (I’m Installation “This Island Earth”), you can hear “Shame, Shame, Shame the” from “Let’s Stick Together” further Coming) “. Sound source “AN EVENING WITH BRYAN FERRY” tour finally came enriched in these days, has become a title that does not take off in the collection also this work.Anyway, the sound is good enough there is no problem at all even turned into press CD as it is, making it the best, Recommended title in the one you started to think … a complete recording of board any good from the latest tour.

BRYAN FERRY & BRYAN FERRY ORCHESTRAのUK Winterツアーより、初日である10月25日公演を完全収録オーディエンス録音でお届けします。元はネットにアップされた音源をリマスター収録したも ので、マンチェスター2回連続公演の1日目を超高音質で捉えており、後方から聞こえるオーディエンスの歓声から察すると位置は最前列かと思われます。音質 に限って言えば、オーディエンス録音ではツアーベストの一枚と言え、的確なポジションで収録された、マイク録音の質感が、ジャージーなテイストのオーケス トラ、そしてエレクトリック・バンドともベスト・マッチしており、ファンならずとも至福の思いで聴き入ることのできる大絶品実況録音盤です。UK Winterツアーの初日であり翌々日も同じ会場での連続公演とあって、セットリストが気になるところですが、この日はソロ5作目『The Bride Stripped Bare(ベールを脱いだ花嫁)』から実に7曲も披露しており「The Same Old Blues」、「Carrickfergus」、「Can’t Let Go」 、「When She Walks in the Room」、「Sign of the Times」、「Hold On (I’m Coming)」にインスト「This Island Earth」)、さらに『Let’s Stick Together』から「Shame, Shame, Shame」を聞く事が出来ます。最近になってようやく“AN EVENING WITH BRYAN FERRY”ツアー音源が充実してきましたが、本作もそのコレクションで外せないタイトルとなっています。とにかく、このままプレスCD化しても全く問題 ない程に音が良いので、最新ツアーから何か良い完全収録盤を・・・と思っていらっしゃる方にも最適の、お薦めタイトルになっています。

Disc 1(69:21)
First Set
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
1. Intro 2. Do the Strand 3. Slave to Love 4. The Bogus Man 5. Avalon 6. Just Like You
7. Young And Beautiful

Transition of Orchestra to Electric Band
8. Reason or Rhyme

Electric Band
9. The Same Old Blues 10. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 11. Oh Yeah 12. Carrickfergus
13. The Way You Look Tonight 14. N.Y.C. 15. Can’t Let Go 16. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
17. Out Of the Blue 18. Take A Chance With Me 19. Jealous Guy

Disc 2(53:56)
Second Set
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
1. Intro 2. I Thought 3. This Island Earth

Electric Band

4. When She Walks In The Room
5. Sign Of The Times 6. A Song for Europe 7. Casanova 8. Street Life 9. Don’t Stop The Dance
10. Love Is the Drug 11. Let’s Stick Together 12. Band Introduction 13. Shame, Shame, Shame
14. Hold On (I’m Coming) 15. Editions Of You


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