Bryan Ferry / Budokan 1988 / 2CD

Bryan Ferry / Budokan 1988 / 2CD / Virtusos

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th October 1988.


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Bryan Ferry solo performances in Nippon Budokan of October 11, 88 is the first appearance of a miracle. Than the original master that was handed from recording’s, ultra-high quality audience and complete recording of the fan must listen – a must-have board in recording.

Ferry after the end ’84 Roxy Music Avalon Tour, but has announced a solo album “Boys & Girls” on June 85, that year only July Live Speaking and live that stood out is not performed the tour it was only aid of appearances. Announced the next solo album “Bete Noire” in November 87 of Yokuyokunen, we finally started the tour further from next year August 88. In Japan and Japan in October after North American tour. The sound source is solo performances memorable in Nippon Budokan is their Japan tour the first day.
Song of this concert is configured to solo album “Boys & Girls”, “Bete Noire” center, fans I experienced for the first time live at this time a number of dance number he and Roxy also that little bit different Kikikon album. At the time, “Boys & Girls”, also referred to as deluxe edition of the “Avalon”, with heavier sound that emphasizes the rhythm, while “Bete Noire” is a profound sound is characterized by heavy density of sound was further doubled, heck these it was far from listening to is how to reproduce in live music.
Concert, starting from a cloud to cook produce incense to large dish. Following the first track to slowly flow out was intro was the image of a strong dance of tropical “Limbo”, was keynote the base of the album the same chopper playing “The Chosen One”, Roxy, it was a cover over the solo and twice “Casanova” , “Viva! Roxy Music” and Heavy base is recalled John Wet ‘n’ “the Bogus Man,” “in Every Dream Home A Heartache” in, one after another either with the song Heavy rhythm is characterized by while sober and say has been unveiled. We are also finally playing “Dance Away” you did not do for some reason while hit single in the Manifesto tour. Few songs at the beginning and then the balance is somewhat unstable feel of each instrument (especially drums), but will gradually stable sound appeared effect of the adjustment of the venue PA.
Band members, but was impressive that sober studio session players compared to the glamorous and unique folks of Roxy era, was minus the only th it was Jeff Thall of lead guitar. The decade in the long-haired blonde that would idle popularity came to female fans if before in the visual system looks that say now that it is not rather be thought of as a Takarazuka, we played a pretty bold HM guitar.
On this day, the ferry is not trying hard to do the promise of Angkor “Do The Strand” for some reason, Andy Newmark of drum was persuaded to come out as far as the ferry, further boost to the encore of cheers of fans is, there are passages that begin finally, this scene will be able to check in per 31:00 of Disc 2. From that time, there is something really uniquely meaningful when already think that the flow Years of more than 25 years.
The sound source is, so far Stones and Mick Jagger, Clapton such as a series of superb sound source in the original sound source of name taper that provides us with the (release of last week Bruce Springsteen also topic noisy!), Also similar until now this time we have become a surely your satisfaction content in stunning recording. It is the release of the limited press CD.


フェリーは84年ロキシー・ミュージック・アヴァロン・ツアー終了後、85年6月にソロ・アルバム『Boys & Girls』を発表したものの、その年はツアーを行わず目立ったライヴといえば唯一7月のライヴ・エイドの出演のみでした。翌々年の87年11月に次のソロ・アルバム『Bete Noire』を発表し、さらに翌年88年8月からようやくツアーを開始しました。日本には北米ツアー後の10月に来日。本音源はその日本公演初日である日本武道館における記念すべきソロ公演です。
本公演の曲目はソロ・アルバム『Boys & Girls』『Bete Noire』中心に構成され、ファンはアルバムで聞き込んだロキシーとはまた一味違ったダンス・ナンバーの数々をこの時初めてライヴで体験しました。当時『Boys & Girls』は『Avalon』のデラックス版とも言われ、リズムを強調したヘヴィーなサウンドで、一方『Bete Noire』は音の密度がさらに倍増した重厚で深淵なサウンドが特徴で、一体これら楽曲をライヴでどう再現するのかが聴きどころでした。
コンサートは、大きな皿にお香をもうもうと炊く演出から開始。ゆっくりと流れ出したイントロに続き1曲目は南国の強烈なダンスをイメージした「Limbo」、アルバム同様チョッパー奏法のベースを基調とした「The Chosen One」、ロキシー、ソロと2度にわたりカヴァーした「Casanova」、『Viva! Roxy Music』でのジョン・ウエットンのヘヴィーなベースが思い出される「The Bogus Man」「In Every Dream Home A Heartache」と、どちらかというと地味ながらヘヴィーなリズムが特徴の曲が次々と披露されています。またManifestoツアーではヒット・シングルながら何故かやらなかった「Dance Away」をついに演奏しています。冒頭の数曲は各楽器(特にドラムス)のバランスがやや不安定な感じがしますが、会場PAの調整の効果が表れ徐々に安定したサウンドになります。
バンド・メンバーは、ロキシー時代の華やかで個性的な面々に比べ地味なスタジオ・セッション・プレーヤーたちという印象でしたが、唯一目を引いたのがリード・ギターのJeff Thallでした。一昔まえなら女性ファンにアイドル的な人気が出たであろう長髪ブロンドで宝塚とも言えなくない今でいうヴィジュアル系ルックスで、結構大胆なHM的なギターを演奏しました。
この日は、フェリーがなぜかお約束のアンコール「Do The Strand」をなかなかやろうとせず、ドラムのアンディ・ニューマークがフェリーのところまで出てきて説得をし、さらにファンのアンコールの歓声に後押しされ、ようやく始めるというくだりがあり、この場面はDisc 2の31:00あたりで確認することができます。あの時から、既に25年以上の歳月が流れていることを思うと実に感慨深いものがあります。

Disc 1 (55:43)
1. Nimrod (Intro tape) 2. Limbo 3. The Chosen One 4. Casanova 5. Slave To Love
6. The Bogus Man 7. Ladytron 8. While My Heart Is Still Beating 9. Don’t Stop The Dance
10. A Waste Land 11. Windswept 12. Jealous Guy

Disc 2 (36:32)
1. Dance Away 2. In Every Dream Home A Heartache 3. Kiss And Tell 4. Love Is The Drug
5. Avalon 6. Do The Strand

Bryan Ferry – Lead Vocals Neil Hubbard – Guitar Jeff Thall – Guitar Andy Newmark – Drums
Lucio Hopper – Bass Clifford Carter – Keyboards Steve Scales – Percussion
Michelle Cobbs – Backing Vocals Ednah Holt – Backing Vocals Yanick Etienne – Backing Vocals

Virtuoso 231/232

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