Bryan Ferry / Summer Festival 2013 / 1CDR

Bryan Ferry / Summer Festival 2013 / 1CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
Live At Hollywood Summer Festival, Munich Germany July 3rd 2013. Soundboard



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High quality sound board live 2013 Bryan Ferry comes up for the first time!

I record the stage of toll Wood Summer Festival was held in Munich, Germany.

Stage adult-oriented tinged the Enjukumi in the cover of the specialty, including Amy Winehouse JEALOUS GUY of John Lennon, the smoke of PLATTERS Gets in Your Eyes from the number of Roxy Music, also HARD RAIN GONNA FALL, of DYLAN I am there to listen to the answer.

It is very recommended title of Bryan Ferry serving as a vivid face of veteran singer!



ロキシー・ミュージックのナンバーからジョン・レノンのJEALOUS GUY、PLATTERSの煙が目にしみる、DYLANのHARD RAIN GONNA FALL、またエイミー・ワインハウスを含むお得意のカバーで円熟味を帯びたアダルト・オリエンテッドなステージは聴き応えありです。


01. Reason Or Rhyme
02. The Only Face
03. Back To Black (Amy Winehouse)
04. The Same Old Blues (J.J. Cale)
05. Re-Make Re-Model
06. Knocking On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
07. NYC/08. Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
09. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)
10. Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
11. Chain Reaction
12. Casanova
13. A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan)
14. Let’s Stick Together (Wilbert Harrison)

Project Zip. PJZ-495

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