Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Los Angeles 1981 3rd Night Mike Millard First Generation Tapes / 3CDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Los Angeles 1981 3rd Night Mike Millard First Generation Tapes / 3CDR / Uxbridge
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA 23rd August 1981

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The latest release of Mike Millard tape by JEMS was Bruce Springsteen. Speaking of his recordings of Springsteen, the best-selling “LOS ANGELES 1980 3RD NIGHT” and the recording in LA in 1988 were released by JEMS, but this time LA in 1981 was recorded in the sports arena. Until now, the unknown sound source recorded by him was enough to surprise enthusiasts around the world.
However, the sound quality of this recording has changed a lot. Unlike the on-sound image, which is described as a “sound board” every time, it was captured at a distance. Still, Springsteen’s vocals and Clarence Clemons’ saxophone sounds close. Thanks to that, the sound quality was easy to hear overall, but it was definitely a unique recording state among the mirrored recordings.
Regarding this matter, JEMS commented, “The position secured by Millard on this day seems to be too close to PA.” Indeed, the balance between the vocal and saxophone sounds seems to backfire that the position was too far forward. So this time it was released on CD-R, but even so, Clarence’s saxophone, which was prominent at the beginning of the show, was adjusted as much as possible.
Also, the river tour had a big change between 1980 and 1981 as a big hit of the single “Hungry Heart”, which made it difficult to secure a good position in the latter half of the 1981 tour when the audience increased. I can think of it. In fact, there was no audience recording of “This is it!” In the latter half of the 1981 tour, so it was a great achievement that the East Rutherford performance on July 9th was officially released this year in the live archive series.

Although it is a strange mirrored sound source in this way, it is still a sound quality that can be heard sufficiently. On this day, there is a sound source that has been on the market among enthusiasts for a long time, and it is distributed on the net release called “TRAVEL IN FEAR”. In total, the sound image is bigger and easier to hear, but the freshness of the sound source itself is the overwhelming victory of Millard. It can be said that this area is also true. Also, it was a time when “Hungry Heart” made it more popular than before, but it seems that mirrored recording does not pick up the excitement of the surroundings.
Besides, the performance is really wonderful every day in the latter half of the tour from July to September 1981. “Who’ll Stop The Rain,” which began to be performed in the previous year, has a truly imposing finish, and each song has evolved from the previous year’s performance, giving it a truly imposing atmosphere. Also, the pattern in which “Out In The Street” is played in the second part following “Hungry Heart” is extremely rare.
And at the LA Sports Arena in August, rare numbers popped out every day, but on this day the opening was “Summertime Blues” and the encore was “Rave On”, a song selection reminiscent of a darkness tour. But this is also rare.
By the way, a bonus track has been added by JEMS this time. It’s a document that Springsteen jumped into the Pretenders gig in Pasadena on September 5th, just before the end of the river tour. Fortunately, Millard was there that day, but he only recorded for 20 minutes, probably because he wasn’t interested in the band. Fortunately, however, Springsteen’s appearance was well documented in a short time. He mainly works as a backing chorus, but since this is the usual mirrored quality superb sound quality, you can hear it perfectly. This may be a hidden feature of this title!

 JEMSによるマイク・ミラード・テープ公開の最新作はブルース・スプリングスティーンでした。彼によるスプリングスティーンの録音といえばベストセラー「LOS ANGELES 1980 3RD NIGHT」と1988年のLAでの録音がJEMSによって公開されていましたが、今回は1981年のLAはスポーツ・アリーナでの録音。今まで彼によって録音された事実すら知られていなかった音源は世界中のマニアを驚かせるに十分でした。
 またリバー・ツアーは1980年と81年の間にシングル「Hungry Heart」の大ヒットという大きな変化があり、そのせいでオーディエンスが増大した81年のツアー後半は良いポジションを確保するのが難したったとも考えられます。実際に81年ツアー後半は「これぞ!」というオーディエンス録音がなく、それ故にライブ・アーカイブ・シリーズで7月9日のイースト・ラザフォード公演が今年オフィシャルリリースされたのは快挙でした。
 こうして一風変わったミラード音源ではありますが、それでも十分に聞きこめる音質なのはさすが。この日は以前からマニアの間に出回っている音源があり、そちらは「TRAVEL IN FEAR」というネットリリースにて流通しています。トータルではそちらの方が音像は大きくて聞きやすいのですが、音源自体の鮮度の高さはミラードの圧勝。この辺りもさすがと言えるでしょう。それに「Hungry Heart」によってそれまでより人気が急上昇した時期ですが、周囲の盛り上がりをあまり拾っていないのもミラード録音らしいところ。
 それに何といっても81年の7月から9月にかけてのツアー後半はどの日も演奏が本当に素晴らしい。前年から演奏され始めた「Who’ll Stop The Rain」など正に完成形といった堂々たる仕上がりをみせていますし、どの曲も前年の演奏が進化して本当に堂々たる雰囲気が圧巻。また「Out In The Street」が第二部で「Hungry Heart」に続いて演奏されるパターンは非常に珍しい。
 そして8月のLAスポーツ・アリーナでは連日レア・ナンバーが飛び出したのですが、この日はオープニングが「Summertime Blues」でアンコールは「Rave On」が登場という、まるでダークネス・ツアーを偲ばせるような選曲がこれまた珍しい。
Disc 1 (70:11)
1. Intro
2. Summertime Blues
3. Prove It All Night
4. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
6. Factory
7. Independence Day
8. Trapped
9. Two Hearts
10. Who’ll Stop The Rain
11. The Promised Land
12. The River
13. This Land Is Your Land
14. Badlands
15. Thunder Road
Disc 2 (69:46)
1. Hungry Heart
2. Out In The Street
3. Cadillac Ranch
4. Sherry Darling
5. Fire
6. Stolen Car
7. Backstreets
8. Ramrod
9. Rosalita
10. Rave On
11. Jungleland
Disc 3 (32:10)
1. Born To Run
2. Detroit Medley (including Sock It To Me Baby / Sweet Soul Music / Shake)
3. Twist And Shout
Bonus Track
Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA, USA 5th September 1981
4. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (with Pretenders)
Uxbridge 1376

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