Bruce Springsteen / Japan Tour 1985 Final / 3CD WX OBI Strip

Bruce Springsteen / Japan Tour 1985 Final / 3CD WX OBI Strip / Growin Record

Translated text:
Osaka Castle Hall Osaka Japan April 22 & 23, 1985. Digitally Remastered.


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Contrary to long career, one of the frequency of visit to Japan is extremely small heavyweights artists, from the first visit to Japan performances of Springsteen, made a final performance that was done in this work was completely recorded in high-quality sound at Osaka Castle Hall you. There is also the fact that first Japan tour that took place along with the smash hit album “Born In The USA”, in all eight performances are both great success, in this final performance, we describe the Acknowledgements to the great Japanese hospitality by Bruce have been. The last day of the first concert in Japan that would have become the memories even for blues, I was complete recording here at the high-quality sound.

Set list is opening in the album title track “Born In The USA”. Strong melody and vocals will explode from one shot eyes. Song that sang the veterans of the Vietnam War, also lyrics that “has been Come with instructions to kill the yellow race”, but is complicated for the Japanese, it has been as it is sung. The showcase is the “not Help Falling In Love” in imitation style of Elvis in the encore, further and “Twist And Shout” and “Do You Love Me” in medley. I am done with hot remain Bukkake through the concert over a long period of time.

Interesting, is where you have put the MC of Japanese everywhere. At this time, Bruce had been already in their 30s, naive feelings of American youth, when speak Japanese in “that voice” reminiscent of I Vitelloni, there are those that come with a jerk in mind. Also as a bonus track, from the day before of the Osaka performances, and has recorded with choice songs that were not played in the main part of the final performance. Please see the track list for details.

Complete recording at high quality the last day of the Osaka Castle Hall performances April 23, 1985 that it was from the first Japan tour of Bruce Springsteen. . Permanent preservation Athletic press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

長いキャリアに反して、来日の頻度が極端に少ない大物アーティストのひとり、スプリングスティーンの初来日公演から、大阪城ホールで行なわれた最終公演を高音質で完全収録したのが本作になります。大ヒットアルバム「Born In The USA」に伴って行なわれた初の日本公演ということもあり、全8公演はいずれも大盛況で、この最終公演では、ブルースによる素晴らしい日本の歓待への謝辞が述べられています。ブルースにとっても想い出となったであろう初来日公演の最終日を、ここに高音質にて完全収録しました。 

セットリストはアルバムタイトル曲「Born In The USA」で開幕。力強い曲調とヴォーカルが一発目から炸裂します。ベトナム戦争の帰還兵を歌った曲で、「黄色人種を殺してこいと命令された」という歌詞も、日本人にとっては複雑なものですが、そのまま歌われています。アンコールではエルヴィスのモノマネ風に「好きにならずにいられない」を、さらに「Twist And Shout」と「Do You Love Me」をメドレーで披露。長時間に渡るコンサートを熱いままぶっ通しで行なっています。 




01. Born In The USA
02. Out In The Street
03. Darlington County
04. Atlantic City
05. Point Blank
06. Working On The Highway
07. Prove It All Night
08. Glory Days
09. The Promised Land
10. My Hometown

01. Badlands
02. Thunder Road
03. Cover Me
04. Dancing In The Dark
05. Hungry Heart
06. Cadillac Ranch
07. Sherry Darling
08. No Surrender
09. Backstreets
10. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

01. Bobby Jean
02. Born To Run
03. Can’t Help Falling In Love
04. Twist And Shout – Do You Love Me

05. Johnny 99
06. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
07. The River
08. I’m On Fire
09. Born To Run
10. Devil With A Blue Dress On

Growin Record. GW-04/05/06

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