Bruce Springsteen / Glory Days Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR

Bruce Springsteen / Glory Days Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Broadcasted in Japan 1988


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And recorded TV programs that are broadcast in Japan early next year of 1988. The original special program that the United Kingdom the BBC has been broadcasting at launch “LIVE 1975-85” in the 1986 “GLORY DAYS” (Dai: Bruce Springsteen glory with the day-to-day struggle – tell the Heated American rock soul -), in Japan It is what was famous in mania already floating around in the video before it is broadcast. But when the video at the time of the British TV program hit there was a flame that there is no subtitles A core interview program on the deterioration of the image quality of because it was over it can not be avoided the most PAL conversion. Still “Sandy” in the 1975 Hammersmith Odeon, which was the first published in this program has been troubled mania in that of ’75 live pro-shot video. However, the live video also is what is the higher of the value of professional shot video from the 1985 stadium tour rather now that has been official release “BORN IN THE USA” can be seen in abundance. At the time of the fan in the fact that the program is broadcast in Japan it is what you have rapture. Unfortunately interview members of the E · Street Band, as compared with the original program I had been significantly cut, but that the interview of Bruce was seen in subtitles and, have been around for previous live scene at that time It was whether it would not be many people that are desperately recorded at that time in that it was seen in a much more clear picture quality than the boot video. one of each live to watch the video track, bilingual by precious Japanese subtitles of this board charm. And are some of the time broadcasting CM is recorded as it is, I think whether it is also felt in those nostalgic irresistibly to those who observed the broadcast at the time. Collectors If you are using a recorded video at that time, which has been owned by the master, it also is tracking noise or enter occasionally, but the overall quality is generally good. The 80s popular hight first time in the mid-blues program of nostalgia was allowed to pack is a bonus title, high-FLADE seen.

1988年の年明け早々に日本で放送されたテレビ番組を収録。元は1986年の「LIVE 1975-85」発売時にイギリスのBBCが放送したスペシャル番組「GLORY DAYS」(邦題:ブルース・スプリングスティーン 栄光と苦闘の日々-熱きアメリカンロック魂を語る-)で、日本で放送される前に既にビデオで出回ってマニアには有名だったものです。しかし当時のイギリスのテレビ番組の映像が出回る場合は大抵PAL変換を経由した故の画質の劣化が避けられない上に番組の核となるインタビューに字幕がないという難がありました。それでもこの番組で初公開となった1975年ハマースミス・オデオンでの「Sandy」は75年ライブのプロショット映像ということでマニアを騒がせました。しかしそのライブ映像もオフィシャル・リリースされた今となってはむしろ「BORN IN THE USA」の1985年スタジアム・ツアーからのプロショット映像がふんだんに見られるという価値の方が高いものです。その番組が日本で放送されるということで当時のファンは狂喜したものです。残念ながら元の番組と比べてE・ストリート・バンドのメンバーのインタビューは大幅にカットされていたのですが、ブルースのインタビューが字幕入りで見られたことや、先のライブ・シーンが当時出回っていたブート・ビデオよりもはるかにクリアーな画質で見られたことで当時必死に録画された方も多いのではないでしょうか。各ライヴ映像トラックで見れる、貴重な日本語字幕による対訳も本盤の魅力の一つ。しかも放送当時のCMのいくつかがそのまま録画されており、それがまた当時の放送を見られた方にはたまらなく懐かしいものに感じられるかと思います。コレクターが所有していた当時の録画ビデオをマスターに使用しており、トラッキングノイズがたまに入ったりもしますが、全体のクオリティは総じて良好。80年代半ばのブルースの人気絶頂ぶりをそのままパックした懐かしの番組が見られるハイ・フレードなボーナス・タイトルです。

1. Introduction 2. Born To Run (Live) 3. Biography 4. Bruce Springsteen Interview
5. Thunder Road (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles) 6. Bruce Springsteen Interview
7. Thunder Road (Los Angeles 1985) 8. Steven Van Zandt Interview
9. Prove It All Night (The Coliseum, Phoenix 8th July 1978) 10. Steven Van Zandt Interview
11. Jungleland (The Coliseum, Phoenix 8th July 1978)(with Japanese Subtitles)
12. Bruce Springsteen Interview 13. Steven Van Zandt Interview 14. CM
15. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Hammersmith Odeon, London 18th November 1975) (with Japanese Subtitles)
16. Bruce Springsteen Interview
17. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Hammersmith Odeon, London 18th November 1975) (with Japanese Subtitles)
18. Bruce Springsteen Interview 19. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
20. Bruce Springsteen Interview 21. Johnny 99 (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
22. Bruce Springsteen Interview 23. Johnny 99 (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
24. Bruce Springsteen Interview 25. Born In The USA (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
26. Bruce Springsteen Interview 27. This Land Is Your Land (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
28. CM 29. Bruce Springsteen Interview 30. Cadillac Ranch (Los Angeles 1985)
31. Bruce Springsteen Interview 32. Glowin’ Up (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles)
33. Bruce Springsteen Interview 34. The Promised Land (Los Angeles 1985) (with Japanese Subtitles) 35. Steven Van Zandt Interview 36. Bruce Springsteen Interview
37. Born To Run (Live 1984/1985) (with Japanese Subtitles) 38. End Credit 39. CM
40. Outroduction 41. The River (Promo) (with Japanese Subtitles) 42. Japanese End Credit


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