Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band / Osaka 1985 1st Night / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band / Osaka 1985 1st Night / 3CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 22nd April 1985.


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First visit to Japan performances of Bruce Springsteen is becoming very popular in Thanks Tokyo second day and third day release of, but this time it is recorded Osaka Castle Hall of April 22 is the first day of Osaka. Moreover, obtaining a master cassette of the LP of nostalgia “BOSS IN THE EAST VOL 1 & 2” become and its sound source, I become CD of that name board, which was released at the time 1985 is in finally highest sound quality. Is not limited to the first visit to Japan performance stuff LP that had been released at that time, “BORN IN THE USA” tour from 1984 through 1985 but’s a high-quality set, also really great sound quality of audience recording that was used in this LP thing. Although powerful that previous Tokyo two performances clunky, yet on a sound image was the recording of charm, this recording is more delicate and treble boasts a relaxed clearness. Although there was a good reputation for high from the LP of the sound quality, I think not many people of mania that is rapture in that CD of it from the master.
And when the climax of live compared to the previous Tokyo show the first half and I like a different dimension. In doing the dates of up to it to understand the climax the Springsteen of Japanese audience, yet in Kyoto that have been made in front of the Osaka so that could be dared small and is the gymnasium gig in stadium class was commonplace at that time also will margin had been born to him and E · Street Band. There great climax of this day come together, I became a live have literally thick.
Although it seems to be understood, if I listen, this day many foreign visitors to the venue, has occurred in response to not become “scene” even for Springsteen MC, no small it is against him you might have been given a sense of relief. That even in this recording in the right-hand side on the evidence I have Fever the first time in the foreign customers caught occasionally, but I also easy to understand is that climax of this person. And sang to become a “BORN IN ~” songs from the opening, for example, even “Darlington County” we sing pretty clearly. But Springsteen is past to become and all at once calming songs, most Sekinoyama to sing the chorus. The What a bubbly reaction (laughs). You can feel a state of “BORN IN ~” Fever that unlike Tokyo performances.
Springsteen also is great to have me carefree To play by the previous reasons! Such top form as in the state “Saiko~tsu!” Such as the cleverly incorporated in those stunning further because of to heat up the venue Japanese. For example, to chorus the chorus of Not “I’m On Fire” only to retaliate in to In response to audience also intense clapping it (but not annoying), Come and than no any change is and live in the US so far? HOT realism I served in the clear sound quality that.
You may also thanks to such upsurge of “Backstreets” Japan tour the first ever in such was played. If when it was usually it is the not amusing even become their feet state in this classic, but … so, this is ’85 of Japan tour, upsurge of about blockbuster “BORN IN ~” recording the song is not seen (laughs). However, the heavy playing what you deserve to be called a truly tour de force. Speaking of “Backstreets” is something often Darkness Tour is told in the legendary but, again playing as would do involuntarily gasped the atmosphere, such as if you had time slip in the 70’s was the best part. Also in terms of such excellent performance is heard I called a first Japan tour one of the best day. And stop the “Detroit Medley”! Moment the deathblow of live end of Springsteen was the first explosion in Japan, please try to re-confirm that this snow collapsed crowded such deployment was also waged in Japan by all means this release. Very popular and it became the release of the press CD limited following the Tokyo concert two, sound of that nostalgia of LP are revitalized again 30 years later!


ブルース・スプリングスティーンの初来日公演は東京二日目と三日目のリリースがおかげさまで大好評となっておりますが、今回は大阪初日である4月22日の大阪城ホールを収録。しかもその音源となるのは懐かしのLP『BOSS IN THE EAST VOL 1 &2』のマスター・カセットを入手、1985年当時にリリースされたあの名盤が遂に最高音質でCD化となるのです。当時リリースされていた初来日公演ものLPに限らず、84年から85年にかけての「BORN IN THE USA」ツアーは高音質揃いなのですが、このLPに使われたオーディエンス録音の音質も実に素晴らしいものです。先の東京二公演は無骨でしかもオンな音像という迫力が魅力の録音でしたが、こちらの録音はより繊細で高音が伸びやかなクリアネスを誇ります。その音質の良さから定評の高いLPではありましたが、それのマスターからのCD化ということで狂喜されるマニアの方も多いのではないでしょうか。
聴いてもらえれば解ると思われますが、この日は会場に外人客が多く、スプリングスティーンのMCに対しても「シーン」とならずに反応が起きており、それが彼に対して少なからず安堵感を与えていたのかもしれません。その証拠にこの録音でも右側で時折外人客のフィーバーぶりが捉えられているのですが、この人の盛り上がりというのがまた解りやすいのです。オープニングから「BORN IN~」収録曲になると熱唱し、例えば「Darlington County」でもかなりはっきりと歌っています。ところがスプリングスティーン過去の曲になると一気に沈静化し、せいぜいコーラスを歌うのが関の山。何とバブリーな反応でしょうか(笑)。東京公演とはちがった「BORN IN~」フィーバーの様子が伝わってきます。
スプリングスティーンも先の理由によって伸び伸びと演奏してくれているのが素晴らしい!そんな絶好調な様子の中で「サイコーッ!」といった日本語を巧みに盛り込んでさらに会場をヒートアップさせるのだから見事なもの。それに応えて観客も激しい手拍子(しかし耳障りではありません)で応酬するだけでなく「I’m On Fire」のコーラスを合唱するなど、ここまで来るとアメリカでのライブと何ら変わりがないのでは?というアツい臨場感がクリアーな音質で楽しめます。
そんな中で日本公演史上初の「Backstreets」が演奏されたのもそんな盛り上がりのおかげかもしれません。普通でしたらばこの名曲に総立ち状態となってもおかしくないのですが…そう、これは85年の日本公演、大ヒット「BORN IN~」収録曲ほどの盛り上がりはみられません(苦笑)。しかしその重厚な演奏は正に名演と呼ぶにふさわしいもの。「Backstreets」と言えば何かとダークネス・ツアーが伝説的に語られがちですが、ここでも70年代にタイムスリップしたかのような雰囲気には思わず息を呑んでしまうほどの演奏が圧巻でした。このような絶品の演奏が聴かれる点でも初来日公演屈指の一日と呼べるのです。そしてとどめは「Detroit Medley」!スプリングスティーンのライブ終盤の必殺技が日本で初めて炸裂した瞬間、この雪崩れ込むような展開が日本でも繰り広げられたことを是非とも今回のリリースで再確認してみてください。大好評となった東京公演二種に続いて限定のプレスCDでのリリースです、あの懐かしのLPのサウンドが30年後に再び蘇ります!

Disc 1(75:07)
1. Born In The U.S.A. 2. Badlands 3. Out In The Street 4. Johnny 99
5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town 6. The River 7. Darlington County 8. Prove It All Night
9. Glory Days 10 The Promised Land 11. MC 12. My Hometown 13. Thunder Road

Disc 2(54:25)
1. Cover Me 2. Dancing In The Dark 3. Hungry Heart 4. Cadillac Ranch 5. I’m On Fire
6. Bobby Jean 7. Backstreets 8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Disc 3(31:30)
1. Applause / MC 2. Born To Run 3. Detroit Medley 4. Twist And Shout / Do You Love Me


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