Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Definitive Soul Crusaders / 2CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Definitive Soul Crusaders / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON. Canada 13th February 1977


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In the old days, Springsteen professional Est. From the label “SOUL CRUSADERS” that I think you Welcome those who mania to remember that the title had been issued. This was recorded a Toronto concert of February 13, 1977. Speaking of Springsteen of 77-year tour, now also continuous performances in Boston, which was also graced the final day a long time ago would be famous. They are famous transcendence quality audience recordings by Stephen Hopkins recording, also from our shop as “LEGENDS FROM THE MUSIC HALL,” “BOSTON 1977:? ARE YOU READY FOR THE FINAL MOMENT” that in a way that is complete in two title It has been released.
In particular, Boston performances of March 25, is a tour the last day I had been dictated as the ultimate of great performance, but had continued to be released from the era of analog LP also was only 25 days. A the impact of so March 25, Boston performances intense, as the CD title was reigning (but another sound source and Stephen Hopkins) as the name board of “FORCED TO CONFESS” the Great Dane is March 25 what it is, but what other performances were followed by a situation that is hardly release thanks. “SOUL CRUSADERS” of the former who invested such Ichiseki. As the title was recorded live before more than one month from Boston last day, we received a high reputation among the mania.
It is not only to say that me tell the state of the first 77 years the tour early, while audience recording is also very on sound image is nice, you different things that were a high-quality sound source was a big factor with Boston last day . In particular hardly pick up ambient sound, stable recording situation is another dimension at all with Boston. That should be it, starting from the time of Toronto, to 77-year tour midfield Atari, staff of Springsteen has been recording, so to speak there are a number of sound source should call even with the “official audience recording” (So 77-year tour it may not be released in the official, but …) to have.
Familiar JEMS team that they told me to dig from the master. Team is me to publish a series of sound source, even from our shop as “MILWAUKEE 1977” is “DETROIT 1977” has already been released through the last year. Although neither it is a sound source title has been released in the past, highlight the upper first time of that Mise was dismissed them lightly have received high praise from enthusiasts around the world. Rather, so on them and Boston all day, just what all good sound source has revamped title from our shop has been created that is present in 77-year tour.

Was thought of as a last bastion in such a sound source of this Toronto, I would live in the Maple Leaf Garden. Since it was released in the mid-1990s as “SOUL CRUSADERS”, there was no sign of the release of the upper version until now. However, the contents and the sound quality has been evaluated “SOUL CRUSADERS” is there was a big drawback. It is the excessive equalization, serious pitch deviation of more than that. After all fast ones, the severity of the about say that’s not what was listen as long as you do not play down the speed. And Est. That the label itself, is what notoriety that has been subjected to equalize the sound source was Todoroi in many titles. State if so is the appearance of the upper version of Toronto I was not an exaggeration to say that the proposition for the mania around the world, from here copied mania produced CD-R “NO TROUBLE IN RECEIVER” which (has been a whopping equalize could further … lol that was equalized) only.
But this time There is only JEMS gave me dig the sound source from the master, the Est. Version that has been subjected to equalize in the generator dropped cassette sound source, too different dimension! The original on a sound image is, of course, I was supposed to be mono muscular sound quality of the force different from the 77 years of the other audience recording is faithfully reproduced. Korezo upper sense of true and perfect the word “dramatically improved sound quality.” Of course, the pitch would be a big point also that it recorded to adjust to the exact state.

And not only the overwhelming improvement of sound quality, even for us to prove that had been done with the height of the overwhelming voltage from 77-year tour beginning charm of this sound source. And yet, after 76 years the tour has been completed in the schedule of the New York Palladium to be this simultaneous release, even though it was 77 years first (or last) tour, the sound does not miss to hear that it made a sudden change . That, such as “Night” and horn Corps is applied “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” of the opening is being played at the tempo and spacious than the time of the Palladium, there are differences that stand out.
Yet of such a performance is really tremendous Springsteen is trotting to freely! In the same way as when the Palladium, I this time also the new song “Something In The Night” is being played, the arrangement is also sudden change. Are we reborn into a stretch Darkness-style arrangements. Moreover, Springsteen’s voice is super Wilde sings it. Even the Darkness tour after, please enjoy the great performance of what seems and than there is no violent version up to here with the highest quality of the upper version unique.
The middle of the live begins then with the “Action In The Streets” deployment starting from (this tour only unpublished song) “Backstreets” as a nightly highlight in 77 years, boasts a high popularity among enthusiasts. Even at the time of already this time Palladium 29 days to be released, Springsteen wild and had me let free song (Please compare this point is heard by all means) How can, at once escalating play celebrates 77 years. In between the mania, but improvisation narrative of Springsteen in the middle of this song is famous as the “Sad Eyes”, the sublime of a word like that Springsteen is barking here Toronto. High tension that does not take the sink with that Boston continuous performances.
As we have written so far, in between mania from the fact that the upper version of the sound source, which has been known as the day of “SOUL CRUSADERS”, this time also limit the literal ultimate version bearing the “DEFINITIVE” in the same title Press and released in CD. And of course, renewal on the basis of the “SOUL CRUSADERS” concept to jacket design. 77-year definitive edition of the tour early in the great performance and name sound source is finally appeared from our shop, we have kept you waiting!

その昔、スプリングスティーン専門のEst.レーベルから「SOUL CRUSADERS」というタイトルが出されていたことを覚えているマニアの方はいらっしゃいますでしょうか。これは1977年2月13日のトロント公演を収録していました。スプリングスティーンの77年ツアーと言えば、今も昔も千秋楽を飾ったボストンでの連続公演が有名でしょう。それらはスティーブン・ホプキンス録音による超絶クオリティのオーディエンス録音が有名で、当店からも「LEGENDS FROM THE MUSIC HALL」と「BOSTON 1977: ARE YOU READY FOR THE FINAL MOMENT?」という二つのタイトルでコンプリートされる形でリリースされています。
特にツアー最終日である3月25日のボストン公演は究極の名演として決定づけられていたのですが、アナログLPの時代からリリースされ続けていたのも25日だけでした。それほど3月25日ボストン公演のインパクトは強烈で、CDタイトルとしてはグレート・デーンの「FORCED TO CONFESS」が3月25日の名盤として君臨(ただしスティーブン・ホプキンスとは別の音源)していたものですが、おかげで他の公演がほとんどリリースされないという状況が続いていたものです。そんな一石を投じてくれたのが先の「SOUL CRUSADERS」。ボストン最終日より一か月以上前のライブを収録したタイトルとして、マニアの間では高い評価を受けました。
それらをマスターから発掘してくれたのがおなじみJEMSチーム。昨年を通してチームは一連の音源を公開してくれており、当店からも「MILWAUKEE 1977」と「DETROIT 1977」が既にリリースされています。どちらも過去にタイトルがリリースされていた音源ではあるものの、それらを軽く一蹴してみせた圧巻のアッパーぶりが世界中のマニアから高い評価を受けました。むしろ、それらやボストン全日といった具合に、77年ツアーに存在する優良音源はすべて当店から刷新タイトルが生み出されてきたものばかり。

そうした音源の中で最後の砦とも言えたのが今回のトロント、メイプル・リーフ・ガーデンのライブでしょう。1990年代の半ばに「SOUL CRUSADERS」としてリリースされて以降、現在に至るまでアッパー版のリリースされる気配がありませんでした。しかし内容と音質が評価された「SOUL CRUSADERS」には大きな欠点があったのです。それは過剰なイコライズと、それ以上に深刻なピッチの狂い。何しろ速いもので、スピードを落として再生しない限りは聴けたものじゃないというほどのひどさ。それにEst.というレーベル自体、多くのタイトルで音源にイコライズを施していた悪名が轟いていたものです。そうなればトロントのアッパー版の登場は世界中のマニアにとって命題と言っても過言ではなかったのですが、ここからコピーされたマニア制作CD-R「NO TROUBLE IN RECEIVER」(なんとイコライズされた状態をさらにイコライズしたという…笑)だけでした。

そして音質の圧倒的な向上だけでなく、77年ツアーが開始当初から圧倒的なボルテージの高さを持って行われていたことを証明してくれるのもこの音源の魅力。それでいて、今回同時リリースとなるニューヨーク・パラディアムの日程で76年ツアーが終了した後、77年最初(で最後の)ツアーだったにもかかわらず、サウンドが豹変を遂げている点が聞き逃せません。オープニングの「Night」やホーン隊が加わる「Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out」などはパラディアムの時よりもゆったりとしたテンポで演奏されているという、際立った違いがあります。
それでいてスプリングスティーンが縦横無尽に駆け巡るかのようなパフォーマンスが本当にすさまじい!パラディアムの時と同じように、この時も新曲「Something In The Night」が演奏されているのですが、そのアレンジがまた豹変。一気にダークネス風なアレンジへと生まれ変わっているのです。しかも、それを歌い上げるスプリングスティーンの声が超ワイルド。後のダークネス・ツアーですら、ここまで激しいバージョンは存在しないのではと思えるほどの名演をアッパー版ならではの最高音質でお楽しみください。
ライブの中盤が「Action In The Streets」から始まる展開(このツアーのみの未発表曲)に次いで始まる「Backstreets」は77年における毎晩のハイライトとして、マニアの間で高い人気を誇ります。既に今回リリースされるパラディアム29日の時点でも、スプリングスティーンはワイルドで自由な歌を聞かせてくれていた(この点はぜひ聞き比べてください)のですが、77年を迎えて演奏は一気にエスカレート。マニアの間ではこの曲の中間でスプリングスティーンのアドリブ語りが「Sad Eyes」として有名ですが、ここトロントでスプリングスティーンが吠える様は壮絶の一言。あのボストン連続公演ともひけを取らないハイテンションさ。
ここまで書いてきたように、マニアの間では「SOUL CRUSADERS」の日として知られていた音源のアッパー版ということから、今回も同じタイトルに「DEFINITIVE」を冠した文字通りの究極バージョンを限定のプレスCDにてリリースします。そしてもちろん、ジャケット・デザインまで「SOUL CRUSADERS」コンセプトに基づいてリニューアル。77年ツアー序盤の名演かつ名音源の決定版が当店から遂に登場です、お待たせしました!

Disc 1(65:56)
1. Night 2. Rendezvous 3. Spirit In The Night 4. It’s My Life 5. Thunder Road
6. Mona – She’s The One 7. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 8. Something In The Night
9. Growin’ Up

Disc 2(50:51)
1. Action In The Streets 2. Backstreets 3. Jungleland 4. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
5. Raise Your Hand 6. Born To Run

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