Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / St Paul 1984 1st Night / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / St Paul 1984 1st Night / 3CD / Zion
Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 29th June 1984

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“BORN IN THE USA” tour with Bruce Springsteen taking over the world. Several performances have now been fully officially released in the Live Archive series, all from August 1984, when the tour got off track and was officially recorded. Just. Rather, one of the performances that will not be officially released from now is Saint Paul, Civic Center on the first day of the tour. This day has been a famous day for enthusiasts, and above all, it is one of the few days when the song “No Surrender” from “BORN IN THE USA” was performed by the same band as the album. Even the LP “NO SURRENDER” that actually sold it was released.
Due to the nature of the first day of the tour, it is unlikely that it was officially recorded, but instead the date when an important video recording (detailed later) was done. Audience recording that captured such a day appeared a trader title called “BORN IN THE USA TOUR OPENING NIGHT” 10 years ago with a wonderful sound quality version, Suddenly GOD FATHER released under the title “READY FOR THE WORLD” I am. However, three years ago, mania mjk5510, which is famous in the Internet sound source world, discovered another audience recording. It was said that this was a sound quality that surpassed even “READY FOR THE WORLD” (hereinafter referred to as “existing board”).
However, since the already-released board had permeated enthusiasts all over the world, it was a tragic sound source that received almost no attention even though it was the upper version audience. Why isn’t another sound source with this wonderful sound quality released? I can only think that it was due to timing.
Thankfully, it has been 10 years since the release of the already released board, and when you listen to the sound source this time again, the sound quality is really wonderful. There is no reason not to release this now. So it was a translation of this limited press CD release.

It was true that the sound source was close to the existing sound source and the recording was in a good balance, but the sound source excavated by mjk5510 was slightly closer to the sound, and it was a bit more than that in terms of freshness. Moreover, it is the first time for low generation called copy. If you listen to the sound source this time, the already-pronounced sound source will have a poor sound spread and will sound dark.
This time’s sound source has two cuts during the performance of “Glory Days”, the beginning of “Working On The Highway”, and the whole song of “Ramrod” is not recorded. Therefore, when releasing the sound source on the net, mjk5510 itself was compensating for the cut point with the existing sound source, but only “Glory Days” was very rough editing, so at the time of this release This patch work was redone again. Therefore, you will be able to hear and compare with the existing sound sources at these points, but you should be able to experience how excellent the sound source this time is.

If you can hear the first day of the legendary “BORN IN THE USA” tour with this wonderful sound quality, it will definitely attract the attention of enthusiasts all over the world, but even so, there are plenty of things to hear. First of all, it’s not “Born In The USA” from the opening. Instead, start with “Thunder Road”. Is this the “BORN IN THE USA” tour? It’s the first day, so the songs that were unveiled at the live show are crowded, but “Johnny 99” doesn’t have a blues harmonica intro like later, and it’s rare to start with his humming as well as the album version. Even so, the band version of “No Surrender”, which is the highlight of the day, appeared as early as the live stage. And finally, “Born In The USA” is being played at this position. In addition, at this point, the performance did not re-prize, and instead, the performance was medleyed to “Badlands”, which concludes the first half of the live.
In the second part of the live, it is rare that Bruce explains to the audience so that they will not fire firecrackers etc. before the start, but that should be the case “Dancing In The Dark” music immediately after the second part begins.・I was waiting for a video shoot. It’s no wonder that Bruce screamed, “It’s Hollywood!” when he saw the filming team led by director Brian De Palma that appeared for that. Actually, I rented the Civic Center the day before and mainly shot close-ups, but this time it was also taken on stage to capture the live scene.
For that reason, it was a famous episode of this day that I played “Dancing In The Dark” twice in a row, but when I listened to the sound source in this way, Take 2 had a longer ending, and the audience got excited. Therefore, it is speculated that actress Courtney Cox went up on stage and the example dance scene was filmed. The song was a big hit, and the song was a huge hit, but at this point dancing with a woman on stage was just a shooting production, not a regular event. As proof of that, “Sherry Darling” is being played on this day, where the excitement that Bruce will be dancing with the audience is transmitted.

It seems like the first day of the tour, the whole performance of each song is still light at this point, and it is also valuable that “Working On The Highway” is performed with the atmosphere of the album version. It’s a fact that is often overlooked, but it’s also worth noting that the cover of the Rolling Stones “Street Fighting Man” was played at the end of the live at the beginning of the tour.
And, the bonus track uses rare performances from the sound source on the third day of St. Paul, but these are also new sound sources released by mjk5510 and were first made into a CD. This is also a very good audience recording with quiet surroundings, and it also firmly recorded the band version of “No Surrender” which was the last time on the “BORN IN THE USA” tour for the second time. Unlike the first day, the ending evolved into an arrangement that incorporates the guitar battle of Bruce and Nils Lofgren, but still this was the last performance in the band. In this way, a valuable track at the same place on the third day was added to Saint Paul on the first day of the tour, which is a series of highlights. The atmosphere is completely different compared to the familiar performance at the first visit to Japan that will be fully released on the first day and released at the same time this time!

★ The first day of the “BORN IN THE USA” tour. Full of rare listening places! !!

ブルース・スプリングスティーンが世界を席捲した「BORN IN THE USA」ツアー。今やライブ・アーカイブ・シリーズにていくつかの公演がフルにオフィシャル・リリースされていますが、それらはどれもツアーが軌道に乗り始め、なおかつ正式なレコーディングが行われた1984年の8月以降のものばかり。むしろ、これからもオフィシャルにリリースされることがないであろう公演の一つがツアー初日のセント・ポール、シヴィック・センター。この日は古くからマニアには有名な日でして、何といっても「BORN IN THE USA」収録曲「No Surrender」がアルバムと同じバンドによる演奏で披露された数少ない日。実際にそれを売りにしたLP「NO SURRENDER」までリリースされたほど。
ツアー初日という性質から正式な収録がされた可能性は低く、代わりに重要な映像収録(後で詳しく述べます)行われた日。そんな一日を捉えたオーディエンス録音は10年前に「BORN IN THE USA TOUR OPENING NIGHT」というトレーダー・タイトルで素晴らしい音質のバージョンが登場、すかさずGODFATHERが「READY FOR THE WORLD」というというタイトルにてリリースしています。ところが、今から三年前にネット音源界では有名なマニアmjk5510が別のオーディエンス録音を発掘。これが何と「READY FOR THE WORLD」(以下、既発盤と称します)をも凌ぐ音質だったという。

なお今回の音源には「Glory Days」の演奏中に二か所のカット、「Working On The Highway」では冒頭、そして「Ramrod」では一曲まるごと未収録となっている。そこで音源をネット上で公開する際、mjk5510自身がカット個所を既発音源で補填してくれていたのですが、「Glory Days」だけはその編集が非常に雑だったので、今回のリリースに際して改めてこのパッチ作業をやり直しました。よってこれらの個所で既発音源との聞き比べができてしまう訳ですが、これでいかに今回の音源が秀でているかを実感してもらえるはず。

この素晴らしい音質で伝説の「BORN IN THE USA」ツアー初日が聞けるとなれば世界中のマニアからの注目を集めること間違いなしですが、それにしても聞きどころは盛りだくさん。まずオープニングからして「Born In The USA」じゃない。代わりに「Thunder Road」で幕を開けるとは。これがあの「BORN IN THE USA」ツアーなのでしょうか?初日ということライブ初披露の曲も目白押しな訳ですが、「Johnny 99」は後のようなブルースによるハーモニカのイントロがなく、ここではアルバム・バージョンと同じように彼のハミングから始まるのもレア。それでいてこの日の目玉である「No Surrender」バンドバージョンがライブ序盤にて早くも登場。そしてとどめは「Born In The USA」がこんな位置で演奏されている。おまけにこの時点では演奏がリプライズせず、代わりにライブ前半の締めくくりである「Badlands」にメドレーするという驚きの展開。
ライブ第二部では開始前からブルースが爆竹などを鳴らさぬよう観客に向けて説明しているのも珍しい場面ですが、それもそのはず第二部が始まってすぐに「Dancing In The Dark」ミュージック・ビデオの撮影が待ち受けていたのです。その為に現れた監督のブライアン・デ・パルマ率いる撮影隊を見たブルースが「ハリウッドのお出ましだ!」と叫んだのも当然かと。実は前日にもシヴィック・センターを借りてクローズアップを中心とした撮影を行っていましたが、今度はライブ・シーンを捉えるためにステージ本番でも撮影が行われたという訳です。
その為に「Dancing In The Dark」を二回連続で演奏してみせたこともこの日の有名なエピソードですが、こうして音源を聞いているとテイク2の方がエンディングが長く、しかも観客が盛り上がっているので、ここで女優のコートニー・コックスがステージに上がり、例のダンス・シーンが撮られたのだと推測されます。そうした撮影の甲斐もあり、本曲は大ヒットを記録する訳ですが、この時点で女性とステージで踊るのはあくまで撮影上の演出でしかなく、まだ恒例行事ではなかった。その証拠として、この日は「Sherry Darling」が演奏されており、そこでブルースが観客と踊っているであろう盛り上がりが伝わってきます。

いかにもツアー初日らしく、どの曲も演奏全体がまだこの時点では軽めで、中でも「Working On The Highway」はアルバム・バージョンの雰囲気を保って演奏されているのがこれまた貴重。さらに見過ごされがちな事実ではありますが、ツアー開始当初はライブ終盤でローリング・ストーンズ「Street Fighting Man」のカバーが演奏されていたのも聞きどころ。
そしてボーナストラックにはセント・ポール三日目の音源からレアな演奏を採用していますが、これらもmjk5510が公開した新たな音源であり初めてCD化されたもの。こちらも周囲が静かで大変に良好なオーディエンス録音であり、これが二度目にして「BORN IN THE USA」ツアーでは最後となってしまった「No Surrender」バンドバージョンもしっかり収録。初日と違ってエンディングでブルースとニルス・ロフグレンのギター・バトルが組み込まれたアレンジへと進化したものの、それでもバンドでの演奏はこれが最後となってしまいました。このように聞きどころの連続であるツアー初日のセント・ポールに三日目の同所での貴重なトラックを追加。もう初日らしさ全開、今回同時リリースとなる初来日公演でのこなれた演奏と比べたらまるで雰囲気が違う!

★「BORN IN THE USA」ツアー初日。レアな聴き所満載!!


Disc 1 (78:03)
1. Intro.
2. Thunder Road
3. Prove It All Night
4. Out In The Street
5. Johnny 99
6. Atlantic City
7. Mansion On The Hill
8. The River
9. No Surrender (Full Band Version)
10. Glory Days
11. The Promised Land
12. Used Cars
13. My Hometown
14. Born In The USA
15. Badlands

Disc 2 (78:12)
1. Hungry Heart
2. Dancing In The Dark #1
3. Dancing In The Dark #2 ★プロモビデオ撮影用に2回連続演奏(激レア)
4. Cadillac Ranch
5. Sherry Darling
6. Highway Patrolman
7. I’m On Fire
8. Fire
9. Working On The Highway
10. Bobby Jean
11. Backstreets
12. Ramrod
13. Rosalita (Come out Tonight)

Disc 3 (49:30)
1. I’m A Rocker
2. Jungleland
3. Born to Run
4. Street Fighting Man
5. Detroit Medley

Bonus Tracks
Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 2nd July 1984
6. Downbound Train
7. Open All Night
8. No Surrender (Last Full Band Version)


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