Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Frankie Goes To Cleveland Vol 2 / 2 CDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street  Band / Frankie Goes To Cleveland Vol 2 / 2 CDR / ESB

Live at Allen Theatre, Cleveland, OH 8th April 1976 SBD


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This “FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND” first release minute was recorded sound board recording of Cleveland performances the second day in the CD-R “FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND Vol.2” is attached. Live in the same venue the second day also I sound board recording is present, this is not a clear sound quality as the day before, there in the recording, which was rough with strengthened hiss. Moreover, recording in addition to the incomplete recording of up to Jungleland, such as skipping the same songs and Incident On 57th Street occurs, or to calamity to be an unstable recording more than the previous day, the part of the mania until now It had become a sound board sound source that is not known to exist. But the performance itself this day is also very nice, we Saewata’ is strong the first time in the blues spree skip from the beginning. And although this day is the Blinded By The Light Unlike the previous day has not been playing, When You Walk In The Room of Searchers There was a rare scene that is played instead. This cover has been known to have been playing well in the 75-year stage, but was played in the 76 years this day only, it was a rare perfect score playing that. On the contrary there was in the rare sound source (is that of 2009 to revive what the) captures the moment of valuable live performance of that this day finally become long no longer be played. Of course, it has also been playing unreleased Frankie this day. Since the recording itself is a sound board, it is also sure that the sound source to listen well despite rough feeling. And by all means because it is also a rare sound like you enjoy than listen to the previous day of the sound board, this valuable CD-R with the initial release a do not miss.

今回の「FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND」初回リリース分にはクリーブランド公演二日目のサウンドボード録音を収録したCD-R「FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND Vol.2」が付属します。同じ会場二日目のライブもまたサウンドボード録音が存在するのですが、こちらは前日ほどクリアーな音質ではなく、ヒスノイズ強めでざらついた録音であります。しかも録音はJunglelandまでの不完全収録に加え、同曲やIncident On 57th Streetで音飛びが起きるなど、前日以上に不安定な録音であることが災いしてか、今まで一部のマニアにしが存在を知られないサウンドボード音源となっていました。しかし演奏自体はこの日も非常に素晴らしく、序盤から飛ばしまくるブルースの好調ぶりが冴え渡っています。それにこの日は前日と違いBlinded By The Lightが演奏されなかったのですが、代わりにサーチャーズのWhen You Walk In The Roomが演奏されるというレアな場面がありました。このカバーは75年のステージでよく演奏されていたことで知られていますが、76年で演奏されたのはこの日だけ、というレア度満点な演奏だったのです。それどころかこの日を最後に長らく演奏されなくなってしまう(何と復活するのは2009年のことです)という貴重なライブ演奏の瞬間を捉えたレア音源でありました。もちろんこの日も未発表曲Frankieが演奏されています。それに録音自体はサウンドボードですので、ざらつき気味ながらも十分に聴ける音源ということも確か。そして是非前日のサウンドボードとの聴き比べを楽しんでいただきたいレア音源でもありますので、この貴重なCD-R付き初回リリースをぜひお見逃しなく。

Disc 1
1. Night 2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 3. Sprit In The Night 4. It’s My Life
5. Thunder Road 6. She’s The One 7. Born To Run

Disc 2
1. Incident On 57th Street 2. When You Walk In The Room 3. Frankie 4. Backstreets
5. Growin’ Up 6. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City 7. Jungleland

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