Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Definitive Bomb Scare Show 1975 / 2CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Definitive Bomb Scare Show 1975 / 2CD / Non Label

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Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, WI. USA 2nd October 1975 Stereo SBD


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If and this time to release a title that summarizes the rare sound of “BORN TO RUN”, will not but Again release live recordings at the time of the album release. It also shop from the 1975 tour we have released a popular explosion just before the season, “READY TO RUN” and historical masterpiece “VINTAGE BROADCAST 75”, now in the official delivery Tower Theater video and New Year’s Eve of Hammersmith now until it is released. This is “BORN TO RUN” release has become a situation where the end of the front and rear and a tour, I would say the sound source to fill between them is that it is in recent years often overlooked situation. Of course, “BORN TO RUN” after the release is also that you have a lot of attention, radio broadcasting and outflow sound board recording has been enhanced. The standout in such is October 2 will sound board recordings to catch live in Milwaukee.

It is Springsteen and the E · Street Band were to continue energetic live activities that you have gained popularity, but to start a happy live as usual, in a tone that was Tenare also this day. It is, however. Filtration that live was trying Sashikakaro in the middle, the venue take to Milwaukee Uptown Theater which is the venue threatening phone calls that “was a bomb in there” is noisy, of course live will become a temporary interruption . There is indeed a long time ago of threatening phone calls specific laver is that “was a bomb,” but live in order to ascertain the true intention for the time being is suspended. So Springsteen who has been reported to have been killed time at a nearby bar. After all threatening call was a prank (anything but it is likely the United States) it is found, live has been successfully resumed.
Springsteen it also Will it had Kanzui to be a prank, they came up to the stage back from the bar drunk in indescribably good feeling. If originally thanks to the resumption of live should start with “Kitty’s Back”, it will be what started from the cover of “Little Queenie” of Chuck Berry. Partly because of the good bonus, like loose play in the rough as Stones. As if support it, volley Springsteen is the “are you loose?”. This is the highest in the fun!

But subsequently is also rare deployment of playing “The E Street Shuffle”, it is in spite of the long of more than 20 minutes, it would be thanks to the even joyful atmosphere to become unexpectedly passed, listen. Gokigen cover by Springsteen us even further continues, this time the “Sha La La” of Manfred Mann has been playing in the upper tone. It I live was finally back to normal business in the just finished, but live from happening you do not even think it was one day legend that goes out of control.
And surprisingly, it is this literally happening Shaw had been caught in the sound board recording by the staff. That said part before the intimidation commotion occurs has not been recorded, what good to even more because after live resumption of that recording has been made that was allowed. Since it is a sound board recording of such legendary day, might previously mania that “WE HAD TOO MUCH TO DRINK TONIGHT” and “MILWAUKEE BOMB SCARE SHOW” that press CD title has stored that have been released is come not. However, past time that those of the title is in circulation is a long time ago, I think in those of people who do not know their presence is large now become. Watakushi also does not have a CD of them say nuclear, is up to you borrowed from the direction of the mania while writing this sentence …

It was such a past of items, it’ll be become that there is no use in Unfortunately this release. This time because using a sound source of second-generation copy that JEMS gave me excavation, because the sound quality had undergone a dramatic improvement. Korezo worthy to be called quality upper. Lack or pitch instability of clearness seen in the past of title (you have made the adjustment hit further in this release) at once solved. Like was containment to press CD limited in a different dimension state.
But is a sound board recording through this Kishingu desk, or there is also because of these happenings, the staff has played some of the places in the stereo mix, it is also a big attraction of sound that separate the left and right can enjoy some songs. Above all powerful “It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City” Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt guitar battle in is divided into left and right, yet vividly hear way is that unlike or a multi-track recording, which has been organized great! And luxury as well from the sound board recordings to catch live in the preceding two weeks Austin is a bonus, that recorded rare cover songs. Absolutely in the official would not be released, please enjoy carefully at the clear sound quality upper version sound board recording the happening Shaw legendary realistic. Are You Loose?

今回「BORN TO RUN」のレア音源をまとめたタイトルをリリースするとなれば、やはり同アルバムリリース時のライブ音源もリリースしないわけにはいかないでしょう。1975年のツアーからは当店も人気爆発直前の時期「READY TO RUN」と歴史的名演「VINTAGE BROADCAST 75」をリリースしておりますし、今やオフィシャルではハマースミスの映像と大晦日のタワー・シアターが配信リリースされるまでになりました。これは「BORN TO RUN」リリース前後とツアーの終盤という状況となっており、その間を埋める音源が近年見過ごされがちな状況だと言えるでしょう。もちろん「BORN TO RUN」リリース後は注目を浴びたこともあり、ラジオ放送や流出サウンドボード録音が充実しています。そんな中で異彩を放つのが10月2日、ミルウォーキーでのライブをキャッチしたサウンドボード録音でしょう。

スプリングスティーン達もそれがいたずらであると感づいていたのでしょう、バーから戻ってステージに上がって来た彼らが何ともいい感じに酔っぱらっています。おかげで本来ならば「Kitty’s Back」で始めるべきライブの再開を、何とチャック・ベリーの「Little Queenie」のカバーから始めてしまいます。おまけに酔いのせいもあって、まるでストーンズのようにラフでルーズな演奏。それを裏付けるかのように、スプリングスティーンが「are you loose?」を連発。これは最高に楽しい!

それに続いて「The E Street Shuffle」を演奏するという展開もレアですが、それが20分を超えた長大さにもかかわらず、思いのほか聴き通せてしまうのも楽しげな雰囲気のおかげでしょう。スプリングスティーン達によるごきげんなカバーもさらに続き、今度はマンフレッド・マンの「Sha La La」がアッパーな調子で演奏されています。それを終えたところでライブがやっと平常営業へ戻ったのですが、思いもしないハプニングからライブが暴走してしまったという伝説の一日でした。
しかも驚いたことに、この文字通りハプニング・ショウがスタッフによってサウンドボード録音でキャッチされていたのです。とはいっても脅迫騒ぎが起こる前パートは録音されておらず、何と酔いに任せたライブ再開後から録音が行われたというのだからなおさら。そんな伝説的な一日のサウンドボード録音ですので、以前「WE HAD TOO MUCH TO DRINK TONIGHT」や「MILWAUKEE BOMB SCARE SHOW」というプレスCDタイトルがリリースされていたことを記憶しているマニアがいらっしゃるかもしれません。もっとも、それらのタイトルが流通していた時期が大昔過ぎて、今となってはそれらの存在を知らない人の方が多いのではないでしょうか。かく言うわたくしもそれらのCDを持っておらず、今回の文章を書くにあたってマニアの方からお借りした次第です…

このキシング卓経由のサウンドボード録音ですが、そうしたハプニングのせいもあってか、スタッフがいくつかの箇所をステレオ・ミキシングで遊んでおり、曲によっては左右にセパレートしたサウンドが楽しめるのも大きな魅力。中でも「It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City」におけるスプリングスティーンとスティーブ・ヴァン・ザントのギター・バトルが左右に分けられ、しかも生々しく聴こえる様は整理されたマルチトラック・レコーディングとはまたちがった迫力が素晴らしい!そしてボーナスには二週間前のオースティンでのライブをキャッチした同じくサウンドボード録音から、レアなカバー曲を収録という贅沢さ。絶対にオフィシャルではリリースされないであろう、伝説のハプニング・ショウをリアルでクリアーな音質アッパー版サウンドボード録音にてじっくりとお楽しみください。Are You Loose?

Disc 1 (59:48)
1. Little Queenie 2. The E Street Shuffle (inc. Having A Party)
3. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City 4. Sha La La 5. Kitty’s Back

Disc 2 (55:34)
1. Jungleland 2. Intro to Rosalita 3. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 4. Detroit Medley
5. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 6. Quarter To Three

bonus tracks Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX. USA 12th September 1975

7. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine
8. Twist And Shout (inc. Save The Last Dance For Me)


Bruce Springsteen (vocals, guitar, harmonica) Roy Bittan (piano, keyboards)
Clarence Clemons (tenor, baritone, and soprano saxophones, backing vocals, percussion)
Danny Federici (organ, accordion, glockenspiel, piano) Garry Tallent (bass, percussion)
Steven Van Zandt (guitar, backing vocals) Max Weinberg (drums)




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