Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Chimes Of Freedom / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Chimes Of Freedom / 3CD / Non Label

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Live at Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan, USA 1st September 1978

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1978 Darkness Tour It was the secret of the popularity of height also there was a change the day extremely song selection by day, one day it can be said that the presumption among such, Detroit performances stereo audience recording the best of September 1 Press CD title limited was recorded in it will finally release. This day I of Pasaikku performances and “Definitive Atlanta” Darkness Tour September first stage that produced the name of the radio sound source, such as Atlanta performances of “Legendary Broadcast 78”, here in “the same month also just by looking at the set list different from either? “and is about the music selection and configuration be surprised is different to. However, putting studying thoroughly this day among such is that Bob Dylan cover, Chimes Of Freedom is playing. Although is why one is a mystery song of Dylan only on this day has been played, splendor in there I think that many people who listened in, such as a bonus track of “Winterland Night” in the Crystal Cat.
The this time of the audience recording master, familiar JEMS has become the original is that the newly excavated, is sure that the scales fall from the eyes to improve the first time of its sound quality. Ahead it is the What is obvious if you than listen to the portion of the bonus track, but, as if like Hitokawamuke, will be surprised to overwhelmingly a well became spread of outlook sound quality. That gritty sound quality, without recourse, such as the power of equalizing, it was reborn in overwhelmingly natural and clear sound quality in just a recording from the master. Rather, you will be aware that those of the previous bonus track has been applied to the state that equalizing the harshness was emphasized. At the same difference in the sound quality of this time of grace it is obvious. In addition has turned into CD on which was firmly adjustment also changes in the final stage of the subtle pitch.
Items that all of the live album is a collection of the day in the crystal clear sound quality, this is let’s affirm that it is the emergence of standard title of a new Darkness tour for the fans. After all, to say that it is live on the same September, this day, Good Rockin ‘Tonight and Heartbreak Hotel of rock’ n ‘roll cover, the tour first half reminiscent of Adam Raised A Cain, and a valuable playing itself on this tour, yet Bruce that Lost in the Flood of ultra rare pattern that one person piano playing talking version of, is a day that has become much rare in the number reply of whether even this. But, yet no just what the best condition that not to be outdone even than playing such as a radio sound source after the.
This is Nashi release mistake of just any fan convincing, but this time is very rare sound source additional recording from St. Petersburg performances also on July 29 in bonus. Opening of the day for the first time live performances and became Buddy Holly Oh Boy, but this song is famous for playing in Charleston after five days, this day was the first performance. Moreover, this day is not only is Sandy that have not been played in Detroit has been unveiled, Around And Around only of Darkness Tour version of Chuck Berry There was also the day that has been unveiled. Its performance is not well known until now, this will be the first on CD. By this recording it seems whether it is often listen to this valuable performance, but the splendor of the performance, is sure to be further surprised to this day it is also a fairly high quality. Such a bonus rare, please enjoy the original splendor playing many remaining Darkness, even splendor of Detroit is counted in one day of the legendary performances in the tour in natural sound with all means clear!

1978年のダークネス・ツアーは日によって極端に選曲が変わる日があったのも人気の高さの秘密でしたが、そんな中でも極めつけと言える一日、9月1日のデトロイト公演が極上をステレオ・オーディエンス録音で収録した限定のプレスCDタイトルが遂にリリースとなります。この日は「Legendary Broadcast 78」のパサイック公演や「Definitive Atlanta」のアトランタ公演といった名ラジオ音源を生み出したダークネス・ツアー9月最初のステージなのですが、そのセットリストを見るだけでも「同じ月でもここまで違うのか?」とびっくりするくらい選曲や構成が異なっています。しかし、そんな中でもこの日の極め付けはボブ・ディランのカバー、Chimes Of Freedomが演奏されていることです。何故この日に限ってディランの曲が演奏されたのかは謎ですが、そこでの素晴らしさはCrystal Catの「Winterland Night」のボーナストラックなどで聴かれた方も多いことかと思います。
その澄みきった音質でこの日のライブのすべてが収録されたアイテム、これはファンにとって新たなダークネス・ツアーのスタンダード・タイトルの登場だと断言しましょう。何しろ同じ9月のライブだというのに、この日はGood Rockin’ TonightやHeartbreak Hotelのロックンロール・カバー、ツアー前半を偲ばせるAdam Raised A Cain、そしてこのツアーでの演奏自体が貴重で、しかもブルース一人のピアノ弾き語りバージョンという激レア・パターンのLost In The Floodという、これでもかというくらいのレア・ナンバーの応酬となった一日です。しかし、それでいて演奏は後のラジオ音源などと比べても何ら引けをとらない絶好調なものばかり。
これだけでもファン納得のリリース間違いなしですが、今回はボーナスにも7月29日のセント・ピーターズバーグ公演から超レアな音源を追加収録。この日のオープニングは初めてのライブ演奏となったバディ・ホリーのOh Boy、この曲は五日後のチャールストンでの演奏が有名ですが、この日が最初の演奏でした。しかもこの日はデトロイトで演奏されなかったSandyが披露されただけなく、チャック・ベリーのAround And Around唯一のダークネス・ツアー・バージョンが披露された日でもありました。その演奏は今まであまり知られておらず、今回が初のCD化となります。今回の収録によってこの貴重な演奏を聴かれる方が多いかと思われますが、その演奏の素晴らしさ、さらにこの日もかなりの高音質なことに驚かれること間違いなしです。このようなレアなボーナスと、元々素晴らし演奏が多く残されたダークネス・ツアーの中でも伝説の一日に数えられるデトロイト公演の素晴らしさを是非クリアーでナチュラルなサウンドでお楽しみください!

Disc 1
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight 2. Badlands 3. Streets of Fire 4. Spirit In The Night
5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town 6. Heartbreak Hotel 7. Factory 8. The Promised Land
9. Prove It All Night 10. Racing in the Street 11. Thunder Road 12. Jungleland

Disc 2
1. Lost in the Flood 2. Candy’s Room 3. Adam Raised a Cain 4. Chimes of Freedom
5. Mona / She’s the One 6. Growin’ Up 7. Backstreets 8. Intro to Rosalita 9. Rosalita

Disc 3
1. Born To Run 2. Because the Night 3. Quarter To Three

Bonus Tracks
Live at Bayfront Center, St.Petersburg, Florida, USA 29th July 1978

4. Oh Boy 5. Badlands 6. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 7. Around And Around

Bruce Springsteen – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano
Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Piano, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals
Garry Tallent – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Max Weinberg – Drums

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