Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Before The Bomb Scare / 1CDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Before The Bomb Scare / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, WI. USA 2nd October 1975


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The first delivery worth comes with CD-R, which was recorded live the first half of the same day. No snow is to not miss the first batch absolutely if so. That should be it, here is because live before the threatening incident occurs is included! Is there a commonplace thing, but it did not OJ expected to Springsteen is also in trouble in even after the audience. Will was rather the intention of normal live-night, does not exist sound board recording of the first half from the previous reason. But fortunately, by the audience recording was recorded the first half from the opening, state of the live first half also I was supposed to be left to future generations.
Sound quality difference between the sound board recording in slightly muffled the sound quality of this sound source said that is obvious. Is a few songs of the early stages as a bonus there is a cut, not at the level of press CD frankly. Still playing itself is an oversized recording state, certainly it is sufficiently “listen” sound quality. And indeed state and of Springsteen began to live in a happy tone, also live “Meeting Across The River” from the sound source that can enjoy firm a rare opening that begins. This day also will be played two songs songs of Manfred Mann as a result it in that you are playing the “Pretty Flamingo”.
Such a good mood that had been stabbed the water is an example of threatening phone calls to the atmosphere. After the end of “Thunder Road”, it appeared venue officials, will be told that there was a threatening phone calls to the venue. Of course it caught up to how the stadium began abuzz, Korezo realistic document. This should not a few are those who asked for the first time the sound board recording previous part. Each well such a site is what had me record. Do not miss out on this bonus CD-R absolutely on to know all of Springsteen 1975 October 2!

とはいってもこの音源の音質はこもり気味でサウンドボード録音との音質差は一目瞭然。おまけに序盤の数曲ではカットがあり、率直に言ってプレスCDのレベルではありません。それでも演奏自体は大きめな録音状態であり、十分に「聴ける」音質であることは確か。それにご機嫌な調子でライブを始めたスプリングスティーンの様子や、ライブが「Meeting Across The River」から始まるというレアなオープニングをしっかり楽しむことが出来る音源なのも確か。それに「Pretty Flamingo」を演奏していることでこの日は結果としてマンフレッド・マンの曲が二曲も演奏されたことになります。
そうしたご機嫌な雰囲気に水を差されたのが例の脅迫電話。「Thunder Road」の終了後、会場関係者が登場し、会場に脅迫電話があったことが告げられます。当然ながら場内が騒然とし始めた様子まで捉えられた、これぞリアル・ドキュメント。これによってサウンドボード録音以前のパートを初めて聞かれる方は少なくないはず。そんな現場をよくぞ録音してくれていたものです。スプリングスティーン1975年10月2日のすべてを知る上でこのボーナスCD-Rを絶対にお見逃しなく!

1. Meeting Across the River 2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out 3. Spirit in the Night
4. Pretty Flamingo 5. She’s the One 6. Born to Run 7. Thunder Road 8. Bomb Scare

Bruce Springsteen (vocals, guitar, harmonica) Roy Bittan (piano, keyboards)
Clarence Clemons (tenor, baritone, and soprano saxophones, backing vocals, percussion)
Danny Federici (organ, accordion, glockenspiel, piano) Garry Tallent (bass, percussion)
Steven Van Zandt (guitar, backing vocals) Max Weinberg (drums)

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